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Argentina City Street Maps, Detailed, Travel, Tourist


 Argentina City Street Maps 
Detailed, Travel, Tourist.

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    Item Code : ITMB4904

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina. BUENOS AIRES, Argentina.
    Scale 1:12,500. Size 27"x39". Indexed. International Travel Maps edition. English text and legends. Beautiful cartography. Very detailed. Easy-to-read. Includes considerable important travel information. This map was researched on the ground in January, was released in May, and we forgot to send out a press release. Shame on us! Regardless, Buenos Aires is one of the nicest cities in South America, and we are pleased to be issuing our 4th edition of this vibrant city. The most noteworthy comment I can make about changes to the artwork is to note that we have removed several proposed and future rapid transit lines that show no signs of being built in the foreseeable future. This is regrettable, but necessary. A map should present what IS, not what visionaries wish it were. Apart from that, we have updated our presentation to modern standards. The big change on this map is the replacement of our former regional map with a brand new map of the northeastern portion of Argentina. This new map covers the country between the Iguacu Falls in the far north to Bahia Blanca and Mar del Plata in the south, and Cordoba in the west. Apart from spending two weeks driving thousands of kilometres and trying to note every single toll booth (there are dozens), we found an interesting and different Argentina simply by staying in cities such as Bahia, Santa Rosa, and Rosario. Not only did we meet new friends, but we saw the country through the eyes of people living there, which I think adds a perspective rarely attempted in map making and one that we tried to incorporate on this map. Certainly, the road network has received a tremendous upgrading. The railway lines are shown as points of information only, as the rail system in the country failed many years ago. The new motorway to Santa Fe is shown, as well as the one under construction to Concordia and beyond. Printed double-sided on waterproof paper.
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    Item Code : NATL4906

    BUENOS AIRES "Destination" Map, Argentina. BUENOS AIRES "Destination" Map, Argentina.
    Scale 1:14,500. National Geographic edition.
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    Item Code : BERN4905

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina. BUENOS AIRES, Argentina.
    Scale 1:15,000. Size 20"x39". Indexed. Berndtson & Berndtson edition. Shows libraries, information booths, post offices, museums, theatres, cinemas, churches, synagogues, monuments, rent-a-car locations, tennis clubs, golf courses, lighthouses, points of interest, airports, one-way streets, police streets, embassies, car parks, fishing areas, metro stations, hospitals, beaches, zoological gardens, recreation areas, national parks, department stores, pedestrian zones, public buildings, and hotels. Also includes an indexed Greater Buenos Aires street map at 1:75,000 scale, and an indexed Buenos Aires Regional Street and Tourist Map at 1:3,000,000 scale; plus an inset route map of the Metrovias, all displayed on the reverse side. This is an excellent map and very easy to read. Laminated, easy-fold, flexi-map. BIG >> SAMPLE MAP << Small sample map
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    Item Code : FREY4907

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina. BUENOS AIRES, Argentina.
    Scale 1:15,000. Size 38"x49". Freytag & Berndt edition.
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    Item Code : INSG4908

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina. BUENOS AIRES, Argentina.
    Scale 1:17,500. Size 18"x27". Insight Guide Maps edition. The Buenos Aires Insight Flexi Map is an innovative, laminated folding map that combines durability and convenience with accuracy, utility and readability. Inside this Buenos Aires Flexi Map, you will find: Detailed city, street and road maps Full color photography Tourist information Sites you shouldn't miss such as San Telmo, the Museo del Cabildo and Avenida Florida Information on transportation, visas, currency, emergency services and more Flexi Maps are informative and easy to use, featuring state-of-the-art cartography and practical information, providing travelers with the ideal tool for exploring new locations.
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    Item Code : AUPA4909

    BUENOS AIRES "Capital Federal" (Metropolitan), Argentina. BUENOS AIRES "Capital Federal" (Metropolitan), Argentina.
    Scale 1:35,000. Size 25?"x39". Auto Mapa edition. City street map. Detailed.
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    Item Code : AUPA4910

    BUENOS AIRES "GRAN" (Metropolitan), Argentina.
    Scale 1:40,000. Size 36"x36". Auto Mapa edition. Expensive, but worth every farthing. This is a huge map, and very detailed. Completely indexed to every single street in the Metropolitan area. Premium quality. With this map, those lovable, tango-dancing Argentines won't have a chance to escape your perusal.
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    Item Code : AUPA4911

    Ciudad de Rosario, Argentina.
    Auto Mapa edition
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    Item Code : AUPA4912

    Cordoba, Argentina.
    Scale 1:30,000. Auto Mapa edition
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    Item Code : AUPA4913

    Mar del Plata, Argentina. Mar del Plata, Argentina.
    Scale 1:30,000. Auto Mapa edition.
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    Item Code : AUPA4914

    Mendoza, Argentina.
    Scale 1:25,000. Auto Mapa edition
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    Item Code : AUPA4915

    Rosario, Argentina.
    Scale 1:30,000. Auto Mapa edition

 Argentina City Street Maps 
Detailed, Travel, Tourist.