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Sightseeing Videos, DVD from Colorado for Travel & Education

  1. $29.95 DVD High Definition ~ All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : BENN613

    Discoveries Colorado - Travel Video.
    DVD. All Regions. The Rocky Mountains form the backdrop to an historic and adventurous journey through the state of Colorado. Enjoy the wildlife and scenery of Rocky Mountain National Park. Take a ride on the cog railway to the top of Pikes Peak where "America the Beautiful' was written more than 100 years ago. Visit Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods. Discover Denver?the "mile-high city" for a "Taste of Colorado" food fair, and visit Winter Park where ski runs become mountain bike trails in the summer. In the small town of Meeker, join a Sheepdog Championship that pits man and dog against some tough and wily competitors. Take a guided tour of the sandstone cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde. All aboard in Durango for a journey by steam locomotive through the mountains to an historic railroad festival. Catch spectacular trout and experience whitewater rafting in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.
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  2. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : TMYS629

    Grand Canyon Colorado - Travel Video.
    DVD. Terra Mystica. 26 Minutes. Formed at the point where the Colorado River breaks through the mountains of the American West, the 1,800 metre deep Grand Canyon is endowed with a wealth of natural forms and shapes which have made it inevitable that it would have a colorful and important role to play within the myths of creation of the region's indigenous inhabitants. The Native American Indians chose it as their `Happy Hunting Grounds' in which man's soul lives on after death. Myth and legend tell of how a giant buffalo ripped open the earth with its horns forcing it upwards toward heaven. This is the kingdom of `Coyote', creator of the world, who is answerable only to the God Manitou. The Grand Canyon is fact, fiction, legend and myth?a geographical wonder of the worlds of both fantasy and reality.
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  3. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NATP630

    Mesa Verde National Park Colorado Video.
    DVD. Nature Parks. The Mesa Verde National Park is located 60 kilometres from the small town of Durango, in the U.S. state of Colorado. Various spectacular vantage points are located along the park's winding road, such as that of Park Point, which at 2,613 metres above sea level, is the highest section of the park and makes the panoramic view across the extensive desert foothills of the Rocky Mountains seems almost endless. Unlike most national parks in North America, and despite the magnificent rock and stone formations of the region, the observation of nature is not the main reason that most people visit the park, as the Mesa Verde is where the origins of an advanced North American civilization are to be found. The oldest traces of this region's human habitation date back almost 12,000 years when for several centuries, the Native Indians lived on top of the high plateau. At that time, the Indians possessed no building skills, thus the Anasazi Indians lived within large, natural caves. Created and inhabited by the Anasazi, the impressive cliff dwellings of Spruce Tree House were most likely established in the 12th century. Steep cliffs still show traces of climbing, the ancient paths of the Anasazi and ceremonial buildings, such as the Sun Temple, were most likely the result of amicable communication between the neighboring villagers of the canyons. Square Tower House, at Navajo Canyon, was probably built between 1200 and 1300 A.D., during the latter period of the Anasazi civilization. The highest vantage point of this settlement is situated close to the main road. With a total of 80 rooms and seven ceremonial areas known as Kivas, this is one of the region's most remarkable cliff dwellings. Although the Anasazi civilization that once lived among the canyons of Colorado were forgotten for many years, they now enchant and fascinate people from around the world. Compared to other national parks in North America, the Mesa Verde unites the beauty of nature with the unique remnants of a remarkable period of human history.
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  4. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NWON631

    Mesa Verde Colorado - Travel Video.
    DVD. Nature Wonders. 10 Minutes. Timelessly and majestically, the mighty rocks of the Mesa Verde National Park rise up into the sky and unlike most of the other nature parks in the U.S.A., here it is not only the natural landscape that is protected but also the remains of an early Native American Indian culture. Spruce Tree House, an Indian cliff dwelling once inhabited by the ancient Anasazi Tribe, was discovered by white settlers in the 19th century. Most of the Indians' almost inaccessible settlements lie hidden close to the rock walls and even beneath them. The harmonious relationship between the early inhabitants of the canyons and nature can still be relived at various fascinating sites. Square Tower House was most likely built between 1200 and 1300 A.D., and thus flourished in the latter part of Anasazi culture. With around 80 rooms and 7 ceremonial gathering places known as`Kivas', this cliff dwelling was one of the larger communes in the region. Here, there's much American history to see as both North American Indian culture and nature are forever united within the fascinating Mesa Verde National Park.
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  5. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : FNLY632

