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Botswana Travel Videos, DVD, Touring, Sightseeing, Vacation, Destination


 Botswana Travel Videos, DVD

  1. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : 7DAY17594

    Botswana - Travel Video.
    DVD. 7 Days. 52 Minutes. Botswana is the largest natural paradise in southern Africa. Limited tourism, a combination of untouched wilderness and the comfort and luxury of a handful of safari camps, makes this Africa's model country. Our journey begins in nearby Zimbabwe that is located close to Botswana's northern frontier at Victoria Falls that is undoubtedly one of the most impressive natural wonders in the world. 80 kilometers west and we have crossed the Botswana border and arrive in the first large city in the north of the country, Kasane, that is located on the Chobe River and marks the country's frontier with Namibia. In addition to growing tourism the fishing industry is also important to Kasane's economy. The river contains an abundance of fish and so the local fishermen are provided with a good income to support their families. Since 1915 Ma-Un has been Botswana's main city and until the beginning of the 1990s was only accessible via dusty gravel roads, a border town on the edge of a vast wilderness. The state run Moremi National Park that extends for around 100,000 hectares is the largest nature reserve in the Okavango Delta. It is located on Chief's Island, the largest island in the region. In recent years, further private wildlife reserves have been established that are well worth a visit and are also strictly controlled and protected natural habitats. Amid the African wilderness we arrive at a luxurious lodge that is not only the ideal starting point for many safaris but also provides a good degree of relaxation after an exhausting day out. Suddenly two members of the San Tribe approach the lodge. These `Bushmen' will accompany us on our journey into the Kalahari Desert that is also their home. Elephant herds on the Chobe River, the vast wilderness of the Kalahari and the mystique of the Okavango Delta help to make Botswana one of the last great paradises on Earth!
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  2. $19.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : LONE17596

    Botswana, Zimbabwe & Namibia - Travel Video.
    Lonely Planet. Bungee jump above the Zambezi river. Snack on boiled worms. Meet a pride of lions. Canoe through crocodile infested waters. Ride in a dune buggy over the Namib desert. 47 minutes.
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  3. $24.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : NATL17597

    Africa's Stolen River - Travel Video.
    VHS. National Geographic. Journey to Botswana, Africa, where the Savuti Channel slowly disappears. Reputed to have been a vast lake, the channel appeared in 1957, and then mysteriously began to vanish again in 1982. Seven years in the making, "Africa's Stolen River" follows the gradual but unrelenting transformation of a one-time paradise into a land of struggle and competition for hippopotamuses, elephants, lions, hyenas, and countless other creatures whose very lives depend upon the plenty of the channel itself. Review: The astonishing footage and poetic narrative that National Geographic is known for, bring pure drama to a slice of African history. Filmmakers follow Botswana's Savuti Channel for seven years at it is dries up, causing hippopotamuses, elephants, and other wild animals to struggle, often in vain, to survive. While the words spoken are stirring--"Death is everywhere in Africa, but it is never in vain"--the pictures are sensational. Often many seconds elapse as the filmmakers allow their work to speak for itself. Elephants knock their young away from the precious water to ensure that the adults will survive, a herd of hippos desperate for moisture stand like statues in mud, and eerie night shots show unrelenting hyenas wait to attack (and it's discomforting to watch when they do). The studied portrait highlights the wisdom of animals and the unpredictable rhythms of African life. 60 minutes
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  4. $99.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : TERA21794

    DVD. Planet Terra. 5 Minutes. ROYALTY FREE five (5) minute films set to music (cleared) on 365 destinations around the world. A total of 1,825 minutes of royalty-free filler available. Each episode gives the viewer an overview of the major sites each destination has to offer in stunning consistent photography and sound track. Rights include perpetual public performance and the right to add your own narration. Rights are limited to a single website, vessel (Plane, Train, Bus, Ship), and facility (office, transportation facility, school, jail, etc) and may be shown over a closed circuit internal network within the facility or vessel.Rights do not include the editing or alteration other than the addition of narration, nor the resale of these episodes. Additional rights or fleet pricing is also available.Each film is delivered via download, dvd, or email in uncompressed H.264 .mov format for maximum quality that can easily be converted to Flash or any other desired format. For multiple episodes, they can also be delivered on a hard drive or tape.
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  5. $24.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : NATL17598

    VHS. National Geographic. While most think an oasis in the desert is at best a mirage, this is not always so, as is the case of the jewel of the great African Kalahari Desert, Okavango. This nourishing delta, the largest within the borders of the Dark Continent, is the lifeblood for thousands of weary animals making the trek across the unforgiving sun-baked lands of Zimbabwe. Brought to video by National Geographic, this tape refreshes the minds of the viewer with an educational and visually stunning look at the natural watering hole that supports the nomadic wildlife of the surrounding Northern Botswana region. 60 minutes Review: "I have visited Southern Africa almost every year during the past 20 years. During that time I have had the opportunity to visit Botswana several times, and have been to the Okavango Delta several times. I have experienced the beauty of the sunsets, and the magic of the African night, the roar of the lion and the grunt of the hippo, the crystal-clear water of the channels, the excitement of tracking elephant on foot through the shallows and in the papyrus grass. The quality and excitement of the photography is so appealing, the script so compelling, and the narration so engaging, I felt I was back there in the magic of Africa's Wild Oasis."
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 Botswana Travel Videos, DVD