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Know Ancient and Modern China with China Destination Videos, DVD

  China Travel Videos 
DVD, Sightseeing, Culture, People.

  1. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : ALTR17706

    Guilin - Travel Video.
    DVD. Alternate Routes. 30 Minutes. This ancient city surrounded by incredible natural beauty has much to offer a young student and a backpacker. They check out the nearby town of Yangsoo, visit a legendary hot springs, take a bike ride through the cone shaped mountain ranges and climb through a vast labyrinth of mud caves. Experience the rush of traveling the world for the first time with a crew of international back-packers, ages 16 - 22 on their quest for adventure, romance and the perfect moment. A variety of hosts from around the globe and the young people they hook up with on location are relentless in their pursuit of fun (and don't forget that culture, mate!) American girls explore Rome, Brits take on Thailand and things get wild when the Aussie's arrive in Copenhagen. Five continents, Unlimited Adventure. Take the alternate route, dude.
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  2. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : PASS17707

    A Journey Down the Yangtze River China - Travel Video.
    DVD. Passport to Adventure A Yangtze cruise passes through the magnificent Three Gorges section where the construction of the world's largest dam will forever change this mighty river. Hosts Mark Jennings &Julie Conover experience a traditional way of life on pea pod boats with trackers , wiry guides who navigate the tributaries of the Yangtze in long wooden boats, fending off the cliffs with bamboo poles. In the City of the Ghosts, statues of demonic giants tower over the town of Fengdu waiting for the day when the waters of the Yangtze will wash over their feet. In the delta region, Mark &Julie join the half million locals who get around on bikes to tour the countryside, and explore quaint Suzhou, where intricate silk embroidery is the pride of the city. Bustling Shanghai provides a first hand look at modern China as it collides with it's own ancient culture.
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  3. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL17708

    Lijiang - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. Known as the Venice of the Far East, Lijiang is an historic old Chinese town in the northwest province of Yunnan. It was the centre of the Naxi, a Tibetan-Tobirmanic nation that had an impressive and unique culture. Dayan, Lijiang's old town, contains an intriguing variety of canals and waterways. It developed at the beginning of the 12th century, during the Late Song epoch. The picturesque centre of the old town of Dayan is an architectural jewel. Numerous streams and three rivers flow through the historic part of the town and there are several beautiful stone bridges that date back to the time of both the Ming and Qing dynasties. For over 470 wonderful years of the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties each of the Naxi rulers came from the Mu family and for more than twenty-two generations life in and around Lijiang was led by this family until in 1723 the Qing Dynasty appointed a new government, thus the Mu era came to an end.
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  4. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NWON17709

    Lijiang River China - Travel Video.
    DVD. Nature Wonders. 10 Minutes. Unlike the hustle and bustle of the nearby city of Guilin, in the Guangxi region situated in the heart of China, the landscape that follows the Lijiang River has a rural and idyllic atmosphere. Rural life here is blessed with beautiful scenery, and the landscape around Guilin is synonymous with the magnificence of the legendary Middle Empire. Numerous stalactites and stalagmites lie within the caves of the region's impressive mountains. Some of the caves, such as the Reed Cave, have in recent years, been open to the public. Striking precipices and rock needles unite in a stunningly beautiful panorama full of glorious mystique. Here both wind and water have created a truly remarkable mountain world. In daytime, the gravel banks along the shores of the Lijiang are frequented by farmers who lead their buffalo to drink from the river. The local cormorant fishermen are an even more exotic sight. They use captive water birds to attract fish and because their necks are secured to their master, they are forced to submit their catch to him! It is not surprising that due to the overwhelming beauty of the surrounding mountains, this section of the Lijiang River is one of the most impressive natural landscapes in the whole of China.
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  5. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : ONTR17710

    Lijiang River Cruise (Inscrutable Magnificence Of Glorious China) - Travel Video.
    DVD. On Tour. 26 Minutes. Jagdi, in the south of China, is the starting point for a journey on the Lijiang River.Like a green silk ribbon, the river winds 83 kilometres through lush countryside from which unusual cone-shaped mountains suddenly appear from the plains. The view scans across to Pagoda Mountain, lingers for a moment on Hole Mountain, and then moves across to Picture Mountain.Without warning, the vase-shaped cliffs and green rocks of the radiant Lotus Summit come into view. In the foreground, there are light green rice fields, extensive bamboo groves and lush orange plantations.During their lunch break, women sit at their noisy sewing machines while the men enjoy smoking their pipes.An idyllic, picturesque landscape in which the hands of time tick slowly by. Finally, Yangshou, in which numerous takeaways tempt with exotic delicacies and where, outside each establishment, pots and cages indicate what's on the menu! In spite of their arduous rural life, the local people are happy and contented, a feeling also experienced by those who visit this amazing region.
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  6. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : VSTA17711

