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Animal Videos, Amazing DVD Videos of Animals Gone Wild

  1. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NATR17126

    Heroic Animal Rescues - Animal Video - DVD.
    Approximately 2 Hours. Program #1: Katrina's Animal Rescue - Go behind the scenes of what is being called the largest animal rescue operation in United States history! When hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, the city's human residents were not the only ones who had to cope with flooded and devastated homes. More than 250,000 forsaken-pets-beloved family-members were left stranded by the storm's destruction. Witness stories of joy and heartbreak as rescue workers risk their lives to venture into polluted floodwaters and break into abandoned homes to rescue animals half mad with hunger, thirst, and stress; vets work nonstop to provide medical treatment to rescued animals; and volunteers help returning families look through thousands of cages to find their precious pets. Laura Dern narrates. Program #2: Underdogs - Henry Winkler narrates this moving program that captures the powerful bond that develops between two trainers and their canine pupils upon whom everyone had given up. Holly, an eighty-five pound bloodhound with a hyperactive and destructive nature, had been removed from six different homes by the time she was ten months old. Herbie, a two-year-old bearded collie, attacked livestock and was at risk of being shot by a local farmer. In America and England, trainers Larry Allen and Barbara Sykes recognize the potential of these unwanted and abandoned animals, and put their professional reputations on the line to transform them into valuable working dogs. It is Holly and Herbie's last chance for a new beginning, and it all comes down to the next twelve weeks to turn their lives around.
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  2. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : WILD17138

    Masaguaral A Natural Zoo - Animal Video - DVD.
    30 Minutes. 20,000 acres of cattle land houses a wealth of fauna on its savannas, lagoons and riparian forests. The environment of this region is shown throughout the life cycles of the most representative animals in the area, especially mammals, reptiles and some iconic birds. A scientific project on the wedge capuchin monkeys, agoutis and many more are shown in closeups, including their behavior and relations with the environment.
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  3. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : WILD17139

    Morrocoy National Park - Animal Video - DVD.
    30 Minutes. Beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, keys and islands, channels and mangroves, lagoons and salt ponds, sea birds, coral reefs, abundant marine life... This is Morrocoy, a marine and submarine National Park which has the most important mangrove system in the southern Caribbean. The marine and submarine fauna make it the most interesting ecological scene along the Venezuelan coastline. Beautiful landscapes and environments, marine birds, the fauna of the mangroves, as well as the submarine fauna, all these and much more are to be found in Morrocoy.
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  4. $22.95 DVD

    Item Code : INTR17140

    The Best of: Manatees - Animal Video - DVD.
    26 Minutes. The Best Of... series Featuring the Manatees of Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park. This highly entertaining educational video provides a rare underwater view of the endangered Manatee, one of Earth's most endearing creatures. You'll take a video trip to one of Florida's most visited attractions-Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park. (Also available in German)
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  5. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NATR17141

    Pale Male - Animal Video - DVD.
    56 Minutes. Of the millions of newcomers who flock to New York City, a red-tailed hawk's astounding arrival in 1991 made history. No other red-tailed hawk had ever attempted to make Manhattan his territory. Affectionately dubbed Pale Male, he made an exclusive Fifth Avenue apartment building his home. Pale Male became an instant celebrity who made New Yorkers' hearts and imaginations soar. Oscar-winner Joanne Woodward narrates this award-winning presentation of the Emmy-honored PBS series, NATURE. Join the close-knit community of bird-watchers who faithfully gather daily to follow the progress of this exquisite, powerful bird of prey as he hunts Central Park's wild creatures, courts his mate on Woody Allen's balcony, builds a penthouse nest, fiercely protects his family from attacking crows, and encourages his baby chicks to fly. Pale Male and his family become a magnificent obsession for the captivated crowds below. To the regulars on the beach, it's better than Broadway. And so is this very special program that the Audubon Society has proclaimed "a classic."
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  6. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NATR17142

    Pandas - Animal Video - DVD.
    Approximately 2 Hours. Program 1: Pandas of the Sleeping Dragon - With its furry white head, black-ringed eyes, and look of perpetual amusement, the great panda bear has lumbered into the hearts of people around the world. Unfortunately, this endangered creature may be making its last stand in habitats like the bamboo forest in China's "Mountains of the Sleeping Dragon." NATURE's George Page leads you through this misty and exotic land, catching the panda in its most frequent activity; foraging for, and crunching on, bamboo shoots. China has named these gentle animals a national treasure, and this intimate and charming close-up shows you why. Program 2: The Panda Baby - The San Diego Zoo faced a bear of a challenge: becoming the first place outside China to successfully breed and raise a panda in captivity. Would the zoo be able to gain the full cooperation of panda experts at China's Wolong Conservation Center? And what would it do about its potential father bear--an older panda with little interest in procreation? Actor Matthew Modine tells a fascinating, cross-cultural, inter-species story that offers dramatic twists and turns as well as surprising insights into panda mating, reproduction, and "child care." In bringing up baby, the zoo raises hopes and fears for the future of all endangered species.
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  7. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NATR17143

