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Travel Accessories

  1. $29.95 + $6.50 p & h

    Item Code : LEWS19450

    Reakt (tm) Neck Rest.
    Contoured shape cradles head and neck in soft support. Constructed of soft, suede micro-fiber and Reakt (tm), a temperature and pressure sensitive foam that adjusts to body temperature and molds to contours for a custom fit. Hand washable. Available in Black, Blue, Gray, or Spice (shown here).
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  2. $9.95

    Item Code : LEWS19454

    Neck Rest - Jade Color
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  3. $12.95

    Item Code : LEWS19457

    Waist Stash
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  4. $14.95

    Item Code : LEWS19458

    Deluxe Waist Stash
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  5. $10.95

    Item Code : LEWS19459

    Neck Stash
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  6. $14.95

    Item Code : LEWS19460

    Deluxe Neck Stash
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  7. $15.95

    Item Code : LEWS19463

    0-50 Watt Transformer - 110>220
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  8. $19.95

    Item Code : LEWS19466

    85 Watt Transformer
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  9. $24.95

    Item Code : LEWS19467

    European Telephone Adaptor Kit
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  10. $27.95

    Item Code : LEWS19468

    Travel Curling Iron
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  11. $9.95

    Item Code : LEWS19453

    Neck Rest - Gray Color
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  12. $9.95

    Item Code : LEWS19452

    Neck Rest - Black Color
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  13. $34.95 + $6.80 p&h or $24.80 foreign delivery or $12.80 Canada Delivery

    Item Code : BLAK19472

    Deluxe Travel Iron-120/240V.
    Built for the world traveller who doesn't want to look like they jumped out of a duffel bag at the airport, this Deluxe Travel Iron is the easy answer to wrinkled, rumpled and tired travel attire. $_$_START_LIST ? Lightweight travel iron runs on both 120 and 240 volts of power ? Nonstick soleplate; variable steam control; push-button spray mist ? Removable water reservoir for convenient filling or emptying at the sink ? Comfortable handle folds flat for compact storage; travel bag included ? Measures approximately 8 by 3-1/4 by 4 inches. Weight 1.5 lbs. $_$_END_LIST
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  14. $9.95

    Item Code : LEWS19451

    Neck Rest.
    At the beach, in the bath or on the midnight train to nowhere, you'll love the comfort provided by this inflatable travel neck pillow. Gray, Black, or Jade color. $_$_START_LIST ? Soft, suede-like material ? Waterproof ? Washable ? Includes travel pouch -- $_$_END_LIST
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  15. $22.95

    Item Code : LEWS19455

    Back Pillow.
    Multipurpose pillow for cushiony support where you need it most. Constructed of soft, suede micro-fiber and Reakt (tm), a temperature and pressure sensitive foam that adjusts to body temperature and molds to contours for a custom fit. Use as a regular, neck or back pillow. Features adjustable cord for seat back use. Hand washable. Available in black, blue, gray and spice.
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  16. $12.95

    Item Code : LEWS19456

    Inflatable Back Pillow.
    Inflatable back pillow provides additional lumbar support for long, uncomfortable trips. Includes travel pouch. Hand washable.
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  17. $39.95 + $6.50 p & h or $19.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : LEWS19461

    Dual Converter Kit.
    (50-2000 watts and 0-50 watts). Blue color. Traveling far and wide? The Dual Converter Kit has everything you need to run your appliances overseas. The Dual Power Converter runs 110-volt appliances on 220-volt systems and is suitable for appliances from 50-2000 watts, and for small appliances that only require 0-50 watts (hard to find this combination) Includes five adapter plugs. - $_$_START_LIST ? #VU5 (Great Britain, Ireland and parts of Africa) ? #VR1 (Some areas of Great Britain) ? #VA4 (Argentina, Australia, China, Fiji and New Zealand) ? #VR2 (Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and parts of the Caribbean) ? #VF3 (North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, the Philippines and Tahiti) $_$_END_LIST
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  18. $24.95

    Item Code : LEWS19462

    50-2000 Watt Converter - 110>220.
    50-2000 Watt Converter - 110>220.
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  19. $15.95

    Item Code : LEWS19464

    Reverse Converter.
    50 Watts or less. Steps down European current of 220 to American current of 110. Designed for European appliances when used in America.
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  20. $12.95

    Item Code : LEWS19465

    Electrical Adaptor Plug Kit  They won't translate street signs from Portuguese or tell your cabbie in Outer Mongolia how to get to your 10 o'clock appointment, but the Adapter Plug Kit will help you out when you are trying to plug in your small appli
    Whether you are in Fiji on a South Pacific surfing safari, on a business trip in London or searching out the perfect noodle stand in Kyoto. Includes five adapters. $_$_START_LIST ? South Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Mainland China and Fiji ? Americas: North/Central/South America, Philippines, Tahiti and the Caribbean ? Great Britain: for operation of electric shavers using bathroom electrical outlets in Great Britain ? Europe-Asia: Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean ? Great Britain-Africa: Great Britain, Ireland and parts of Africa ? Includes travel pouch $_$_END_LIST
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