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  1. $29.95 DVD

    Item Code : MADA814

    Coral Sea Dreaming - Travel DVD.
    DVD International. Identifies over 350 species of fish and coral. 78 minutes. This is a spectacular DVD! If you are looking for some "eye-candy" to impress your friends with your new DVD player, then look no further. The video on this DVD is fantastic, crystal-clear closing in on HDTV clarity. The undersea camera work is great, high caliber work all around. The soundtrack is appropriate to video, relaxing and "new age", done in Dolby Digital. Also, there is a screen saver for your PC on the disk. There is an education feature of sorts too, if you turn on subtitles, they show up to name the underwater creatures. My family once owned the video to this movie. It was so relaxing, peaceful, and beautiful. The first time I saw it, I fell asleep (that's not a bad thing). This a great video for the whole family; babies will be mesmerized by the color (then quickly put to sleep because of the music), kids with be awed, teens will find it very fascinating, and parents can take a well needed break. This video/DVD can take the stress out of anyone's day and turn a bad day upside down. This movie wasn't made to have a plot, it was created just to be beautiful. Everyone should own this; I highly recommend it. Coral Sea Dreaming shows a variety of ocean life and habitats, both under and around the water. Compared to relaxation DVD's, this has the highest quality picture that I've seen. The picture on a widescreen rear projection TV needed no adjustments. 78 minutes
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  2. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : DIVE835

    Dive Travel: Costa Rica with Divemaster Gary Knapp - Travel Video.
    DVD On this Dive Travel Adventure, we fly into the city of Liberia in the country of Costa Rica, and stay at the beautiful Ocotal beach resort located on a high bluff overlooking a scenic bay on the pacific coast ocean. We are here during green season the waters in the Pacific are tinted green, visibility is about 30 feet but what these waters lack in visibility they make up for in an abundance of Aquatic Marine life. National Geographic calls Costa Rica "one of the most Biologically intense places on earth". Its here we will encounter our first Whale shark adventure?.see a cloud of hundreds of cow nose rays swim over head, and see countless schools of a variety of Pacific fish. Here we will dive with the Ocotal dive shop dive crew as we visit some of the most popular dive locations Costa Rica has to offer, including The famous Bat island known for Bull sharks , Catalina, Buda, Palmares, Virador, Fatboy, Black rock, and Widow. The high cliff shore line and jagged rocks pointing up out of the Pacific Ocean floor at various dive locations is breath taking and yet somewhat erie. We will visit a local Costa Rican Triathalon in action to get a sense of local flavor. Costa Rica is an explosive destination as its home to South Americas largest active volcano. Travel with us on a day trip to see Mount Arenal elevation 5,436 feet.. A volcano that was dormant for 400 years, came alive July 29th 1968 and has been constantly active and spewing hot molten lava ever since. At night you can see fire and lava flowing down the side of the mountain when you witness it in person. So sit back and join us in exploring beautiful Pacific coast of Costa Rica, shot exclusively in HDV widescreen. c2007.
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  3. $29.95 DVD

    Item Code : MADA836

    Wonders of the Deep: Costa Rica, Cocos Islands, Galapagos - Travel Video.
    Madacy Entertainment. DVD This is a DVD set with 4 shows from the Wonders of the Deep series. The first tape contains a show on Costa Rica and the Cocos Islands showing both topside and underwater excitement and all the reasons this is a top diving destination. The second tape is Australia and the Great Barrier Reef... need we say more! This tape set is an EXCELLENT value, where else can you get almost 2 hours worth of underwater scuba adventure for $29.95. Scuba divers and non-divers will enjoy these tapes for sure. Yes, it is sort of a "travel agent type" format but you will enjoy everything from the swimming with hammerheads in Cocos waters to great whites in Australia. 120 minutes. DVD This video is also available in VHS but only as part of a set of 10 fabulous dive videos for $129.95/set. Please see our listing above for this wonderful set.
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  4. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : DIVE837

