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Planet Earth - Education Edition - DVD.  Grade Levels 3-12.  10 Hours and 12 Minutes.


Excite students' curiosity about the world around them by being the first educator to add the must-have PLANET EARTH Education Edition with Public Performance Rights to your school or library.

Teacher's guides and ancillary materials for three targeted grade bands (3-5, 6-8, and 9-12) connect essential concepts to topics in science, social studies, and the humanities,
promoting critical thinking and developing a cross-curricular framework for instruction.

Journey from the
rain forests of Borneo to the peaks of the Himalayas to uncover the beauty and mystery of life on our planet. More than five years in the making, the series presents never-seen-before animal behaviors, startling views of locations captured by cameras for the first time, and an unprecedented look at Earth's creatures from biological and ecological perspectives.

Supplementary programs Saving Species, Into the Wilderness, and
Living Together interweave key arguments from leading environmental commentators about what the future may hold for the world's most threatened plants, animals, and ecosystems.




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The Ultimate Guide to the Human Body - DVD. Grade Levels 6-12. 55 minutes.

When illness strikes, how does the body react to protect itself? Segments cover
basic physiology, the job of the immune system, and a treatment for cancer that channels the body's own resistance.

HUMAN BODY WORKS: Demonstrates how numerous
parts of the body allow it to move, think, heal, and feel.

inside the human body to see how it fights a flu virus.

KEEPING CANCER AT BAY: Follows a patient battling melanoma to find out how
cancer cells grow, and chronicles a revolutionary course of treatment that uses the body's natural immune response to counter the disease.


The human body is a
miracle machine of evolution: simple yet supple, the body is strong where it must be strong, such as the skull and joints, yet light and flexible in other areas, such as skin and muscles. Indeed, this strong yet flexible blueprint inspired engineer Gustave Eiffel when he designed the famed Eiffel Tower. That's one of many "I didn't know that!" facts revealed in this bold, splashy introduction to the engineering wonders of the human body, aimed squarely at secondary school students, in which boxing, roller-blading, and space flight are used to illustrate the body's capacity to endure extremes. Divided into two manageable sections, with questions and suggestions for future study projects, the other topics covered on the tape include cells as nature's building blocks, an image of the brain as giant switchboard, and the all important role of the senses in enriching our daily life--functions which, ultimately, come together to produce memories and emotions, making us fully human. Although the video occasionally strays off point, it's mostly an effective and reasonably priced introduction.




The Universe and the Solar System. DVD.  Grades 6-12.  30 Minutes.

This in-depth space tour includes the following segments:

   The Big Bang and the Origin of the Universe — Witness the explosion that created the universe along with space and time.

   Stars, Galaxies, and the Milky Way — Explores the birth of stars, the formation of galaxies, and the origins of our solar system.

   The Origin of the Solar System — Reviews the nine planets in our solar system along with their moons and satellites.
   The Inner and
Outer Planets — Explores the differences between these two groups of planets.

   Comets, Asteroids, and Meteorites — Looks at what asteroids and comets are made of and how they are related to meteorites.

   The Earth's Orbit — Examines how this movement creates seasons in both hemispheres.

Free Resources for this product include:
   Extensive 7-page Teacher's Guide (PDF)
   MARC Record (.001 Record)



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Understanding Volcanoes.  DVD.  Grades 6-12.  30 Minutes.


Once, the power of volcanoes was thought to be the work of the gods. Now scientists better understand the subterranean forces that cause these steaming mountains to spew fire and molten rock.

Follow the pace and rhythm of
geologic movement and time, and see how scientists track this motion to predict the next time a volcano will blow.

Free Resources for this product include:
  Extensive 6-page Teacher's Guide (PDF)






Mammals. CD-ROM.

Got milk? If a species nurses its young and has
hair on its body, it's a mammal—among the world's most interesting animal groups.

Expand your student's understanding of mammals with this
interactive CD-ROM. Visit the Laboratory to observe and write about mammals, watch documentary footage about mammals at the Discovery Theater, or go to the Library to do research. Video Adventures including Introducing Mammals, Bears, Modern Whale Hunters, African Cats, and Wolves.

Includes a
Teacher's Guide. Simulations include Genetics of Inherited Traits, Ocean Ecosystems, Evidence of Evolution, and Scientific Inquiry.

Each v2.0 CD-ROM features

Science Simulations: NEW! Now your students can perform hundreds of
simulated lab experiments in a virtual lab.

Discovery Channel Theater: Five fast-paced fact-filled
video voyages in both English and Spanish.

Library: Updated World Book Encyclopedia features extensive
reference and research materials.

Laboratory: New Assessment Component! Interactive activities focus on building critical learning skills.

Multimedia Studio: Creative tool complete with slides, text and cool sound effects allows students to create their own multimedia presentation. Updated with Lesson Launchers—ready-made slide shows to start teaching your next science topic.



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and $4.00 for each additional video
(unless indicated otherwise
















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