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Gemstone Globes ~ Page 2

  1. $399.95 13" + $28.50 p&h

    Item Code : GEMS19441

    13" Gemstone Dark Blue Lapis Ocean Globe with Bow Stand.
    13" Diameter globe
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  2. $399.95 13" + $28.50 p&h

    Item Code : GEMS19442

    13" Gemstone White Howlite Ocean Globe on White Howlite Bow Stand.
    These are exceptional desk globes for those who have exceptional tastes. This gemstone globe has seas made of creamy white howlite. The oceans are inlaid with countries carved from many different semi-precious gemstones, each fitted with exacting, hairline precision, for a stunning mosaic of variegated colors. Golden wires run evenly across the globe surface, elegantly marking the principle latitude and longitude lines, and the entire sphere is covered in a protective plastic covering. The globe is mounted upon a golden semi-meridian of base metals coated in golden plating, which it itself attached to a massive round base also constructed of white howlite. For a truly breathtaking desktop accessory, choose only the best - the Gemstone Globe. 13" Diameter globe
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  3. $350.00 14" + $28.50 p&h

    Item Code : GEMS19443

    Gemstone Blue Turquoise (Jeweler's Quality) Ocean Globe on Turquoise Bow Stand.
    For those who prefer the blue of the sky over the blue of the waves, we offer the illustrious turquoise gemstone semi-meridian globe. Like our other gemstone globe models, this globe is inlaid with a colorful mosaic of semi-precious gemstone countries, each carefully carved and hand-fitted into the underlying globe. In this case, however, the globe itself is fashioned from powdered turquoise, resulting in oceans and seas of delicate sky blue. The globe is mounted upon a half-circle of base metals plated with gold - hence the name semi-meridian - and then placed upon a stand crafted from the same sky-blue turquoise as the globe itself. For a classic gemstone globe with a touch of something new, make this attractive turquoise globe a new centerpiece for your home. The globe stands about 26 inches tall with a net diameter of 14 inches, and weighs approximately 22 pounds. 14" Diameter globe
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  4. $735.95 13" White, Blue, or Black + $68.50 p&h

    Item Code : GEMS19444

    Gemstone White Jasper (or Blue Lapis, or Black Onyx) Ocean Globe on Gold Floor stand.
    Truly what everyone thinks about when they hear the words 'gemstone globe.' This gorgeous tall gemstone globe stands nearly three feet off the ground and measures 17 inches from edge to edge. Fashioned from quality natural jasper, or midnight black onyx, or deep blue lapis, the globe is an extraordinarily smooth surface virtually unblemished. Fitted into the globe is a grand mosaic of semi-precious gemstones, carefully cut and fitted into the shapes of the countries of the world. Golden wires form the latitude and longitude lines, running with precise regularity across the globe surface, which itself coated with a protective layer of clear acrylic. The entire globe is set onto a pivoting ring etched with map angles, which is itself set onto a massive stand of base metals plated with a beautiful gold finish. A stunning piece that will grace and elegance to just about any place you put it. The gemstone globe is also available in midnight black onyx or deep blue lapis. Gross dimensions are 38" by 20.5" by 20.5" and the gross weight is 38 pounds. 13" Diameter globe
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