    Dive Travel: Bay Islands with Divemaster Gary Knapp - Travel Video.
    DVD Join us on this Drive Travel adventure series as we explore the western Caribbean Bay islands 40 miles off the northeast coast of Honduras. The three main inhabited islands include Roatan,, Utila, and Guanaja, all part of the second largest coral reef in the world and one of Honduras hottest attractions.
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  5. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : DIVE838

    Dive Travel: The Caves, Caverns & Wreck of Cozumel - Travel Video.
    DVD THE CAVES, CAVERNS, & WRECK of COZUMEL In this program in the Dive Travel Video Adventure Series, we take you on an underwater, narrated excursion down to 132 feet through the famous caves and caverns located on the southern end of Cozumel Island. The Caribbean waters are crystal clear along the Grand Mayan Reef, the second longest barrier reef in the world. First, tour the topside attractions which draw as many as a dozen cruise ships at any one time to the famous Mexican port, rated the 5th most popular island in all the world. Then, we take you down, dark and deep, through the infamous Devil's Throat and other caves and caverns of Cozumel. We also tour through the island's only wreck known as the C53. Hold on to your seats for this one! c2005.
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  6. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : DIVE839

    Dive Travel: Beautiful Cozumel with Divemaster Gary Knapp - Travel Video.
    DVD BEAUTIFUL COZUMEL-The Drift Diving Capital of the World. Cozumel is known for its rich Mayan heritage found through-out the island, but it is also famous to divers who come here from all over the globe as being the "drift diving capital of the world." The island's dive shops can accommodate as many as 1100 divers a day for an excursion `down under' to check out the magical reefs in some of the warmest and clearest tropical water in the world. In this `Dive Travel Video Adventure Series' we take you on a tour of the Caribbean island, giving you a topside peek of the island's attractions (including San Miguel, the island's only town,) as well as a typical week of diving on the ever popular reefs that surround Cozumel. See the spectacular and colorful coral reefs as they unfold before your eyes filled with the marine life only native here. Sit back and enjoy!
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  7. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : DIVE841

    Dive Travel: Great White Sharks - Isla de Guadalupe - Mexico - Travel Video.
    DVD New! GREAT WHITE SHARKS - Isla de Guadalupe, MexicoCome with us aboard the luxury dive boat Solmar V as we leave the southern Baha Peninsula port of Ensenada, Mexico in route to Isla de Guadalupe, Mexico to dive in cages with the largest and most feared sharks known to man, the Apex predator, "The Great White Shark." This island is one of the greatest places in the world to see these gigantic sharks up close and in the clearest possible waters with up to 150 feet of visibility. These magnificent creatures average 9 to 15 feet and weigh around 3,500 lbs, and are extraordinarily graceful as they swim around you in their natural habitat. Great Whites can range in size up to 25 feet and weigh as much as 7,000 lbs. (31/2 tons). On this special `Dive Travel' adventure, hear first hand the stories told by divemasters and boat crew who work with these gigantic creatures of the sea on a daily basis. Then, come with us on a topside tour of the island by boat. This island, formed by volcanic action, with its rough and rocky shore, is complete with its own food source of harbor seals, elephant seals and birds, which attract the Great Whites to the region. Now sit back and watch this exciting adventure into the deep, blue waters of Isla de Guadalupe as we encounter our first Great White Shark! c2006.
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  8. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : DIVE842

    Dive Travel: FIJI - The Tropical South Pacific Islands - Travel Video.
    DVD New! FIJI - The Tropical South Pacific Islands. As Fiji natives say, "Bula" or "Welcome" to Fiji! This country is truly one of the most friendly countries on earth, considering in 1789 it was well known to a cautious Captain William Bligh and passing ships as the land of cannibals. Fiji is made up of over 333 beautiful, exotic, tropical islands in the South Pacific. We will visit four different dive destinations, all off the main island of Viti Levu. We will dive the reefs off Wananavu where we will see vibrant, multicolored soft corals and over 1,200 species of fish. We will visit a native Fijian village for a ceremonial dance and be served their native drink called "Kava." After a walk through the jungle and swim in a heart shaped pool and waterfall, it's on to tour the Nai'a, a Fiji live-aboard boat. After we tour the Castaway Island Resort, across from where Tom Hanks made his famous movie, we will dive the colorful reefs where we will see Lionfish and Blue Ribbon Eels. Then, we will visit the famous Beqa Lagoon where we will go on an exciting mega shark feeding adventure. Join us too, for our helicopter tour of the dense rainforest and jungles with magnificent cascading waterfalls in this picturesque country that only Fiji can provide. "Vinaka" (thank you). Sit back and enjoy one of Dive Travel's most exotic locations ever, and the very first show in our series shot exclusively in HD wide screen.
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  9. $24.95 VHS NTSC Out of Print