    Pikes Peak Country - Travel Video.
    Finley-Holiday Films. DVD. All Regions Featuring the amazing picture and sound quality that only DVD can offer, this fully-narrated video lets you explore the scenic wonders, famous attractions and frontier history of the Pikes Peak region, including Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Highway and Royal Gorge. Whether you re hiking the sandstone trails of Garden of the Gods or climbing Seven Falls, the landscape here excites the senses. Enjoy the panoramic view as you ride the Cog Railway to the 14,000-foot summit of Pikes Peak. Peer down into the Royal Gorge aboard the aerial tram. Explore the beautiful formations of Cave of the Winds. From Cripple Creek to Manitou Springs, over 30 fun places in all! DVD BONUS FEATURES: ? Best Places to See in Pikes Peak video ? Pikes Peak quiz Test your knowledge. ? Royal Gorge Railroad Route video. ? River Rafting video.
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  6. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NATP633

    Rocky Mountains National Park Colorado Video.
    DVD. Nature Parks. The Rocky Mountains National Park is one of the most unique and impressive natural paradises in the U.S.A. It covers an area of 1,000 square kilometres and was inaugurated in 1915. The picturesque Bear Lake lies within a forested area and is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the park. At high altitude, several paths, such as the Nature Trail, lead through the lake's natural landscape. The idyllic beauty is truly spellbinding and it is not surprising that Bear Lake is the most popular photo shot of the entire park. It was discovered that 12,000 years ago, prehistoric Indians hunted within the Rocky Mountains. The legendary culture of the Nasazi Indians originated around 2,000 years ago and left its traces in what is today the national park. Alberta Falls, in the south of Glacier Gorge, is one of the park's most popular sightseeing destinations where white masses of foaming water race down several levels into the valley below. The road from Glacier Gorge winds its way in a northerly direction past Glacier Basin and the eastern park entrance close to Estes Park. In this region, the Rocky Mountains are at their most beautiful. The landscape in the area of Horseshoe Park is reminiscent of the exciting and colorful Wild West of old. The vast wilderness in the west of the U.S.A. has survived in the Rocky Mountains, right up to the present day and is a fascinating tribute to the amazing natural world of North America.
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  7. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NWON634

    Rocky Mountains National Park Colorado Travel Video.
    DVD. Nature Wonders. 10 Minutes. No other mountains in the United States conjure up the myths and legends of the Wild West than the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains National Park contains only a small area of North America's mighty, 1,000 kilometre long mountain range. It is located in Colorado and rightly deserves its reputation as being one of the greatest natural paradises in the U.S.A. In late spring, the vast ocean of flowers that cloak the meadows is in stark contrast to the snow covered mountain peaks. In the deeper regions, the landscape is mostly covered by dense forests that are dominated by many varieties of pine tree. Powerful forces are always at work creating new scenes of natural splendor and in spring time, after the snow has melted, the creeks are transformed into mighty torrents of water. The combination of high mountains, dense forest, crystal clear lakes, wild rivers and idyllic valleys gives this region a unique atmosphere. The Rocky Mountain National Park is beyond doubt ,one of the most spectacular and outstanding areas of natural beauty anywhere in the world.
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  8. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : WKEN635

    Travel Treasures - Travel Video - DVD.
    Weekend Explorer. 35 Minutes. Episode Highlights Enjoy the fall colors of the English countryside on a scenic train ride, take a helicopter tour over Lassen National Park, watch the southern Ute Indians of Colorado as they perform a colorful traditional dance, collect lilac bulbs from the beautiful gardens of the Grand hotel on Mackinac Island, learn how to make an original American Indian canoe in Maine, and learn about other travel treasures. Series Description Join the adventure as Emmy awarded host Jeffrey Lehmann takes you to incredibly scenic travel destinations around the world in this award winning series. Each episode features a unique destination's best-kept secrets and traditional landmarks. The "Weekend Explorer" series aired on over 210 PBS stations nationwide, HBO in Europe, Delta Airlines in-flight, and in numerous other foreign countries.
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  9. $24.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : FNLY636

    Pike's Peak Country with Colorado Springs - Travel Video.
    VHS/NTSC. Finley-Holiday Films.
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  10. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : SPRT20725

    Durango Colorado - Travel Video.
    DVD. Sports Safaris. 30 Minutes. At the foot of the famous Rocky Mountains in southern Colorado, lies the city of Durango, well known as the focal point for the best mountain adventures in the state. One of the most unique mountain bike tours is the one offered by the Ute Indian tribe, which takes visitors to the site of their ancestors’ cliff dwellings, hidden in the canyons.Horseback riding is one of the main attractions at the Wilderness Trails Ranch from June to September. Visitors can find many opportunities on the Animas River, as they brave the rapids in rafts and rubber kayaks.
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  11. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GOLF22133

