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Berlin Travel Videos, DVD, Touring, Sightseeing, Vacation, Destination


 Berlin Travel Videos, DVD

  1. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : VSTA422

    Berlin Germany - Travel Video.
    DVD. Vista Point. 26 Minutes. Berlin is Germany's modern capital city, a fascinating European metropolis with a dramatic history in which contemporary architecture merges with the imposing character of a centuries-old city. The Nokolai Quarter was built by the DDR government as a sort of old town, a European Disneyland for the city's seven hundred and fiftieth anniversary, a popular area with `new' mediaeval buildings that display various guilds and stone statues that surround the city's oldest church. We travel to nearby Potsdam, a city of castles and gardens and with an old town that features a lively market atmosphere. When the monarchy settled there so did their armies and with them came craftsmen, merchants and artists from many countries. The castle-like Nauener Gate leads to the Russian colony of Alexandrowka and then to Belvedere on the Pfingst-Berg. Returning to Berlin we embark on a trip at the Eastern Train Station on the Panorama S-Bahn whose carriages are equipped with large panoramic windows and marvellous views turn the journey intoa wonderful adventure. The Olympia Stadium is still a gigantic and remarkable sight and for the eleventh Olympic Games in 1936 the Third Reich spared no expense. A new city has emerged from its historic past, Berlin, a young metropolis of the third millennium that is increasingly becoming the centre of Europe. This metropolis with a heart is always worth a visit!
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  2. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : ALTR423

    Berlin - Travel Video.
    DVD. Alternate Routes. 30 Minutes. Travelers from Canada check out this once divided city that has flourished since the dark days of Nazism and Communism. The backpackers are lucky enough to find a great hostel called Circus where they get hooked up with an awesome tour of the city that brings to life its incredible history. Their trip to Berlin is made complete with a tour of the city's famous nightlife. Experience the rush of traveling the world for the first time with a crew of international back-packers, ages 16 - 22 on their quest for adventure, romance and the perfect moment. A variety of hosts from around the globe and the young people they hook up with on location are relentless in their pursuit of fun (and don't forget that culture, mate!) American girls explore Rome, Brits take on Thailand and things get wild when the Aussie's arrive in Copenhagen. Five continents, Unlimited Adventure. Take the alternate route, dude!
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  3. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : WDST424

    Berlin - Travel Video.
    DVD. World Destinations. 27 Minutes. Since its reunification, Berlin has become established as one of Europe's most fascinating and culturally diverse cities.
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  4. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : EURP20684

    Berlin - Travel Video.
    DVD. Europe After Dark. 24 Minutes. In this episode we discover the spiritual home of Europe’s techno movement Berlin, with a dance scene that likes to do things like build one of the city’s top clubs inside an electrical generating station. We also visit a unique, bohemian enclave built on a former rail yard that includes a killer skate park and several of the dark, underground clubs that Berlin is famous for.
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  5. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : TVLR426

    A Traveler's Guide to Germany, Part 1 - Travel Video DVD.
    ? Hamburg: Hamburg - Free Hanseatic City and Gateway to the World - our travel guide gives a fascinating insight into life of this open-minded capital looking back upon 800 years of traditional in trade. The world-famous free port, Jungfernstieg, St.Pauli landing-stages and Reeper-Bahn. These are only a few stations of our sight seeing tour by video. See Hamburg in all its variety and enjoy its very own charm. ? Heidelberg: Heidelberg - the city with heart. Take apart in our sightseeing tour by video. See the famous Castle of Heidelberg throning majestically above the town, he mighty "old Bridge" across the river Neckar, the Holy Ghost Church and the romantic old part of the town with all its lanes and nooks. And not least, enjoy the wide offer of traditional inns and restaurants contributing to Heidelberg's well-known character as being one of the oldest university cities. And you will join in the most popular song: "I've lost my heart in Heidelberg", and much more. ? Berlin: Berlin, metropol in the heart of Europe, in former times residence of the German emperors and today one of the most exciting places on earth, and much much more. Accompany us on our video tour into history and see the touching moments Berlin celebrates the reunion of its eastern and western parts. Admire the famous sights of city, as Brandenburger Tor, Palace Charlottenburg, Check-point Charly, Kurf?stendamm, the Opera and Wannsee. ? Munich: The city with heart and soul! Munich, capital of Bavaria. Take a stroll and see the famous sights of the city such as Frauenkirche, Hofbrauhaus, the magnificent old city hall, Victual Market and Olympic Center. Enjoy one of the world's most spectacular events - the Octoberfest in Munich. 128 minutes.
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  6. $24.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : RICK427

    Rick Steves' Travel the World: Germany, Munich, & Berlin - Travel Video.
    Rick persuades travelers to diversify as he moves from boisterous beer halls to Munich's Rezidenzmuseum; and pays a sobering visit to Dachau. He offers tips for traveling with kids and visits post-Wall Berlin, with a side trip to Frederick the Great's Potsdam. ~ Hear the tale of Bavaria's mad King Ludwig and his storybook castle, Neuschwantstein. ~ At Pergamon Museum, view extraordinary treasures of the ancient world. ~ Sans Souci, the private retreat of Prussia's Frederick the Great, is resplendent in its 18th-century grandeur. 53 minutes
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  7. $19.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : SUPR425

    Super Cities: Berlin - Travel Video.
    Part of the living history of the 20th century, Berlin has within its confines the culture of many hundreds of years. A multiplicity of architectural styles and schools of design have contributed to the distinctive look and feel of this great city. Every part of the city has something to offer. Visit the Tiergarten, given to the people by Friedrich the Third, and stroll by the myriad bars and caf?s along the Kurfurstendamm. 30 minutes.
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  8. $19.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : SUPR428

    Super Cities: Munich - Travel Video.
    Experience one of the most exuberant cities on earth! Munich boasts architecture unrivaled in Germany: the Ludwig-Maximillian, Germany's largest university; the Theatinerkirche, more Italian than German; the Frauenkirche, with its onion-topped towers. Famous for its beer, the Oktoberfest personifies the city's enjoyment of its principal product. 30 minutes.
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 Berlin Travel Videos, DVD