    Penguins - Animal Video - DVD.
    Approximately 2 Hours. Well-loved and well-dressed, the penguin is popularly known as awkward and comical. But the complete story is not so black and white. The closer you get to the penguins, the more these "strange birds" will surprise you. Program 1: Penguins of the Antarctic - In the most extreme place on Earth, the penguins of Antarctica soldier on. From male emperor penguins braving ninety-mile-per-hour winds and fifty-degrees below zero temperatures under sunless skies to brood their young to Chinstraps trying to make and island out of an ocean-swept iceberg, this compelling program captures remarkable footage of penguins as they cope with such harsh weather. Meanwhile, climatologists see an Artic in turmoil, and they are trying to determine what is changing and where. Penguins are tough animals. Will they be able to adapt? Rating TV-PG. Program 2: The World of Penguins - From the scorching deserts of South America and the forests of New Zealand to suburban streets, penguins can be found in the most surprising locations, and their remarkable abilities have allowed them to conquer two worlds, land and water. This fascinating program etches a vivid portrait of how the world's different species of penguins nest, mate and raise their young under some of the toughest conditions on Earth. Meet the real penguins, which can be aggressive competitors as well as tendor and dedicated partners and parents. Rating TV-PG.
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  8. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NATR17144

    Polar Bears - Animal Video - DVD.
    104 Minutes. Academy Award-winner F. Murray Abraham narrates Artic Bears, a compelling cautionary tale of global warming ripped from today's headlines. As temperatures in the Arctic slowly rise and the ice recedes, food sources that the polar bear have come to rely on are becoming less plentiful. With the environment in flux, the polar bear faces a new challenge, a fierce rival pressing north from the tundra -- the grizzly! Ordinarily, their paths would never meet, but the line between their worlds is no longer clear. If the grizzly claims the Arctic, what will happen to the polar bear? This disc contains the bonus program, Showdown at Grizzly River, which follows one bold little bear's coming of age at Alaska's McNeil River Falls, a popular nursery spot for growing grizzly bears.
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  9. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NATR17145

    Raptor Force - Animal Video - DVD.
    54 Minutes. "Viewers in search of the bloody, kill-or-be-killed school of television are in luck."-Chattanooga Times Free Press. An elite group of fliers remain the envy of every human air force. Their targeting skills, cunning battle tactics and nimbleness on the wing are unmatched by any machine. They are birds of prey-raptors-and they are a source of inspiration for designers of high performance aircraft. Now, revolutionary tiny cameras designed by engineer and falconer Rom MacIntyre allow you to take off with the biggest, fastest, and deadliest things on wings! Learn the secrets of nature's aerial killing machines and how they have mastered, more than any other type of bird, the art of soaring. Stunning aerial footage and computer graphics demonstrate how engineers have used raptor's tricks and tactics to devise fighter jets with unprecedented maneuverability and stealth. Experience for yourself what it is like to fly with nature's deadly aces!
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  10. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NATR17146

    Reptiles - Alligators & Crocodiles, Turtles & Tortoises - DVD.
    Approximately 2 Hours. Bring a little bit of wildlife into your living room with this double-program DVD about reptiles. Program 1: Alligators & Crocodiles - At the top of the food chain for the last 200 million years, alligators and crocodiles inspire fear in all who cross their paths. Watch from a safe distance their unchallenged ability to snatch, savage, and swallow anything that comes too close. Program 2: Turtles & Tortoises - Two of the slowest-moving and longest-surviving animals on the planet, turtles and tortoises adapt to any climate and can defend themselves against sharks or other predators. This program emerges as an informative and entertaining portrait of one of the most recognizable groups of animals.
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  11. $22.95 DVD

    Item Code : INTR17137

    Manatees: Species in Peril - Animal Video - DVD.
    45 Minutes. Join International Video Projects and Save the Manatee Club as they take you on a journey to view these unique animals. Learn about manatees, the conservation programs designed to protect them, and what you can do to help save the manatees for future generations. [Closed Captioned]
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  12. $39.95 set of 2 DVD + $5.80 p&h or $14.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : BBCV17136

