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Dance Videos, Salsa Dancing, Cha-Cha, Line Dancing, Tango, Tap, Ballet

  1. $19.95 DVD

    Item Code : EDUC17382

    Dance With Me: Jazz Workout - Dancing Video.
    DVD. 91 Minutes. Suitable for all fitness levels as well as beginners and dancers alike. Renowned ballerina and fitness expert Stephanie Herman blends the energy of jazz dancing with the fluid poses of yoga and the total body-shaping of Pilates for an effective, low-impact workout that works the abs, strengthens the back, tightens the buttocks, and lengthens and shapes the arms and legs while increasing flexibility and range of movement. [?2004]
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  2. $19.95 DVD

    Item Code : EDUC17381

    Junior Jazz - Dancing Video.
    DVD. 70 Minutes. A high-energy jazz class for children ages four through six. The class begins with a simple warm-up and stretch by teacher Rosemary Boross and her beginner pre-school students performed to exciting percussion music. Following are four different dances in four different styles of jazz. The dances are demonstrated and explained step-by-step to make it easy to dance along. [?2004 - Color]
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  3. $24.95 VHS

    Item Code : EDUC17380

    Gypsy Heart - Dancing Video.
    VHS. 50 Minutes. The story of Omayra amaya's unusual life as a flamenco dancer in Boston. The program is a tribute to her struggle to keep a fiery dance form burning in this chilly New England city. Also included is dazzling historical film footage of Amaya's great aunt, the legendary Carmen Amaya, considered one of the greatest flamenco dancers of all time, as well as rare archival footage of Gypsies flamenco dancing in Spain. 50 minutes. Color.
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  4. $29.95 DVD

    Item Code : EDUC17379

    Art of Exotic Dancing for Everday Women - Dancing Video.
    DVD. 60 Minutes. This instructional video combines behind the scenes footage of the sellout class "The Art of Exotic Dancing" along with useful tips to master the moves in the video. - Boost your self-confidence and self esteem - Discover new ways to spice up your relationship - Learn the power of Eye Contact and Body Language - Let down your guard and see yourself grow Walking * Hip Rolls * Floorwork * The Striptease Special Features Include: - Brand new behind the scenes footage - Producer and director interviews - Special demo dance feature - Profiles of the exotic dance students - Behind the scenes music video - Playlist music selection feature Run Time: 60 mins.
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  5. $29.95 DVD

    Item Code : EDUC17378

    The Art of Sensual Dance for Every Body - Dancing Video.
    DVD. 105 Minutes. While flirtatious, fun and erotic, the video contains no nudity! The Art of Sensual Dance? video is a "how to" for you. The moves, exercises and tips are designed to help you find your own rhythm, style and grace regardless of whether you share your new skills with anyone else. In the video Susan Bremer and ten students lead you through: - Relaxing, meditative body awareness and appreciation exercises using movement, touch and visualization. (15 mins) - 15 simple gestures and moves so EVERY woman can realize her exterior beauty and erotic potential. (30 mins) - Tips, secrets and steps to overcome shyness by getting started slowly and introducing a playful performance aspect into love relationships. (23 mins) Run Time: 80 mins. - Adding to the comprehensive video is an extra twenty-five minutes of interviews and stage dancing. DVD Bonus Features: ? Women Gone Wild ? Get inspiration from: ? Susan Speaks Other DVD Features ? Chapter Selection ? Easy "Tips" Access ? Easy access to follow-along routines and lap dance demonstrations Total Run Time: 105 mins.
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  6. $49.95 DVD

    Item Code : EDUC17377

    DanceTime! Vol.
    2: 20th Century - Dancing Video. DVD. 45 Minutes. This DVD covers the 20th Century - a nonstop explosion of American social dance...from ragtime to rock, memory lane to MTV, - from yesterday to today! Dancetime DVD! takes you back through history from the 1400's through the 1990's. The popular social dances of each era evoke the thrill of Renaissance revelry, Baroque beauty, 19th Century romance and non-stop 20th Century energy. It also contains over 600 original source documents plus historical timelines. The viewer can explore dance steps and instructional text simultaneously or separately." Dancetime DVD! features: ? 100 Period Fashions ? 60 Selections of Popular Music ? 426 Original Text Documents ? 221 Film References ? 34 Living History Citations ? Historical Origins of the Dances ? Cultural Timeline, linking dances with events ? Biography of the Dance Company and the Artists Run Time: 45 mins. (plus text)
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  7. $39.95 DVD

    Item Code : EDUC17359

    Aerobic Dance Workout With Debra Bono - Dancing Video.
    DVD. 74 Minutes. African Dance Workout This is a high intensity cardiovascular workout, using traditional African dance movement from various cultures. go barefoot or wear sneakers. You'll sweat and smile at the same time, feeling a surge of energy as the drummer encourages you to keep going! The video includes a warm up, cool down and a small upper body strengthening segment at the end of the workout. Intensity level: intermediate/advanced Run Time: 56 minutes 3 Flavors! Aerobic Dance Workout Broaden your "range of motion" and style with this fun video where African, Latin, and Hip-Hop are featured as three twenty-minute dance routines to challenge your mind and body. Try them one at a time or string them together for an increased cardiovascular workout. A warm up in the beginning and cool down at the end are included. Intensity level: Beginner/intermediate Run Time: 74 minutes.
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