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St. Martin

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    Item Code : HIKE16549

    Martin. Day Hike Books. This is a guide to 24 hikes which will take you to the best beaches, quaint West Indian towns, historic forts, lush green hillsides, and mountain peaks on this popular Caribbean island. St. Martin is the smallest island in the world that is shared by two separate countries. The rural, northern portion of St. Martin is coastline, rolling hills, farmland, and quiet country roads. The the southern part is named Sint Maarten, which is owned by the Dutch. It comprises 16 of the 37 square miles of this multi-national island. Although St. Martin is owned by two countries, there are no border formalities or customs check except upon arrival to the island. French is the official language of St. Martin, and Dutch is the official language of Sint Maarten, but English is spoken everywhere. The same applies to currency. The U.S. Dollar is accepted everywhere, even though the French franc is the currency of of St. Martin, and the Netherlands Antilles guilder is the currency of Sint Maarten. Confused? Take a wonderful hike through this enchanted island and you'll feel much better. - Out of Print -
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