    Life in the Undergrowth.
    BBC Video. DVD. 4 Hours and 10 Minutes. David Attenborough guides the viewer through a miniature universe teeming with life, never normally seen, yet all around us. New technology reveals surreal vistas and their extraordinary inhabitants -- swarming antler moths, desert locusts and a mountain of cockroaches -- up close and personal. The bizarre and the beautiful are represented and their habits, lifestyles and characteristics explained in David Attenborough's inimitable style. Though small, these creatures are as ferocious as any seen before.
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  13. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NATR17127

    Holy Cow - Animal Video - DVD.
    56 Minutes. Have we changed the cow--or has the cow has changed us? Human history, biology, agriculture and economics have all been affected by this influential farm animal. Societies that learned to domesticate the cow prospered, while those that did not were left behind. The cow is an animal that has evolved to eat pretty much anything and miraculously transform it into milk and meat, and a whole range of other products that sustain our daily lives-clothing, fertilizer for our crops, fuel for our fires. A valuable commodity to some, religiously revered by others, it is a beast of burden, a means of transportation, and a way of life. This creature's many gifts have sustained and supported the human race on our journey to civilization, and each of us continues to owe a daily debt to the humble, extraordinary and holy cow.
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  14. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NATR17128

    Horses - Animal Video - DVD.
    Approximately 2 Hours. Take the reins for two rides you will never forget. Program 1: Wild Horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts - Julia Roberts, who shares a passion for horses with the Mongolian people, accepts an invitation to spend several weeks with a nomadic family, and learns first hand about the wild horses that have been such an important part of their lives for millennia. Despite no shared language, able to communicate only with smiles and universal gestures, Ms. Roberts lives exactly as her host family lives--in a one-room transportable "ger," with no bathroom, no running water, and no heat-and is absorbed into the daily routine of nomadic life. She helps with the deconstruction and relocation of her own house when the family moves, learns some lessons about herding from the family patriarch, cheers on the family children in a race, and demonstrates her own riding skills. When she bids her hosts goodbye, it is evident that she has acquired a great respect and affection for a people and a way of life. Program 2: Horse and Rider - Saddle up and settle in: this program takes viewers on a high-stepping, hard-charging ride into the fascinating relationship between horse and rider. The two twist and turn, charge and brake to keep a determined cow from returning to its herd in a rodeo competition. A rider silently directs her horse through a series of graceful, dance-like maneuvers at a dressage exhibition. And horse and rider chase and race after an elusive little ball during a polo match. With the help of leading trainers and competitors, the program shows how a carefully developed understanding, trust, and communication between horse and rider makes such amazing feats possible.
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  15. $59.95 set of 8 DVD + $8.50 p&h or $18.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : IMAX17129

    Into The Wild Collection - Animal Video - DVD.
    The eight films featured on this collection were originally shot in the IMAX format. The titles included are DEEP SEA, INTO THE DEEP, SURVIVAL ISLAND, GALAPAGOS, HIDDEN DIMENSION, SECRET OF LIFE ON EARTH, CHINA: THE PANDA ADVENTURE, and MOUNTAIN GORILLA.
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  16. $59.95 set of 6 DVD + $8.50 p&h or $18.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : QUES17130

    Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures - Animal Video - DVD.
    11 Hours. The Ultimate in Daring African Adventures! Take a Safari with Jack as he ventures into the wild to meet crocodiles, rhinos, giraffes, elephants and more! Jack hunts down hippos in rivers, wildebeests in migration, and locates the King of the Jungle, the majestic lion. Jack s unique sense of humor and flair for adventure make this a family journey that is both exciting and educational. Disc 1: Jack s Camp In Botswana s Kalahari Desert, Jack observes the den behaviors of brown hyena with pups. He also cares for an orphaned zebra foal, rides four-wheelers in the desert and visits with village children. Also includes the programs: Vumbura Camp, Chitabe Camp, Elephants of the Amboseli, Back to the Wild, Race for Survival Disc 2: On Safari with Jack In Kenya and Uganda Jack encounters cheetahs, gazelles, ostriches, lions , topis, elephants, and more while driving across the African plains. Also includes the programs: Sabi Sabi, Okavango Horse Safari, Sable Ranch, Mala Mala, Great African Safaris: Botswana Disc 3: Little Seen Africa Jack takes a look at some African wildlife you don t commonly see such as the bush baby and the dik-dik. More importantly, Jack learns about a conservation program to restore the Mountain Bongo population. Also includes the programs African Encore, Saving Endangered Species, World of Birds, Zoo to the Max, Operation Rhino Disc 4: Africa on the Edge Jack and his daughter Kathaleen discover some of the finer points of Botswana s Okavango wilderness. Also, you ll learn how Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert extract water from roots. Also includes the programs Game for Adventure, Hippos of Kings Pool, White Shark, Chimpanzees of Chambora, The Game Warden Disc 5: Safari Through the Masai Mara During a walking safari, Jack experiences a variety of adventures while visiting hippos, zebras, rhinos, elephants, giraffe, and wildebeest in their natural habitat. Also includes the programs Uganda Gorillas I, Uganda Gorillas II, Phinda: Seeing Spots, Okavango Delta Disc 6: Phinda: Land of Adventure Jack searches for the feared top predators of this vast land: lions, leopards and cheetahs. Is Jack's goose cooked when his Land Rover gets stuck in the mud and finds himself surrounded by a pride of lions? Also includes the programs A Day in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Born Again Africa, Thundering Smoke, Phinda: Dry as a Bone.
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  17. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NATR17131

