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Bathymetric World Globes

  1. $369.95 + $48.50 p&h

    Item Code : NTRI15030

    20" diameter. This globe has relief on both land and seabed. The entire globe is blue. 20" diameter. Never before has it been possible to feel as much detail on the surface of a globe! Giant features of relief are based on a 50x vertical exaggeration, with mountain ranges standing an incredible 3/4" above seawater. The globe can now be tilted and viewed in full 360? degrees (the illustration below is no longer show the globe on an axis). Ideal for teaching about plate tectonics or submarine geology or navigation. The globe is molded of blue high-strength plastic (see the sample globe shown below) and rests on a solid hardwood base (the globe now has an enhance and more beautiful base than is shown in the the illustration). The globe may be painted with acrylic paints for a dramatic effect. Please see sample below: Customer's Comment: "Dear Sirs, In regards to my order for the 20"Bathymetric raised relief World Globe which was placed 4th July 2007, I just thought I would let you know that my cousin arrived from LA on Saturday with the Globe safe and sound and undamaged and no import duty. He flies first class which may help.... What a superb piece of relief modeling. Am VERY VERY VERY pleased with it - a 65th birthday present to myself that could not be bettered. Stopped work this evening to start coloring it !! Thank you for your service Regards, John B. (England)
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  2. $695.00 + $94.50 p&h

    Item Code : NTRI15031

    30" diameter (huge!) This globe has relief only on the land, with a smooth ocean floor. This feature dramatically highlights the relief of the land masses. The relief on the land is the same as on the globe above. The globe is molded of pristine white high-strength plastic (the blue color sample globe shown below is just for effect) and rests on a solid hardwood base. The globe may be painted with acrylic paints for a dramatic effect. Please see sample above.
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