    Macau China - Travel Video.
    DVD. Vista Point. 26 Minutes. After four hundred and sixty-six years, Portugal handed back the city of Macau to China. It is small and museum-like, a fine example of colonial Portugal on the South China Sea. The Fortaleza Do Monte is a typical Portuguese fortified complex strategically located on a hill above the old cathedral in the heart of the city. Its many old canon and mighty fortress walls are reminders of those times when invasion was a constant threat. The old centre of the city is the triangular Largo Do Senado, Senate Square. Its wonderful colonial buildings with their light-coloured facades were built at the end of the 19th century and completely renovated in the final decade of the 20th. Macau's largest Buddhist temple, Kun Iam Tong, dates back four hundred years to the Ming Dynasty when its original foundations were built. Beyond its main gate just off a busy street in the north of the city, is a peaceful oasis of silence and contemplation, a mystic place in which stone lions, golden Buddhas and all who visit are surrounded by serene, aromatic wisps of smoke. The beautiful Jardim Lou Lim Ioc Park is situated in the northern, less touristy business district of the city. It was designed in the 19th century by a wealthy Chinese trader, Lou Kau. This marvellous oasis is an idyllic setting with a lotus pond, rocks, grottos and waterfalls. Excursions are available on restored motorised junks that leave from the City's harbour several times a day. Taipa is the largest of the two islands that belong to Macau. The tangled and narrow alleys in the centre of Vila Taipa abound with rural character and Portuguese street signs are painted on azulejus. The island's shops and light-coloured houses would be equally at home in Portugal. Although the Macau of today has much contemporary flair it continues to enjoy a rich colonial inheritance that is well worth seeing.
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  7. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL17712

    Pule Si (Qing Dynasty Summer Palace Outer Temple Chengde) - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. Once the summer residence of the Chinese Qing Emperor, Chengde is full of historical significance. Construction of the spacious and exquisite palace lasted almost throughout the 18th century. In 1792 this architectural masterpiece was finally completed and in addition to this spacious building several monasteries and temples were also built, the `Eight Outer Temples'. Pule Si, `The Temple of Universal Joy', is situated in the middle of the sanctuaries? Eastern section. The "Eight Outer Temples" symbolize various Chinese ethnic groups. Those who were loyal to the emperor were duly honoured within this temple area. Thus, numerous characteristic, cultural and traditional elements of various of the country's regions were incorporated into both art and architecture. The "Temple of Universal Joy", Pule Si, and the relatively remote sanctuary of Shuxiang Si, respectively represent the North and South of the Chinese Empire. The main administrative building within the Pule Si Temple is the circular Pavilion Of The Dawn, Xuguang Ge and is a replica of the Heaven Temple in Beijing Washing Bat Hill, to which there is a chair lift, is close to the settlement. The architecture of the Heaven Altar in Beijing was studied extensively several years before construction of the Pule Si Temple. In 1749, Emperor Qianlong ordered that the temple be extended. In Chengde, profound symbolism was also important. The location, extension and decoration of the buildings were designed to create a perfect harmony. In the 18th century China had become the greatest and most prosperous empire in the world. The magnificent summer residence of the Qing Emperor and surrounding buildings such as the Pule Si Temple illustrate a glorious and remarkable demonstration of ultimate power.
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  8. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL17713

    Puning Si (Temple of Universal Peace Chengde) - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. Puning Si is one of eight splendid monasteries and temples that are located north east of the emperor's summer residence of Chengde in the Chinese province of Hebei. During the 18th century Manshu Emperor Kangxi ordered the construction of the Great Palace and its surrounding Eight Outer Temples. Puning SI, the `Temple of Universal Peace', was built between 1755 and 1758. The area was divided into two architecturally different sections and because the temple was constructed during the time of an important military event, its fa?ade conformed to traditional Chinese Han design. Its architecture was meant to symbolise China's power over the feared Mongolian Dshungars. The Mahayana Pavilion represents the centre of Buddhist religious belief, namely, Sumeru Mountain. Thus the five-storey building is located in the middle of an architectural mandala. Several small halls and terraces surround the impressive pavilion that is one of the greatest examples of its kind. Each one of the architectural elements that are located close to the Pavilion adhere to the disciplined structure of the Buddhist Universe.
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  9. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL17714

