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Slovenian Language Course, Audio CD, Learn, Speak, Instruction

  1. $32.95 CD ROM + $5.80 p&h or $12.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : TALK4222

    Talk Now! Slovenian CD ROM Language Course. Talk Now! Slovenian CD ROM Language Course.
    We recommend Talk Now! for any language beginner who wants an entertaining self-study course to learn basic phrases, colors, numbers, food, shopping, time, countries, etc. Talk Now! is designed for people who want to learn a language quickly. It's fun, fast, and makes learning easy. If you don't have time to become fluent, but need the basics in a hurry, then Talk Now! is for you. Designed by language experts, Talk Now! includes great features like speak and repeat, interactive games, and digital recordings with both sexes of native speakers. And Talk Now! runs on both Macintosh and Windows computers. This is a fun instruction way to learn and speak the Slovene language. - - $_$_START_LIST ? Ideal for beginners and travelers ? Topics include: first words, phrases, food, shopping, numbers, time and more ? Interactive and fun ? Immediate responses to every choice you make ? Compare your pronunciation to that of native speakers, using the record button ? Test your knowledge with easy and hard quizzes, plus play a challenging memory game! ? Monitor your progress--keep a check on your total score, and print your own awards. ? On-screen help is available at all times in over ? Print your own picture dictionary for handy reference $_$_END_LIST
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  2. $76.95 set of 2 Audio CD + $6.80 p&h or $22.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : MRAW4223

    Teach Yourself Slovene Audio CD Language Course.
    Pack and Book. McGraw-Hill Books. 192 pages. Size 5"x7?". Includes two 60-minute audio CD discs. This complete course is based on the very latest learning methods and is designed to be both enjoyable and user-friendly. Prepared by experts in the language, this course begins with the basics and gradually elevates the student to a level of smooth and confident communication. Includes up-to-date interactive dialogues; graded units of cultural notes, grammar, and exercises; practical vocabulary; step-by-step guides to pronunciation; irregular verb tables; and plenty of practice exercises. This is another good beginner language course and includes all the fundamentals of the language. This is a great way to learn and speak the Slovene language.
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  3. $39.95 set of 4 CD ROM + $6.80 p&h or $12.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : TRAN4224

    Slovenian ~ 101 Languages of the World, CD ROM for Windows and Macintosh.
    Features: Up to 5,000 words and Survival Phrases, and 100's of sentences in context for each language. Contains interactive dialogs; conversation practice; fully integrated native speaker sound; record, playback and compare; SlowSound digital speech analysis; challenging games, etc; and shows you exactly how to meet and greet people, make polite conversation, order in restaurants, ask for directions, deal with banks and taxi drivers, handle emergencies, and more. 101 languages on a set of 4 CD ROM discs.
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  4. $14.95 + $3.80 p&h or $10.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : HIPP4225

    Slovenian Language Dictionary and Phrasebook.
    Hippocrene Books. Paperback. 300 pages. 3- 3/4"x7-1/2". 3,500 entries Since Slovenia, situated between Italy and Croatia on the "sunny side" of the Alps, gained independence in 1991, it has become a popular travel destination for those who enjoy its verdant hills, lush forests, and rugged mountains. This Dictionary & Phrasebook is designed to bridge the communication gap between western travelers and Slovenes. The bilingual dictionary incorporates basic vocabulary terms as well as Slovene slang, while the travel-oriented phrasebook includes cultural information, such as an overview of the national cuisine and a special chapter for business travel. The book also has a pronunciation guide with an introduction to Slovene phonetics, as well as a concise grammar.
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  5. $29.95 + $5.50 p&h or $12.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : HIPP4228

    Slovenian-English, English-Slovenian, Modern Dictionary.
    Hippocrene Books. Includes 36,000 entries. Spoken in Slovenia, Italy, and Hungary. Helpful pronunciation guide. Slovene, a Slavic tongue, is spoken by over one million people in Slovenia, as well as parts of Italy and Hungary. Multiple definitions for many of the entries. The most comprehensive Slovene dictionary available in the U.S. Included are appendices of useful expressions, numerical expressions, weights and measures, and calendar expressions. The perfect companion for students or travelers. Paperback. 935 pages. Size 5-1/2"x3-1/2".
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  6. $10.95

    Item Code : LONE4226

    Lonely Planet Publications. Includes Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, and Slovenian).
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  7. $10.95

    Item Code : LONE4227

    Lonely Planet Publications. Includes Czech, German, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, and Slovenian).
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