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    Item Code : FROM16419

    Singapore & Malaysia Frommer's Travel Guide.
    6th Edition. Frommer Publications. 320 pages. Come along with Frommer's and discover two of Asia's most intriguing destinations. Our author has scoured every inch of this region, and she'll share her cultural insights and favorite discoveries with you. Her guide is much more complete and in-depth than its major competitor. In Singapore, you'll find the best places to stay, from high-tech business hotels to affordable finds, plus an amazing array of dining choices. Follow our author's fantastic walking tours, which introduce you to hidden gems in each ethnic neighborhood -- you'll find Hindu and Buddhist temples and Islamic mosques mixed in with modern high-rises, colonial architecture, and even a real-live rain forest still growing at the edge of the urban area. In Malaysia, we'll take you beyond bustling Kuala Lumpur to discover beach resorts; the colonial architecture and amazing dining scene in Penang; idyllic islands; traditional villages; and great opportunities to shop for Malaysian handcrafts. We'll even visit Borneo, where rivers meander through dense tropical rain forests, beaches stretch for miles, and caves snake on for miles. In the many national parks that protect this spectacular jungle, you'll meet tiny deer, tinier owls, monkeys, and the increasingly rare orangutan. Experience all the adventure with Frommer's in hand, knowing you can rely on us for accurate information, practical advice, and useful maps.
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    Item Code : CULT16431

    Size 5?"x7?". Includes a cultural quiz and glossary. With this guide, you'll never feel intimidated and awkward about the customs and etiquette of Singapore. You'll learn to see beyond the stereotypes and misinformation that often precede a visit to this foreign land. Whether you plan to stay for a week or a year, you'll benefit from an understanding of such topics as the rules of driving and monetary systems, religious practices, and social customs. There are tips on political traditions, building friendships and business relationships. Packed with practical, accurate, and fun-to-read information, this guide will make you feel `right at home' even before you go.
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    Item Code : APAP16430

    APA Publications.
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    Item Code : APAP16429

    APA Publications.
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  5. $14.95

    Item Code : NELS16428

    Nelles Guide.
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    Item Code : APAP16427

    APA Publications.
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    Item Code : BERL16426

    Berlitz Publishing. 136 pages. Size 4"x5?". Includes local language and cultural tips; updated hotel and restaurant information catering to every budget; color-coded quick-reference sections with lists of most frequently used phrases and expressions; full color photos and graphics; maps and town plans; updated information covering amenities, transport, and emergencies; practical advice for leisure and business travel; and comprehensive recommendations for shopping, sports, festivals, and nightlife
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  8. $14.95

    Item Code : PELI16425

    Pelican Publishing Company. 488 pages. Size 5?"x8?". Includes maps and photos.
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  9. $14.95

    Item Code : PASS16424

    Passport Books. 192 pages. Size 5?"x7?". Includes maps and full color photos.
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  10. $23.95

    Item Code : LONE16423

    8th Edition. Lonely Planet Publications. 212 pages.
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    Item Code : FODR16422

    Random House. 176 pages. Size 5"x9". The complete guide to the Garden Isle, with Dining, Shopping, and Tours of Ethnic Enclaves. Features: Up-to-the-minute information and brand-new coverage of local trends; a unique color planning section__all images are keyed to descriptive text about sights covered in the book; `Smart Travel Tips'__a consumer-savvy travel primer full of expert advice and contacts; exclusive itineraries, to help readers decide what to see in the time they have available; thorough reviews of hotels and restaurants in every price range; one-of-a-kind features like `Off-the-Beaten Track' and `Need a Break?'; great sections on shopping, plus arts, nightlife, sports, and wonderful side trips; and detailed maps and floor plans for key points of interest.
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    Item Code : MOON16421

    Moon Publications
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    Item Code : FOOT16420

    5th Edition. Footprint/NTC Publishing Group. 656 pages. Size 4?"x8?". Includes color photos and maps. Totally packed with up-to-date information including highlights of virtually every town and site. Also includes money-saving tips, advice on staying healthy, and anecdotes on local history, culture, customs, and etiquette. Excellent!
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  14. $24.95

    Item Code : NTCP16432

    176 pages. Size 6?"x9?". NTC Publishing. Includes color photos and maps.
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