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    ABORIGINAL Australia & the Torres Strait Islands - Travel Guide.
    Lonely Planet Publications. 448 pages. 42 pages in full color. 41 maps. There are many common stereotypes of Aboriginal peoples. One is that they are all the same and conform to the idealized image of the naked Aborigine standing with spear in hand watching the sun set. This is a picture which quickly has dissolved into the reality of the 21st century. Australian aborigines are as different as the landscapes of coast, desert, rainforest and snowy mountains. The land is different and so are they, the first peoples of the land. What is the significance of dots in contemporary Aboriginal painting? How many languages were spoken in Australia before colonization? What did the Mabo and Wik decisions mean? With contributors from more than 50 Indigenous Australians, this guidebook gives you an overview of the main issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people today. Use this practical companion guide to find organized tours, festivals, indoor and outdoor art galleries, films, literature, Internet sites and other points where indigenous people share their culture. Also included are tips and protocols for interacting respectfully with Indigenous people, recommended retailers working with Aboriginal communities and detailed information on the permits required to enter Aboriginal land. In addition to full-colour sections on Indigenous art, bush food and sport, this guide includes more than 40 detailed maps and a fold-out language group map.
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    Lonely Planet Publications.
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    Lonely Planet Publications.
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    Lonely Planet Publications.
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    Passport Books. 192 pages. Size 5?"x7?". Includes maps and full color photos.
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    Lonely Planet Publications.
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    Lonely Planet Publications.
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    Lonely Planet Publications.
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    Lonely Planet Publications.
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    Moon Publications.
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    Lonely Planet Publications.
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    Pelican Publishing Company. 224 pages. Size 5?"x8?". Includes maps.
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    176 pages. Size 6?"x9?". NTC Publishing. Includes color photos and maps.
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    Lonely Planet Publications.
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    Victoria and Vancouver Island Handbook - Travel Guide.
    Moon Publications. 100 pages. Moon Victoria & Vancouver Island is a 100-page compact guide covering Victoria and Vancouver Island, including the Vicinity of Victoria, Southern Gulf Islands, Nanaimo and Vicinity, Highway 4 to the West Coast, Tofino, Oceanside, Comox Valley, and Northern Vancouver Island. Author Andrew Hempstead offers seasoned advice on what sights are must-sees and includes maps with sightseeing highlights so planning your time is easy. This lightweight guide is packed with recommendations on sights, entertainment, shopping, recreation, accommodations, food, and transportation. Helpful maps make navigating this popular northern getaway uncomplicated. Moon Spotlight guides are affordably-priced, lightweight guides covering a smaller geographic region than Moon Handbooks or Outdoors guidebook series. The travel content in a Spotlight guide is pulled directly from individual chapters of larger Handbooks or Outdoors titles, with no introductory information (such as When to Go or Planning Your Trip), and no indexes. The results are compact guides to popular destinations that provide travelers with what they need to explore a specific locale in depth with fewer pages of very focused information.
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    Lonely Planet Publications.