    Denver Colorado - Travel Video.
    DVD. Good Time Golf. 30 Minutes. A special Mile High edition that has an emphasis on the world of aviation including the opportunity to drive a golf ball off the world’s longest commercial runway. Extremely scenic Denver area courses included are the Arrowhead Golf Club, Coal Creek Golf Course and The Omni Interlocken Resort. Also, Swani gets a tip for distance from Tami.
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  12. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : JTSG22178

    Colorado Dude Ranches - Travel Video.
    DVD. JustSayGo. 24 Minutes. Colorado is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise with year-round adventures for the whole family. In this episode, Ron Stern visits dude and guest ranches for some down home western hospitality. From rustic to elegant, you can stay in a cozy wooden cabin with fly fishing right out your front door or have all the comforts of a five-star resort complete with fireplaces, whirlpool tubs and even a luxury spa overlooking a sparkling river. Come along as Ron takes you on a breakfast ride, does some trap shooting, and learns the basics of roping. Once you have worked up an appetite you will experience some of the best grub in the state as these ranches serve up everything from family style meals to upscale ranch dining. Hold on to your cowboy hats partner because you’re about to experience a vacation unlike any other as Ron gives you an inside look at Colorado’s dude ranches.
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  13. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : JTSG22179

    Colorado Western Slopes - Travel Video.
    DVD. JustSayGo. 22 Minutes. Situated west of the Continental Dived, this region of Colorado has some big-time fun and adventures just waiting to be explored. In this episode, Ron Stern takes you on a grand tour of the Western Slope. We’ll start our journey in historic Glenwood Springs visiting their famous underground caverns and take a thrilling downhill ride on the Canyon Flyer, the first alpine coaster in the United States. Then you can soak away your aches and pains in the Glenwood Hot Springs, the world’s largest hot springs pool. We’ll even visit the presumed last resting place of the infamous Doc Holiday. Next Ron will take you to Grand Junction for some peach picking tips and then head over to the town of Gateway, located near a scenic stretch of Highway 50, this tiny town is home to Gateway Canyons, an adventure retreat like no other, And this resort houses a secret a multi-million dollar American classic car collection. From the ground to the air, you’ll see it all in this edition of JustSayGoTV.
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  14. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : JTSG22180

    Durango, Colorado - Travel Video.
    DVD. JustSayGo. 21 Minutes. Nestled in the southwest part of the state of Colorado, along the banks of the Animas River, the town of Durango was founded upon mining and railroads. In this episode, Ron Stern explores the past and present industries that help put this town on the map. From Hollywood celebrities to western writers, Durango has drawn them all for its natural outdoor beauty and its rustic old town charm. Writers such as Louis L’amoour have stayed here and movies such as City Slickers and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid have been filmed nearby. If outdoor adventure is your passion, Ron will show you how you can fly along the treetops at one of the highest and longest zip-line tours in the United States. This is also one small town with a big appetite and an incredible variety of food and drink. In fact, there are more restaurants per capita here than the City of San Francisco including no less than four brew pubs. In Durango you can enjoy a Cajun crab boil, French cuisine and even enjoy some home-made natural soda pop. Come on down as Ron shares his secrets of Durango.
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  15. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : NWON628

    Garden of the Gods Colorado - Travel Video.
    DVD. Nature Wonders. 10 Minutes. The shining red rocks on the outskirts of Colorado Springs are a most striking spectacle within the Garden of the Gods. The huge red sandstone rock formations rise to a height of up to 150 metres. These natural monuments are a reminder of the geological past of this extraordinary region situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Protected by the rocky terrain, the Ute Indians found this to be an ideal place in which to spend the winter months. The tribes' winter camps existed there up until the late 19th century. A combination of three ecological systems, indigenous wildlife and vegetation provided a good source of nourishment for the Indians. The Ute not only used the Garden of the Gods as a winter camp but also as a starting point for their journeys through the Ute Pass. Rain, wind, ice and melting snow have gradually created the elevated layers of rock in the Garden of the Gods and have given it its unique appearance. The surrounding landscape enchants due to its spectacular beauty and small forests while the meadows are in stark contract to this world of natural stone. The rocks in the Garden of the Gods are silent witnesses of a unique geological development and a true wonder of nature!
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  16. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : SEAS627

