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VHS This fascinating series takes you to the great spiritual places of the world and reflects the lifestyle, landscape and people that surround the sites as well as contemporary spiritual practices within each place. Edward James Olmos narrates Mystic Lands, which also features the original music of internationally acclaimed recording artist Chris Spheeris. Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon - Explore the tiny Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan and centuries of legends that are part of the Bhutanese spiritual life. The teachings of Guru Rinpoche, the second incarnation of Lord Buddha, guide the people in their devotion. Elaborate festivals are held throughout the land honoring Guru Rinpoche. From fluttering prayer flags to the rhythmic spin of prayer wheels during meditation, worship to Lord Buddha permeates every aspect of life in Bhutan. With this tape you get more focus on the actual Bhutanese people. You see their faces, clothing, children, and get a good glimpse of their colorful festivals. Maya: Messages in Stone - Unearth the grand ruins and spiritual beliefs of the Maya in Central America. The practices that inspired these mystical temples can sill be felt through ancestors who today practice a blend of Christianity and ancient Mayan traditions. Explore the Mayan beliefs in human sacrifice, deities, and forces of nature. 60 minutes
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