    Qing Dynasty's Summer Palace Outer Temple Chengde (Putuo Zongsheng Miao) - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. The magnificent temple of Putuo Zongsheng Miao lies in front of the beautiful mountains and hills that surround Chengde, a town located about 250 km. north east of Beijing. The temple belongs to the so-called 8 Outer Temples of China's former Summer Palace. The so-called Red Terrace is the main building of the Putuo Temple. It is an impressive and majestic building that is located on top of a 17m high terrace. Putuo Zongsheng Miao consists of around forty halls and buildings, many of which served as the setting for great ceremonies and official functions. Only on rare occasions were foreign guests, such as the English Legation in the year 1793, allowed to visit the Summer Palace and its 8 Outer Temples. Of course, today, foreign visitors are very welcome and Chengde is one of China's most popular tourist attractions.
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  10. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL17715

    Qing Dynasty Summer Palace Outer Temple Chengde (Xumi-Fushou-Miao) - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. The temple monastery of Xumi-Fushou-Miao is one of the most impressive buildings in Chengde, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Overall, there are eight "outer-temple-monasteries" each of them with its own architectural style. The temple was built in 1780 to mark the visit to China of a senior Tibetan religious dignitary, the sixth Panchen Lama, the first in history to visit China. It is a replica of what was his own monastery in Tibet. The construction of this monastery played an important role in the diplomatic relationship between the Chinese Emperor, Quing Long, and Tibet. The multi-level roofs of Xumi-Fushou-Miao are of the highest aesthetic and artistic finesse. Numerous enchanting ornaments adorn the splendid roofs of these captivating temples. A total of eight gold-plated dragons grace the ridges and further roofs are decorated with traditional Tibetan portrayals of animals, such as elephants and a variety of mythical beasts. Xumi-Fushou-Miao monastery is an impressive example of late 18th century Chinese architecture.
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  11. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL17716

    Suzhou China - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. The famous discoverer Marco Polo called the Chinese city of Suzhou, `The Venice of the East'. But Suzhou is more famous for its gardens Beautiful bridges span across the canals while run down houses indicate the meager financial resources of their inhabitants. The city's more impressive and elegant buildings date back to its long and glorious past, such as the town gate and Pan Men Wall. The Garden Of Politics For The Simple Man is one of the four most popular gardens in China and was designed according to the wishes of an important mandarin between the years 1522 and 1566. The Garden Of The Master Of The Nets is somewhat smaller, nevertheless it is considered to be a gem of Chinese garden design that dates back to the 12th century. Founded by Abbot Xu Taishi in the 16th century, The Garden Of Rest is also one of the country's most beautiful gardens. The Chinese garden is full of complex history and art that manifests itself as a sanctuary of simple harmony and peace and nowhere is this more true than in the gardens of Suzhou.
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  12. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : IMAX17717

    The First Emperor Of China - Travel Video.
    DVD. Through newly-produced film footage and still photos, this unique documentary tells the story of Qin Shi Huang Di, the third century emperor of China. The video explores the ruler's role in unifying the country and building the Great Wall, and then brings you on a tour of his elaborate burial complex. This breathtaking IMAX film presents the history of China's first Emperor, Qin, who reigned during the third century B.C. Gatefold jacket includes maps, timeline and other historical information. Narrated by Christopher Plummer. One analog track is in English; the other is in Mandarin. The production of this laserdisc was supported by grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and from Simmons College. This is the only Liu Hao Xue video.
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  13. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL17718

    The Ming Necropolis (The Ming Dynasty Tombs) - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. A dignified pavilion rises behind the main entrance of the magnificent Ming Necropolis, which is located 50km north west of Beijing. Seven kilometers long, the holy avenue of the Ming Necropolis is lined with numerous beautiful stone figures. Ding Ling, the mausoleum of the 13th Ming Emperor, Wanli, is one of three restored grave sites where elegant stairs, decorated with beautiful stone masonry, lead up to the terrestrial section of the mausoleum. According to ancient Chinese tradition, an earthly section had to be built for the soul of the dead, in which the soul would be comforted. For this reason, the magnificent buildings and great halls were designed in the style of the emperor's palace. The expenditure for the royal funerals was without limit and it took almost six years and around 30,000 workers to build the grave complex for Emperor Wanli. Chang Ling is the largest mausoleum of the Necropolis and was built for Emperor Yongle who reigned during the beginning of the 15th century. But this extremely well restored grave site has a darker side to it: together with the Emperor, it is believed that sixteen living concubines were buried in this grave.
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  14. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL17719

