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  1. $89.95 set of 4 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19917

    Campion: The Complete First Season.  4-PK.  PBS Video.  DVD.  7 Hours & 15 Minutes.
    He hardly seems the type, yet Albert Campion's bland appearance disguises the talents of a passionate 1930s sleuth. In "Death of a Ghost," Campion visits a posh estate to view art--but stumbles across two bodies. In "Look to the Lady," it's up to Campion to save a prominent British family from disgrace, ruin, and murder.
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  2. $19.95 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19929

    Crime & Punishment.  PBS Video.  DVD.  3 Hours & 15 Minutes.
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky's riveting 19th-century masterpiece, Crime & Punishment explores the dark and unsettling world of a Russian working-class killer who believes he is above the law, even when apprehended for his crime. John Hurt stars as Raskolnikov, the supremely rational anti-hero who sheds blood without fear of penalty, yet cannot escape his need for inner peace. Also stars Sian Phillips, Frank Middlemass, and Beatrix Lehmann.
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  3. $19.95 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19930

    Daniel Deronda.  PBS Video.  DVD.  2 Hours & 30 Minutes.
    All the romance and intrigue of George Eliot's final novel fill this elegant Victorian miniseries. DANIEL DERONDA (Hugh Bonneville) is baffled by his origins and confused by his love for two different women: beautiful, married Gwendolyn and gifted Jewish singer, Mirah. Actually the illegitimate son of an aristocrat, he knows nothing of his heritage, yet his compulsion to fight for the rights of England's Jews unlocks long-hidden mysteries.
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  4. $19.95 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19931

    Dirty War.  PBS Video.  DVD.  90 Minutes.
    A fictional thriller that features intrigue, espionage and breakneck-pace action, this HBO Films drama, based on extensive factual research, tells the hypothetical story of the planning and execution of a "dirty bomb" terrorist attack on central London and its terrifying aftermath. Every minute counts in this action-suspense thriller that addresses the question: How prepared are we for the unthinkable?
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  5. $19.95 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19932

    Dr. Bell and Mr. Doyle.  PBS Video.  DVD.  Approximately 2 Hours.
    Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional Sherlock Holmes remains history's greatest detective. But where did Doyle gain the inspiration for Holmes--perhaps in his early days as an Edinburgh medical student? This inspired series offers a long look at Doyle's brilliant instructor, Dr. Bell, whose uncanny ability to solve crimes baffling the police seems oddly familiar--yet anything but elementary.
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  6. $39.95 set of 2 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19933

    Edward & Mrs. Simpson.  2-PK.  PBS Video.  DVD.  5 Hours & 45 Minutes.
    Fans of royal romance will be glued to the screen for this British mini-series. The scandalous courtship of the Prince of Wales and a twice-married American socialite rocked the British Empire in the 1930s, when the Prince-now King, but still uncrowned-abdicated his throne to marry "the woman I love." Seven episodes of this sumptuous drama recount the riveting, true-life fairy tale, available on DVD for the first time.
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  7. $19.95 VHS

    Item Code : PBSV19934

    Edwin.  PBS Video.  VHS.  1 Hour & 18 Minutes.
    Sir Alec Guinness triumphs as Sir Fennimore Truscott, retired High Court Judge with too much time and too little to do. The judge has long suspected a neighbor (Paul Rogers) of seducing his wife, Lady Margaret (Renee Asherton), and guides the viewers (as his "jury") toward this conclusion.
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  8. $59.95 set of 6 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19935

    Enemy At the Door: Set I.  6-PK.  PBS Video.  DVD.  10 Hours & 45 Minutes.
    A compelling drama unfolds in this series about Britain's offshore Channel Islands under Nazi military occupation during World War II. Featuring period style cinematography, archival footage, and extraordinary writing, Enemy at the Door stars Alfred Burke as Major Richter, the German military commandant, and Bernard Hosfall as the islanders' chosen representative, Dr. Philip Martell.
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  9. $59.95 set of 6 VHS

    Item Code : PBSV19936

    Enemy At the Door: Set II.  6PK.  PBS Video.  VHS.  10 Hours & 45 Minutes.
    A compelling drama unfolds in this series about Britain's offshore Channel Islands under Nazi military occupation during World War II. Featuring period style cinematography, archival footage, and extraordinary writing, Enemy at the Door stars Alfred Burke as Major Richter, the German military commandant, and Bernard Hosfall as the islanders' chosen representative, Dr. Philip Martell.
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  10. $49.95 set of 4 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19937

    Fall of Eagles.  PBS Video.  DVD.  11 Hours.
    In the latter half of the 19th Century, three ruling houses dominated Europe: the Hapsburgs of Austria-Hungary, the Romanovs of Russia and the Hohenzollerns of Germany.  Centuries of despotism, a continued lack of social reform and the advent of the devastating First World War caused the vultures of revolution to start circling. This 13-part epic highlights the fall of these three dynasties with an all-star cast including Patrick Stewart.
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  11. $39.95 set of 3 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19928

