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Russia Travel Guide, Tourist, Book, Tour, Hotel, Restaurant

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    Russia and Belarus Travel Guide.
    Lonely Planet Publications. Cosmopolitan cities, bubbling volcanoes, spectacular mountains and breathtaking art - Russia is as diverse as it is dramatic, while Belarus satisfies those in search of a Soviet experience. Untangle the conspiracy theories and immerse yourself in the rich heritage - from Minsk to Moscow, Siberia to Kamchatka, make sure you're carrying this best-selling guide to the world's most enigmatic destination. CULTURAL CONTEXT - in-depth background information brings you up to date on Belarusian politics and Tuvan throat-singing. DISCERNING REVIEWS - hand-picked listings from our team of expert authors reveal Moscow's swankiest clubs and Siberia's finest adventure tours. 140+ MAPS - detailed, grid-referenced maps throughout. COMPREHENSIVE LANGUAGE CHAPTER - includes Cyrillic script.
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    APA Publications
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    Petersburg, Nelles Guide - Travel Guide. Nelles Verlag
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    APA Publications
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    APA Publications
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    Lonely Planet Publications
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    Petersburg and Moscow. Passport Books. 192 pages. Size 5?"x7?". Includes maps and full color photos
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    APA Publications
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    APA Publications
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    Petersburg, Pocket Guide. Berlitz Publishing. 144 pages. Size 4"x5?". Includes foreign language and cultural tips; updated hotel and restaurant information catering to every budget; color-coded quick-reference sections with lists of most frequently used phrases and expressions; full color photos and graphics; maps and town plans; updated information covering amenities, transport, and emergencies; practical advice for leisure and business travel; and comprehensive recommendations for shopping, sports, festivals, and nightlife
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    Petersburg. Passport Books. 192 pages. Size 5?"x7?". Includes maps and full color photos
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    Moscow and St.
    Petersburg Frommer's Travel Guide 2nd Edition. Frommer Publications. 335 pages. Savvy insider tips on exploring the treasures of the Hermitage Museum and the Kremlin. Outspoken opinions on what's worth your time and what's not. Exact prices, so you can plan the perfect trip whatever your budget. Off-the-beaten-path experiences and undiscovered gems, plus new takes on top attractions.
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    Moscow Eyewitness Travel Guide.
    Dorling Kindersley Publications. 264 pages. Photos, illustrations, unique 3D models and birds-eye-view maps of all the major sights ensure you don't miss a thing. Clue up on the basics, from the most comfortable places to stay (whatever your budget) to the best bars and restaurants. Discover where the locals go, enjoy relaxing entertainment, amazing sights and retail therapy, exciting sports, scenic walks or drives, thematic tours and colourful festivals. All you need for an unforgettable trip. Winner of the Guardian & Observer `Best Guide Books' and Wanderlust Magazine Silver Award for 'Top Guidebook' Reader review: "The best guide available. Packed to the brim with colour photos, maps and essential information."
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    St. Petersburg, Eyewitness Travel Guide.
    Dorling Kindersley Publications. 264 pages. Complete with 3D mapping, extensive hotel and restaurant selections, guided walks and evocative photography, this is a colorful and comprehensive guide. Let DK Eyewitness Travel Guides: be your planning aid, companion and souvenir. Includes beautiful full color photos, illustrations, and enhanced maps Extensive information on local customs, currency, medical services and transportation Helps travelers decide at a glance which regions are best suited to their trip
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    Lonely Planet Publications
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    Bradt Publications
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    Bradt Publications
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    Petersburg, Fodor's Travel Guide. Random House. 288 pages. Size 5"x9". The complete guide with Great Tours, and Country Day Trips. Features: Up-to-the-minute information and brand-new coverage of local trends; a unique color planning section__all images are keyed to descriptive text about sights covered in the book; `Smart Travel Tips'__a consumer-savvy travel primer full of expert advice and contacts; exclusive itineraries, to help readers decide what to see in the time they have available; thorough reviews of hotels and restaurants in every price range; one-of-a-kind features like `Off-the-Beaten Track' and `Need a Break?'; great sections on shopping, plus arts, nightlife, sports, and wonderful side trips; and detailed maps and floor plans for key points of interest
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    Petersburg, Cadogan Travel Guide. Cadogan Books
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    APA Publications