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Plan A Virtual Trip to Congo with Congo Travel Videos, DVD

  1. $19.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : LONE17725

    Congo & Uganda Trekking, Travel Video.
    VHS. Lonely Planet. ~ Out of Print - Discontinued ~ Track huge silverback gorillas in Uganda's impenetrable forests. Climb the Mountains of the Moon, true African wilderness. Truck along Africa's worst roads. Trek to see Pygmies, the indigenous people of Congo's Ituri forest. 60 Minutes.
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  2. $24.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : NATL17726

    Hidden Congo: Forest Primeval - Travel Video.
    VHS. National Geographic. Part of the World's Last Greatest Places collection from National Geographic video, this entry concentrates on the mysterious and sublime of the deepest and darkest of all African jungles: the Congo. This educational and general interest documentary takes the viewer into the primal rain forest that lays shelter to an entire ecosystem and the natural offspring of creatures who call this place home. From Kinshasa to Kisangani, the camera unveils what for centuries remained hidden from the world. Such magnificent animals as the "shadows in the forest" -- the bonobos -- and the dwindling species of Great Apes and their primate cousins the Orangutans. 60 minutes. Review: "I loved this program. Most of the animals I had never seen before, especially in any other video. If you love African wildlife this is a video you will fall in love with, I did. I plan on watching it many times. I think that this program is one of my favorites, especially on Africa. Trust me on this one and get it."
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  3. $24.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : NATL17727

    Virunga: Heart Of Africa - Travel Video.
    VHS. National Geographic. Review: "This was a great program. I loved the footage of the Mountain Gorilla. I wish there was more of it but they needed to show other aspects of the area. This was a program anyone who loves programs on Africa should have. I had seen it on PBS and was delighted when I found it. There was footage of a volcanic area leaking carbon dioxide gas that overcame many animals. Any animal unlucky enough to go into the depression to eat the lush growth of foliage was quickly overcome. Scavengers would come in to eat the dead animals and would join their intended meal in death. A monitor lizard is almost overcome but manages to escape. Others were not so lucky. Another segment shows a frog trying to escape a snake. He jumps into an extremely hot stream but manages to hop out again. It realizes it is still in peril and tries to jump across the boiling water only to be cooked. I can only say that I hope to find other programs of this quality. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have." 60 minutes
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