    The Venice of the East China (Zhouzhuang) - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. A few kilometres from the modern, pulsating and gigantic metropolis of Shanghai there is an idyllic mediaeval village, Zhou Zhuang, that is believed to have been the first `water village' in China. However, it was not until the middle of the 1980s that the picturesque village was added to the tourist map and since then its splendid old buildings and canals have been recognised as a truly magnificent treasure. The origin and founding of Zhou Zhuang dates back around nine hundred years. Due to its unique location the town has escaped war and plunder as only the local inhabitants knew their way around the labyrinth-like canals that once led into the small town. Free from battle and invasion it has managed to retain its age old Chinese charm right up until the present day. One of the most elegant monuments in Zhou Zhuang is located in the southern area of the town, the beautifully decorated and lovingly restored Quanfu Temple. A haven of peace and tranquillity that encapsulates the serene way of life of this captivating place.
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  15. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NWON17720

    Who Tee-Ow Shah Tiger Leaping Gorge China - Travel Video.
    DVD. Nature Wonders. 10 Minutes. Who Tee-Ow Shah is the sonorous Chinese name of the Tiger Leaping Gorge that is located around 100 kilometres from the town of Zhongdian, the gateway to Tibet. This impressive mountain kingdom is not only important due to its scenery but also to its history, as once a legendary battle took place in this region. In the 16th century, an army of Han Chinese and Naxi defeated an army from Tibet. It is believed that almost 200,000 soldiers were killed in the battle. The mighty cliffs of Tiger Leaping Gorge are 3,000 metres high and they form one of the deepest canyons in the world, with a length of around 15 kilometres. The impressive vegetation of the region is also quite eye-catching and more than 300 medicinal plants grow there. The highlight of any visit is the 'Golden Sand River', the Jinsha, the Canyon's most narrow point where the water flows between rock cliffs that are 1,000 metres high and where the view is simply breathtaking. The Jinsha River and the Tiger Leaping Gorge, together they create a beautiful and inspiring sight that is also full of adventure and excitement.
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  16. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NWON17721

    Yunnan Shilin China - Travel Video.
    DVD. Nature Wonders. 10 Minutes. Even though the province of Yunnan in the southwest of China, it is one of the country's poorest regions. The Stone Forest of Shilin, whose bizarre rock formations rise up to 30 metres into the sky, is one of the country's most beautiful natural treasures. Erosion formed Yunnan's amazing natural works of art while the earth's crust began almost imperceptibly to rise, moving the forest's pinnacles higher into the sky. The Chinese created some extremely descriptive names for the various rocky areas of Yunnan Shilin such as `The Cluster of Pinnacles That Supports the Sky', just one of many colorful names given to the rock formations. During special holidays, the landscape is an atmospheric backdrop for the traditional wrestling and bullfights of the Sani people. The exceptional natural splendor and breathtaking diversity of the amazing natural trees of stone have transformed Shilin into one of China's most amazing and dramatic sightseeing destinations.
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  17. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : VSTA17722

    Yunnan - Travel Video.
    DVD. Vista Point. 26 Minutes. Kunming is located in the Chinese province of Yunnan in south west China. The Buddhist temple of Ykan Ton Si dates back to the Tang Dynasty. The design of the city's largest temple complex was influenced by many diverse ethnic groups. The highlight of the complex is a lake in the middle of which a number of bridges lead to an octagonal pavilion. The Temple Of Total Penetration (yes, that's it's name!) is a tranquil and peaceful haven amid the busy alleys of Kunming's old town. In the west of Yunnan Province there are magnificent views from Xi Shan Mountain across Dian Lake and nestling among the rocks there are numerous temples that were once the scene of ritual sacrifice. On the downward journey the temples loom larger and larger while earthenware images of Buddha depict various stages of life. Yunnan's most famous site is the unique Stone Forest of Shi Lin. Its limestone rock originated from a long since dried-up ocean when the elements set to work on creating its fantastic and bizarre forms. The most amazing formations were given dramatic names such as The Sea Of Fire, Dragon's Tooth and Heavenly Sword. Pagodas, columns and strange flowers appear to rise from the rock and to facilitate access, tunnels and paths have been cut into the rock face. The Venice Of The Far East is the nickname of the ancient Chinese city of Lijiang in the northwest of Yunnan Province. The picturesque centre of the old town of Dayan is an architectural gem. Three rivers and several small creeks flow through the historic cit and there are various splendid stone bridges date back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Buy Shan is a typical village of the region. Just as it was hundreds of years ago with farmers slowly leading their ox wagons through the village. The houses were built over a period of more than two hundred year between the Ming and Qing Dynasties in 14 and 16 A.D. Yunnan Province - place of simplicity, exquisite culture and spectacular natural wonders!
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  18. $24.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : NATL17723

