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English For Korean Speakers Language Course, Audio CD

  1. $295.95 set of 16 cassettes + $12.50 p & h or $23.50 foreign

    Item Code : MRAW18143

    Pimsleur English For Korean Speakers, Audio Cassette Language Course.
    Includes 16 audio cassette tapes.
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  2. $599.00 complete set of 13 video cassettes

    Item Code : 200018145

    "Speak To Me" Video for Korean Speakers.
    The complete set of 9 video cassettes and a workbooks. Plus a bonus set of 4 additions videos, for a total of 13 videos. Each video is approximately 60 minutes long. This program is one of the most extensive video ESL courses ever offered. It consists of three volumes, each of which includes three 50minute VHS video cassettes in english and a student book. "Speak To Me" is designed primarily for self-instruction but can be used successfully with small groups in either informal or classroom situations. By simultaneously following the video lessons and using the bilingual student book, the learner develops the ability to think in the English language through the natural association of words and actions shown in real-life situations on the video. The vocabulary and grammar presentations progress from simple to complex and include formal and informal speech. Beginners can acquire a working vocabulary in a very short time while intermediate and advanced learners will find the course useful for improving vocabulary and expanding language skills already acquired. Volume 1 is for absolute beginners. Volume 2 is for intermediate English language speakers. Volume 3 is for advanced learners. The books that accompany each volume are in English and also in the learner's native language. Utilizing the "Immersion Method" together with a formulated program to teach the student by seeing, hearing, and repeating, "Speak To Me" has helped hundreds of thousands to learn to speak English correctly. Specially designed video teaching method for those desiring to learn to speak ENGLISH quickly. Winner of the ABC - CLIO four Star award for its effectiveness. SPEAK TO ME Program 1. Consists of 3 video cassettes - each approximately 1 hour long and one work book. This program gives the student an elementary basic course in speaking ENGLISH. SPEAK TO ME Program 2. Consists of 3 video cassettes - each approximately 1 hour long plus a work book. This program provides an extension to program 1 and gives the student a more effective usage of ENGLISH. SPEAK TO ME Program 3. Consists of 3 video cassettes - each approximately 1 hour long and a work book. A continuation to the process of program 1 + 2, it adds a more sophisticated approach designed to make the student even more fluent in ENGLISH with a clearer understanding of what the speaker is saying. PRICE: Complete Set. (9 Video plus 3 Books) $ 599.00 Bonus Gift: By purchasing the Whole Set "Speak To Me" You get the "Pronounce After Me" (4 additional videos) FREE, Value $125.00
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  3. $155.00 set

    Item Code : SPOK18144

    Includes 9 audio cassette tapes and a 486-page textbook. This series was prepared under the aegis of the American Council of Learned Societies, the U.S. Department of State, and the Division of Modern Languages, Cornell University. Instructions for use of each course are written in the Korean language.
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