    Item Code : WATR843

    Oceans: Fiji Islands - Travel Video.
    Watermark Multimedia. Discover a tropical paradise as you explore the fabulous Fiji Islands with the Oceans video crew. With more than 300 islands surrounded by 80,000 square miles of crystal clear aquamarine water, Fiji promises a unique dive experience and an unforgettable island vacation. Join us for a 60-minute Fiji vacation as we tour the very best dive regions in this world-class destination. Cruise along spectacular pinnacles and dramatic walls dripping in brilliantly-hued soft corals. "Bommies" that rise to within a few feet of the surface are carpeted with a rich tapestry of corals that shelter vibrantly-colored tropical fish. Encounter the local marine denizens up close and personal --- manta rays, sharks, blue ribbon moray eels, sea snakes, and a rainbow of Pacific tropical fish and invertebrates. But that's only the beginning. We'll take you to explore Fiji's mountains, lush rain forests, cascading waterfalls, exotic flora, and palm tree-lined fringing sand beaches. You'll visit charming luxury resorts and live aboard dive boats and join the local villagers for a "meke", a bowl of "kava" or a taste of fresh coconut right off the tree. It's all part of the Fiji experience. Let your imagination run wild...because, underwater or on-island, Fiji has it all! 60 minutes. - Out of Print - "This is one of the best dive videos that I've seen. Absolutely beautiful." AL
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  10. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : DIVE845

    Dive Travel: Northwest Australia with Gary Krapp - Travel Video.
    DVD In our second of a two part series from Western Australia, we continue to travel a northern route up the western coast along the Indian Ocean. The temperatures begin to heat up, the further north we travel. The coral coast is in the hot and arid tropics of Northwest Australia. In Geraldton, we join the Batavia Coast Dive Academy and board Australia's only amphibious rescue helicopter to fl y 35 nautical miles off shore to the famous Abrolhos Islands and dive its spectacular coral gardens which offers a home to a unique mix of tropical and temperate marine species. With warm southern fl owing currents, it creates a marine environment that breeds both tropical and temperate sea life to thrive in an area they wouldn't normally be found. Further Northward we visit Coral Bay - part of the famous Ningaloo reef - heralded as the most pristine reef system of Australia. The Ningaloo Marine Park begins about 100 km north of Perth. Our Northwest coast diving adventure finally culminates at Exmouth a town built by the United States Navy in the 1950's and home of the famous Navy pier. Here a mass spawning of more than 200 species of coral occurs in March and April each year and is part of a chain of biological events that herald the arrival of whale sharks. At Exmouth we also dive around the famous Muiron Islands a marine management park area. Sit back and watch this adventure unfold as we travel by camper van through the bush country of beautiful Northwest Australia.
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  11. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : DIVE846

    Dive Travel: Southwest Australia with Gary Knapp - Travel Video.
    DVD Travel with us to the opposite side of the world from the United States, down under, for this exciting sailing and diving adventure into beautiful southwest Australia - home to Koalas, Emus, and Kangaroos. We arrive in Perth the west coast capital and travel south down the coast, diving along the way from Perth to Busselton, in this first of a two part series. Join us as we board the 70 ft Tarquin, a Ferro/cement sailing vessel and sail down part of the coast line. Included in our visit are the cities of Perth, Rockingham, Fremantle and Busselton, where we dive the Busselton Jetty, a dock extending a mile out into the ocean, and tour the Swan shipwreck off shore. We visit Rottnest Island home to the Quokkas. In the 17th century, Dutch explorers could well have been horrifi ed to find giant rats on this island. They called it Rottnest meaning, "rat's nest", a very unflattering name for a place now the nearest Holiday/vacation Island to Perth. The Quokkas, who resemble tiny miniature kangaroos, are now protected, and it's the only place in the world in which they are found. We also dive and take a tour of Seal Island where we find beautiful swim-through arches and see the coral and vegetation below the ocean along with the unique fish of the region. View the countryside set to the traditional folk music only found in Australia. So, sit back and enjoy Southwest Australia from down under on this special edition of Dive Travel.
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  12. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : DIVE847