    Secrets Of The Wild Panda - Travel Video.
    National Geographic. Review: "Secrets of the Wild Panda" follows in the tradition of National Geographic's best biographies, which profile scientists and the animals they study around the world. Much like Jane Goodall: My Life with the Chimpanzees, this video offers viewers a full portrait of both the humans and the animals involved, in this case, a Chinese scientist who has spent 10 years in the remote mountains of central China studying the elusive panda bear. He is searching for clues that may help this animal defy extinction. Since zoologists have had no luck with panda reproduction in captivity, the animals must be saved in the wild. One in 10 pandas lives in captivity, and these bears are, by far, the most popular and profitable of zoo animals. Shy and seldom aggressive, pandas eat for 14 hours a day and consume more than 80 pounds of bamboo. But in China the bears' food source is being taken away. In fact, their forest range has declined by half since about 1980. Amazingly, the Chinese scientist and his student make a rare discovery of a newborn cub, which they hope will teach them how panda babies survive. They name her Hope and her mother, Double Lucky. A riddle remains unsolved in how humans can touch the infant panda without causing the mother to reject her like other species might. While this video focuses on the pandas, viewers will also learn a bit about Chinese geography and culture. Most noteworthy is the scientist's passion for pandas; through him we all have the opportunity to learn about this reclusive and endangered animal. 60 minutes.
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  20. $24.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : NATL17724

    Dinosaur Hunters: Secrets of the Gobi Desert - Travel Video.
    National Geographic. More than 80 million years ago, the Oviraptor, a strange bird-like dinosaur walked the sandy banks of an oasis in what is now Mongolia's Gobi desert. A creature that measured some 8 feet in length, its razor claws were deadly weapons of protection, guarding its offspring from constant danger. Now, join a daring expedition of scientists from the American Museum of National History and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences as they uncover a treasure-trove of fossils, shattering long-held myths about this dinosaur's behavior. Through spectacular on-location filming and state-of-the-art computer animation, National Geographic takes you on a journey to a lost world. In 1922 American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews led the first Western archeological expedition into Mongolia's Gobi Desert and uncovered one of the richest dinosaur graveyards in the world. A changing political climate forced him to leave before he had even scratched the surface of this buried treasure; only since the fall of Communism have Western scientists been allowed back. This hour-long National Geographic video traces the 1997 journey of two paleontologists from the American Museum of Natural History as they retrace Chapman's steps and unearth some groundbreaking finds of their own. Among these fossils is the skeleton of a female oviraptor and her nest of a dozen eggs, which may represent a link in the evolutionary chain that leads from dinosaurs to birds. The chronicle of the contemporary dig is interspersed with archival footage from Chapman's expedition and impressive 3-D animation that re-creates what the desert may have looked like when oviraptors, ankylosaurs, protoceratops, and other dinosaurs made it their home. 60 minutes.
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  21. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NAXS20761

    Guilin A Cultural Tour with Traditional Chinese Music - Travel Video.
    DVD. Naxos Scenic Musical Journeys. 60 Minutes. The Places Guilin, in Guangxi Province, is famous for its scenic beauty, in which nature seems to imitate Chinese art in a remarkable way. Other districts too boast the extraordinary rock formations that are a feature of the area, set against the lakes and rivers. The region is the home to a number of the 56 ethnic minorities of China, with glimpses of the Yao and Tong peoples, of the spectacular Dragon Spine terraced hillsides where rice is grown in Longsheng Country and the thin ribbon of rushing water that forms the Longsheng Waterfall. The Music The music chosen for this tour of Guilin is played on traditional Chinese instruments. Performing the music are wind and string ensembles known as 'silk and bamboo', from their silk strings and bamboo pipes, and ensembles that also include percussion. Instruments given prominence include the dizi, a transverse bamboo flute, its characteristic timbre produced by a vibrating membrane over one of the holes, the yangqin, a Chinese dulcimer whose strings are struck with two bamboo sticks. Happy Family and Three Five Seven feature the Chinese shawm, or the suona, and the sheng, a free-reed mouth organ, can be heard in the music that accompanies Longsheng Waterfall. Traditional Chinese music, like Chinese painting, is largely representational, its character indicated in its titles, although these may sometimes be drawn from opera or from poems.
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  China Travel Videos 
DVD, Sightseeing, Culture, People.