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Inflatable Neck Pillow, For Independent Travellers

  1. $9.95

    Item Code : LEWS15121

    Inflatable Neck Pillow  At the beach, in the bath or on the midnight train to nowhere, you'll love the comfort provided by this inflatable travel neck pillow.
    Gray, Black, or Jade color. $_$_START_LIST ? Soft, suede-like material ? Waterproof ? Washable ? Includes travel pouch -- $_$_END_LIST
  2. $29.95

    Item Code : LEWS15125

    Reakt (tm) Neck Pillow.
    Contoured shape cradles head and neck in soft support. Constructed of soft, suede micro-fiber and Reakt (tm), a temperature and pressure sensitive foam that adjusts to body temperature and molds to contours for a custom fit. Hand washable. Available in Black, Blue, Gray, or Spice (shown here).
  3. $21.95

    Item Code : LEWS15126

    Buckwheat Neck Pillow.
    Contoured shape cradles head and neck in soft support. All natural buckwheat hull filling offers soft support that adjusts to body contours for maximum comfort. Hulls naturally ventilate to keep skin cool. Liner unzips to add or remove filling for personal comfort. Available in Red, Gray, Blue (shown here), or Black
  4. $12.95

    Item Code : LEWS15127

    Neck Pillow.
    Soft fiber fill pillow in a contoured, crescent shape cradles head and neck in soft support. Ideal for travel, lounging on the sofa, or even on the floor. Brushed fleece and micro-fiber construction. Cinch cord adjusts pillow firmness for personalized comfort. Cinches tight for compact packing.
  5. $9.95

    Item Code : LEWS15122

    Inflatable Neck Pillow - Black Color
  6. $9.95

    Item Code : LEWS15123

    Inflatable Neck Pillow - Gray Color
  7. $9.95

    Item Code : LEWS15124

    Inflatable Neck Pillow - Jade Color