    Koko - Animal Video - DVD.
    58 Minutes. This program does not just talk with an ape, it carries on an intimate, decades-long dialogue with her. The story documents the incredible development of a gorilla named Koko, whose learning of American Sign Language (and understanding of spoken English) gives new meaning to the ideas of animal intelligence and inter-species communication. Witness an animal that not only expresses wants and needs but also exhibits creativity and complex, human-like emotions. After being told that her pet kitten died in an accident, Koko demonstrates deep and sincere sadness--and seems to express exactly that when left alone that night. Most amazingly, she maintains a deep and enduring friendship with her human teacher and playmate, Dr. Penny Patterson. But will Dr. Patterson's innovative experiment end with Koko? Or will Koko give birth and transmit her knowledge to a new ape generation? Narrated by Martin Sheen, this inspiring, unforgettable program seeks the answers. The Gorilla Foundation - The mission of the Foundation is to bring interspecies communication to the public, in order to save gorillas from extinction, and inspire our children to create a better future for all the great apes. Established in 1976, The Gorilla Foundation/ promotes the protection, preservation and propagation of gorillas. Project Koko, a primary focus of TGF/, involves teaching a modified form of American Sign Language to two lowland gorillas, Koko and Michael. In addition, TGF/ is developing a unique preserve for gorillas on the island of Maui, Hawaii.
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  18. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NATR17132

    Kusasi & Snowflake - Animal Video - DVD.
    1 Hour and 48 Minutes. Their remarkable true stories captured the hearts and imaginations of the world! Meet international celebrities Kusasi and Snowflake in two classic episodes of NATURE contained on one specially priced disc. Julia Roberts is featured in From Orphan to King, the fascinating saga of how Kusasi, orphaned and kidnapped as an infant, turned misfortunes into triumph to become King of the Orangutans. Snowflake: The White Gorilla, profiles the world's only known white gorilla, and takes a fascinating look at the dramatic changes in our relationships with the great apes entrusted to our care.
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  19. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NATR17133

    Leopards and Lions - Animal Video - DVD.
    Approximately 2 Hours. Program #1: Silent Roar: Searching for the Snow Leopard - Four perilous years in the making, this milestone event is the first documentary to capture close-up behavioral footage of the beautiful, rugged, and mysterious snow leopard, the elusive big cat of the Himalayas. Veteran filmmakers Hugh Miles and Mitchell Kelly ventured into one of the world's most brutal environments to find and film the snow leopard, which has been seen only by a privileged few. It is a quest that ended in near-tragedy and triumph, as the team conquers this Everest of the natural world with unprecedented footage of snow leopards mating, hunting, feeding, and in one fleeting glimpse, a mother leading her fluffy snow leopard cub. Program #2: Vanishing Lions - As the largest predator in Africa, the lion should have nothing to fear. But the king of the savannah is facing an uncertain future. While concentrating on the dwindling number of elephants and rhinos, nobody suspected the biggest of the big cats was in trouble. When the number of lions turned out to be less than 30,000 and not 100,000 as previously estimated, it was clear that the great lion had become vulnerable. This compelling program features lion experts, farmers and Masai herdsmen as they explore solutions to the problems of saving lions and living with them.
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  20. $39.95 set of 2 DVD + $5.80 p&h or $14.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : BBCV17134

    Life in Cold Blood.
    BBC Video. DVD. 4 Hours and 10 Minutes. Written and presented by David Attenborough, Life in Cold Blood tells the epic story of the most enduringly successful animals ever to walk on land - reptiles and amphibians. The very latest technology enables extraordinary and previously unseen behavior to be captured in intimate detail, overturning the myth that cold blooded life is slow, solitary and primitive, and revealing these creatures to be as dramatic, social, sophisticated and passionate as warm blooded animals. As with Life in the Undergrowth, this series will change the audience's perceptions forever - giving them a new, warm-hearted relationship with Life in Cold Blood. With this series, David Attenborough completes his overview of life on the planet.
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