    Cracker: Series III.  3PK.  PBS Video.  DVD.  7 Hours & 45 Minutes.
    Fitz is back in a new season of Cracker, this time tracking an Asian serial killer in the crowded streets of Hong Kong, China's newest city. The local police can't track down the "Lucky White Ghost," so Fitz (Robbie Coltrane) is called in to profile him. But problems abound, even for the brilliant criminal psychologist.
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  12. $39.95 set of 3 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19927

    Cracker: Series II.  3PK.  PBS Video.  DVD.  7 Hours & 45 Minutes.
    Criminal psychologist Fitz (Robbie Coltrane) tackles both personal demons and the external kind in this compelling series of modern whodunits, back for a second season.  Racism, religion, and murder are just three of the problems facing Fitz, already bedeviled by professional crises and personal issues, in three new episodes.
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  13. $29.95 set of 2 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19918

    Catherine Cookson: The Black Candle & The Black Velvet Gown.  PBS Video.  DVD.  3 Hours & 45 Minutes.
    This set features adaptations of two stirring historically themed Catherine Cookson novels, including The Black Candle, starring Cathy Sandford as a strong-minded widow struggling to raise her daughter in harsh world, and co-starring Nathaniel Parker and James Gaddas. The Black Velvet Gown stars Bob Peck, Geraldine Somerville, and Janet McTeer in a 1880s tale of industrial intrigue and aristocratic revenge.
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  14. $59.95 set of 4 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19919

    Chancer: Series 1.  4-PK.  PBS Video.  DVD.  10 Hours & 50 Minutes.
    Fans of big-screen star Clive Owen (Closer) will relish the first season of his breakout TV series and his role as a charismatic swindler out to save a failing sports car company. Investment banker Stephen Crane's history of dodgy deals leaves him unemployed, until Douglas Motors falls for his patented con artistry and so does the boss's daughter.
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  15. $89.95 set of 6 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19920

    Charles Dickens Classic Collection.  6-PK.  PBS Video.  DVD.  15 Hours & 30 Minutes.
    Three magnificent BBC productions form this collection of new classics based on Charles Dickens novels. Nicholas Nickleby stars Nigel Havers as the impressionable young hero, whose is shaped by his experiences at an oppressive boarding school, with Derek Godfrey and Robert James in superb supporting roles. Other films in this collection are David Copperfield and The Old Curiosity Shop.
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  16. $59.95 set of 5 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19921

    Charles Dickens Collection.  5-PK.  PBS Video.  DVD.  12 Hours.
    This deluxe DVD set features three classic Charles Dickens stories- David Copperfield (starring Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter),  Oliver Twist (starring Sam Smith as Oliver), Robert Lindsay of Horatio Hornblower as master thief Fagin),  and Great Expectations (starring Ioan Gruffudd of Horatio Hornblower).
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  17. $19.95 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19922

    Coming Through. PBS Video. DVD. 75 Minutes.
    The notorious passions of writer D. H. Lawrence fill Alan Palter's dual-time tale of seduction and destruction. In the early 20th century, young Lawrence (Kenneth Branagh) carries on a scandalous affair with an older, married woman (Helen Mirren). His erotic writings later inspire a brilliant young man toward a similar, dangerous affair.
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  18. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19923

    Copenhagen. PBS Video. DVD. 120 Minutes.
    Michael Frayn's Tony Award-winning drama about friendship, suspicion, and global politics in wartime comes to TV. This fictionalized intellectual thriller traces the mysterious real-life visit in 1941 by German physicist Werner Heisenberg, to his longtime friend and mentor, Niels Bohr, and his wife Margrethe. Why did Heisenberg come, what did they discuss, and how did it change history? Stars Stephen Rea, Francesca Annis, and Daniel Craig.
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  19. $39.95 set of 2 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19924

    Cousin Bette.  2-PK.  PBS Video.  DVD.  3 Hours & 40 Minutes.
    Balzac's devious protagonist wreaks havoc on those who have wronged her in this acclaimed presentation from Masterpiece Theatre. Margaret Tyzack is the poor, plain spinster, Bette Fischer, who plots wicked revenge on her wealthy cousin's family with the help of a greedy, irresistibly sexy siren (Helen Mirren) in 19th-century Paris. Also starring Colin Baker, Thorley Walters, and Ursula Howells.
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  20. $99.95 set of 9 DVD

    Item Code : PBSV19925

    Cracker DVD Combo Series I, II, III.  9-PK.  PBS Video.  DVD.  22 Hours & 40 hours.
    Fitz (Robbie Coltrane) is not your average criminal psychologist. He's brilliant, although his flaws-gambling and heavy drinking, for starters-tend to complicate things. Murder is just the opening he needs to get started. Includes sets I, II, and III.
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