    Dive Travel: Cocos Island with Divemaster Gary Knapp - Travel Video.
    DVD COCOS ISLAND: Join us on the special diving adventure aboard the famous "Undersea Hunter" at Cocos Island. (Spanish: Isla del Coco) Cocos Island is a small isolated island in the Pacific Ocean. The island, made from volcanic rock, rises to about 2800 feet above sea level with a total area of nine square miles. Here, surrounded by deep waters with counter-currents and rich nutrients, pelagic animals of all sizes exist - from large schools of Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks to a wide variety of marine life. The only residents permitted to live on the island are rangers, located at two camps that patrol it as a no fishing zone. For that reason, it is abundant with marine life. Cocos Island receives, on average, 600 inches of rain fall each year which keeps its lush rain forest flourishing and alive with deep jungles and vegetation and feeds its many waterfalls that are both in and around the island. Rainbows appear over the island almost daily. It is believed that the most adventurous treasure in the world still lies on Cocos Island. This treasure cache is estimated to be worth over $100,000,000. For that reason, Cocos Island is believed to be the real "Treasure Island," written about by Robert Louis Stevenson. Legend has it that Michael Crichton visited the island and was so taken with its prehistoric-looking beauty, that he was inspired to write Jurassic Park, (the fictitious Isla Nublar) that is off the west cost of Costa Rica, of which aerial shots of Cocos Island were used in the movie. Sit back now and enjoy our tour of Cocos Island, truly one of the world's premier dive locations, on this edition of Dive Travel.
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  13. $79.95 set of 3 DVD

    Item Code : MADA813

    Madacy Video. Boxed Set of 3 Video Shows on 3 DVD discs. Same set as above. Includes "Costa Rica, Galapagos Islands, Australia, Queensland, Emerald Sea, and the British Columbia Shipwrecks". (Does not include "Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Borneo and the South China Sea").
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  14. $19.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : MORN844

    Morningstar Entertainment.
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  15. $29.95

    Item Code : MORN848

    ~ Out of Print - Discontinued ~
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  16. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : DIVE834

    Dive Travel: Belize - Home of the Famous Blue Hole with Divemaster Gary - Travel Video.
    DVD BELIZE - Home of the Famous Blue Hole. Belize is known for its ancient Maya ruins, beautiful rainforest, magnificent barrier reef and wonderful miles of cave system. Dive Travel takes you diving on a live aboard boat, forty-five miles off the coast of Belize to Lighthouse Reef Atoll, one of four coral atolls in the Caribbean and home to two World Heritage Sites; Halfmoon Caye and Blue Hole National Monuments, both managed by the Belize Audubon Society. Halfmoon Caye is home to the Red Footed Booby Bird. The Blue Hole was first made famous by Jacque Cousteau in the early seventies and has since become one of the most popular dive destinations in the world. Our Belize topside adventure takes you on a tour of Belize City, then an excursion of the rainforest jungles, home to the Black Howler Monkeys and other native animals. We tour Altun Ha (Water of the Rock) Maya Ruins and get wet, cave tubing through two of over seven miles of underground caves.
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  17. $19.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : TAPE833

    Hawaii Underwater - Travel Video.
    Get ready for a fascinating adventure as you dive under the ocean's surface and swim through Hawaii's unique and bountiful marine life in Hawaii Underwater....This 30 minute journey takes you in and around coral heads that look like they're from another world. A magical, mystery tour. - Out of Print -
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  18. $29.95 DVD

