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Gemstone Globes, Beautiful & Decorative For Home & Office

  1. $449.95 13" + $48.50 p&h

    Item Code : GEMS19434

    13" Gemstone White Jasper Ocean Globe with 4-Legged Stand.
    This exquisite white jasper gemstone globe is set with seas of creamy white instead of the more common blue lapis. Each of the countries is carefully cut from one of many different semi-precious stones and fitted with hairline precision into the surface of the jasper sphere. Gold wires serve as the latitude and longitude lines, running evenly from the top to the bottom of the globe underneath a glossy protective enamel finish. The entire gemstone globe is fitted into a meridian ring etched with angles carefully fitted to match the wires, which is then itself fitted onto a highly polished four-legged stand crafted from solid base metals coated with a golden metallic finish. The four legs are braced by a wide golden frame, in the center of which lies a black compass. 13" Diameter
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  2. $449.95 13" + $48.50 p&h

    Item Code : GEMS19435

    13" Gemstone Dark Blue Ocean Globe with 4-Legged Stand.
    Each globe is made of more than 20 kinds of precious stones enchased on the surface to show the territory and border of countries, regions and continents. Together with the gold support, the globe becomes a state-of-the-art piece. Each detail reveals the superior workmanship and intricacy of materials used. 13" Diameter
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  3. $449.95 13" + $48.50 p&h

    Item Code : GEMS19436

    13" Gemstone Black Onyx Ocean Globe with Silver Base with 4-Legged Stand.
    This gemstone globe is crafted from a combination of powdered black onyx and carefully carved semi-precious gemstones, resulting in the delightful geographic mosaic swimming in oceans of deep, midnight black. The globe is coated by a layer of protective acrylic and mounted upon a thick swiveling ring etched with angular measurements. The entire piece is then fitted into a beautiful silver-plated quad stand braced by a central plate. Embedded into the plate is an ornate compass, completing the piece with that finishing touch. A beautiful gemstone globe that will surely draw many compliments. A Gemstone Globe is a beautiful gift and an elegant handcrafted piece of are, the manufacturing of which requires more than 10 processes (including cutting, grinding and polishing) 13" Diameter
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  4. $499.95 13" + $48.50 p&h

    Item Code : GEMS19437

    13" Gemstone Blue Ocean Globe with Brushed Copper Base with 4-Legged Stand.
    13" Diameter
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  5. $449.95 13" + $48.50 p&h

    Item Code : GEMS19438

    13" Gemstone Black Onyx Ocean Globe with Copper Base with 4-Legged Stand.
    13" Diameter
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  6. $719.95 13" + $48.50 p&h

    Item Code : GEMS19439

    Gemstone Blue Turquoise Ocean Globe with 3-Legged Bronze Stand.
    Finally, a gemstone globe of an entirely different color. This attractive tripod globe is crafted from high quality ground turquoises, creating beautiful pastel blue oceans and seas. Each is crafted from one of many different semi-precious gemstones, carefully cut and mounted into the turquoise sphere. The latitude and longitude lines are laid in with gold colored wires, and the entire globe is coated with a protective plastic layer. Each globe is set onto a semi-meridian of almost solid copper, complete with an etched swiveling inner ring and compass at the center of the copper stabilizer. These beautiful globes will make themselves at home on desktop or shelf, and you may rest knowing your globe is one of the best quality globes out there. 13" Diameter
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  7. $1149.95 13" + $48.50 p&h

    Item Code : GEMS19440

    13" Gemstone White Mother-of-Pearl Ocean with 3-Legged Gold Stand.
    Perhaps our most exquisite variation of gemstone globe to date. Unlike other globes, this globe is covered with smooth, solid squares of iridescent mother-of-pearl. The seas and oceans of this globe shine and shimmer under the light, the cream color surmounted by glittering rainbow hues. Each country on this globe is expertly crafted from one of many different semi-precious gemstones, creating the colorful geographic mosaic that's become the trademark of the gemstone globe. The surface of the globe is crossed with golden longitude and latitude lines, and the entire sphere is coated with a protective plastic layer. The globe is then mounted onto a sturdy metal stand of copper base metals coated with a shiny brassy finish, complete with an etched inner swiveling ring. The entire process, from start to finish, can take over twice as long as the 400 man-hours necessary to craft even an ordinary gemstone globe. Radiant, beautiful, and truly the best of the best, this breathtaking mother-of-pearl gemstone globe is a sure attention-grabber whether in home or office. The globe has gross dimensions of about 22 by 21 by 21 inches with a gross weight of about 46 pounds 13" Diameter
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