    Four Corners: Hiker's and Driver's Paradise - Travel Video.
    DVD. The Seasoned Traveler. 30 Minutes. Encompassing parts of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, the Four Corners region is the only place in America where four states meet. It is also the place where ancestors of today's Native Americans first lived and thrived. George Bauer visits this historically rich area, where he'll focus on hiking through the multitude of national parks and monuments and reveal why the region is such a wonderful place to drive. Among the stops: Hovenweep National Monument, Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly. George Bauer, the Traveler, is a radio and television journalist with 30 years of experience. He's been a reporter and anchor on local stations and national networks in the United States and Great Britain. Now he has decided to change course and give in to a nagging desire--to travel and tell others about exciting places across the globe. The Seasoned Traveler is a unique series created especially for today's over-50 explorer. Award-winning broadcast journalist and travel aficionado George Bauer presents destinations and useful travel tips in a style that is informative, fast-paced and fun. The series caters to both the active explorer and the traveler who prefers a more relaxed pace.
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  17. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : 7DAY614

    Colorado - Travel Video.
    DVD. 7 Days. 52 Minutes. All Regions. Colorado is situated in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, a land of remote valleys and high mountains. Denver is the state capital and is located on a sunny high plateau sixteen hundred meters above sea level where the local inhabitants enjoy more sunshine throughout the year than in California's San Diego or even Honolulu. Skyscrapers between the prairie and the Rockies, a somewhat surreal city in which various power industry companies are to be found. The 16th Street Mall is the city's pride and a splendid avenue that boasts the longest pedestrian area in the USA plus a free bus service! It contains several shopping malls, restaurants and all kinds of shops with products from all over the world. The shining red rocks on the outskirts of Colorado Springs are a striking spectacle within the Garden Of The Gods. The huge red sandstone rock formations rise to a height of up to a 150 meters. The natural monuments are a reminder of the geological past of this extraordinary region situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains Directly next to the caves at the foot of Pike's Peak are the caves in which the Anasazi Indians once lived, the famous Cliff Dwellings where one can gain a fascinating insight into the culture of the native inhabitants of North America, how they lived, their culture and beliefs. The Indian Museum features Indian culture and work tools and is an impressive record of a long forgotten time and a people that almost became extinct. Sprague Lake is one of the region's many glacial lakes and is ideal for walkers as well as anglers and boat enthusiasts, and several ranches offer accommodation. Ghost towns, gold mines, ancient cultures and mountain paradises, Native Indians, explorers, fur traders and gold prospectors, all the ingredients of the colorful history of America's wild West. Colorado is indeed a place of spectacular nature and breathtaking adventure.
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  18. $24.95 All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : TPCS615

    Colorado Landscapes - Travel Video.
    DVD. 60 Minutes. All Regions. It is the best way to see all of Colorado from the air! See All of Colorado Take off on an exciting adventure! Soar over the Mile High City of Denver, Boulder and other big beautiful Colorado cities, including Colorado Springs, Pueblo, La Junta, plus smaller unique places like Gunnison and the legendary frontier mining town of Leadville. See all of Colorado: mountain peaks, rock faces, prairies, rivers, buttes, canyons, deserts, farms and more! Majestic Wilderness Fly above Colorados national parks in a Cessna 180 and take in the grandeur of the Rocky Mountain area, catch a glimpse of ancient life in Mesa Verde, get breathtaking views of a place where prehistoric creatures roamed in Dinosaur and see the unique wilderness in Great Sand Dunes park. Experience Blue Mesa Reservoir in central Colorado, the gorgeous Twin Lakes area and more! DVD Excellence Series Colorado Landscapes is part of TOPICS Entertainments exclusive DVD Excellence series featuring award-winning programs previously presented on PBS television, Americas leader in high-quality entertainment and educational programming. The world-class documentaries in this series have sold more than a million copies.
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  19. $22.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : AAAV616

    Colorado - Travel Video.
    AAA Video. VHS/NTSC. Colorado - a magnificent blend of hometown warmth and startling wilderness. Enjoy the modern comforts of cosmopolitan cities, or fall under the spell of crisp mountain air, snowy peaks, dark canyons, and eerie ghost towns. Discover Aspen's fascinating silver-mining history and Denver's lively contrast of glass and steel towers adjoining elaborate Victorian houses. View springs, lakes, and resorts across the vast Rocky Mountains and the stark, ever-changing sandscape that forms the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. Admire the rugged beauty and purple mountain majesties that have been captivating onlookers for hundreds of years. From city street to mountain peak, you'll enjoy dramatic footage and informative narration as you tour this remarkable state. 60 minutes
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  20. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : FNLY617

    Explore Colorado - Travel Video.
    Finley-Holiday Films. DVD. All Regions. Capture the breathtaking scenery and pioneer spirit of Colorado with this inpiring DVD tour, including the best of Colorado s national park areas, natural wonders, historic mining towns, scenic railroads and more. DVD BONUS FEATURES: ? Colorado Quiz Test your Colorado knowledge! ? Colorado photo gallery ? The Cattlemen video A look at the role of cattlemen in settling the wild frontier of Colorado ? Colorado music video ? Extra Bonus Parks
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