    Item Code : POWR832

    Hawaii Dreams - Travel DVD.
    Powerfloe Network. This DVD is virtual bliss. It's a wonderful gift to be able to escape and enjoy the Hawaiian waves and sunsets. It's natural bliss. If you're expecting a quick music montage of Hawaii's beauty, this is NOT your video. However, if you really want to relax and experience Hawaii's natural beauty - virtually - this is it! All six islands are captured in their own unique ten minute segment. Spend a few minutes with each non moving, non zooming shot, just sitting there. Listening to the waves, and letting your mind wander... Without quick 'Hollywood' editing, you are invited into the shot to relax and admire mother nature's rhythm and flow. Each segment consists of 5 shots lasting a few minutes each, capturing a complete day ending with a marvelous sunset. It truly is a 'mind massage' meant for you to just relax, do nothing, and be! (I have been so relaxed that I have drifted off to sleep. That's really a blessing considering everything.) Much more soothing than a fish tank or fireplace, you'll be gratefully transported to a far off land of peace and beauty. Share this wonderful gift with your friends and family. They'll thank you for it. 74 minutes
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  19. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : IMAX815

    Into The Living Sea - Travel Video - DVD.
    IMAX Video Productions. The Living Sea takes you to the world's oceans, traveling to Palau, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Alaska, Nova Scotia and the Red Sea. Explore the mysterious depths and come face to face with life-sized humpback whales when you dive into "The Living Sea." Swim with thousands of golden jellyfish and witness the bizarre spawning behavior of giant clams. Surf in Hawaii, deep-sea dive in Palau and test your courage with the Coast Guard in some of the world's roughest seas! Follow a remotely operated vehicle 3,000 feet down through the ocean depths to view strange creatures (one as long as a football field!) which live where sunlight never penetrates. "The Living Sea" celebrates the "world ocean"--its beauty, diversity and importance to all life on earth. Music by Sting; narrated by Meryl Streep. Ever wonder "how did they do that?" "The Making of 'The Living Sea'", shot in High-Definition Video, takes you behind the scenes. 117 minutes REVIEW: The films from IMAX have come to be known for their cutting-edge cinematography. They don't disappoint with The Living Sea, an Academy Award-nominated documentary exploring exotic marine locales. Using dizzying aerial and time-lapse footage, they provide underwater imagery usually accessible only while wearing fins and a mask. From heavy-surf Coast Guard drills off the coast of Oregon to jellyfish in Palau to North Atlantic humpback whales, veteran IMAX cameraman and director Greg MacGillivray takes viewers on a vivid journey into some of the world's most breathtaking environments and shows us some of the rarest and strangest marine life. Ten years from conception to finished product, this documentary's intended message is the importance of protecting the "world ocean" by displaying its wild beauty and diversity. The Living Sea does an excellent job showcasing the more visually satisfying aspects of the sea (standout footage includes schools of jellyfish performing a graceful migratory dance and a giant cuttlefish changing brilliant colors for the purpose of camouflage), although ultimately it fails to shed much light on the hows, whys, and urgency of marine conservation. However, despite the short running time (unfortunately characteristic of IMAX productions) and a soundtrack that only true Sting fans will fully appreciate, this film proves to be a remarkable treat for the eyes and is sure to elicit heartfelt oohs and aahs from anyone who loves the sea.
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  20. $29.95 DVD Blu-ray

    Item Code : IMAX816

    Into The Living Sea - Travel Video - Blu-ray DVD.
    The Living Sea takes you to the world's oceans, traveling to Palau, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Alaska, Nova Scotia and the Red Sea. Explore the mysterious depths and come face to face with life-sized humpback whales when you dive into 'The Living Sea.' Swim with thousands of golden jellyfish and witness the bizarre spawning behavior of giant clams. Surf in Hawaii, deep-sea dive in Palau and test your courage with the Coast Guard in some of the world's roughest seas! Follow a remotely operated vehicle 3,000 feet down through the ocean depths to view strange creatures which live where sunlight never penetrates. Music by Sting; narrated by Meryl Streep. Created for exhibition in IMAX Theaters, THE LIVING SEA explores the Earth's largest bodies of water and their inhabitants. Imax - The Living Sea Reviews: "...MacGillivray is a master at bringing style and form to the immense IMAX format, and THE LIVING SEA is a glowing gem..." -- Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times.
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