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South Africa Travel Videos, DVD, Touring, Sightseeing, Vacation, Destination

  1. $29.95 DVD

    Item Code : TVLR2259

    Destination Africa - Travel Video.
    DVD. 3 Tour Videos on one DVD! ? TUNISIA Our travel guide on this DVD shows impressive sights from an exotic destination-every year visited by travelers still seeking for something extraordinary. Sun, deserts, history and the sea-that is the stuff real adventures are made of. Our film gives a fascinating insight into the Arabian world. ? KENYA Kenya offers a wide range of leisure time activities for everyone. Starting at the seaport of Mombassa and the modern capital, Nairobi, our video tour goes on safari through the national parks. Elephants, lions, giraffes and the legendary Masai warriors are all part of an unforgettable adventure. Pure sand beaches as far as the eyes can see, Africa's unique nature fantastic conditions for relaxation. ? SOUTH AFRICA The personal video memoir of American Kristine Pearson: November 21... "...The country is such a dramatic blend of cultures, warm, caring people. I feel welcome here, and surprisingly secure. The scenery is breathtaking, unfolding in the most surprising ways. It can be dramatic and powerful and then quickly change to quiet, even pastoral. And the animals, the wonderful African wildlife that roam naturally, protected, respected...South Africa is different than I had ever imagined. It exceeds any expectation that I held." This would be great of planning a trip or just reminiscing the past. 120 minutes.
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  2. $99.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : TERA21885

    DVD. Planet Terra. 5 Minutes. ROYALTY FREE five (5) minute films set to music (cleared) on 365 destinations around the world. A total of 1,825 minutes of royalty-free filler available. Each episode gives the viewer an overview of the major sites each destination has to offer in stunning consistent photography and sound track. Rights include perpetual public performance and the right to add your own narration. Rights are limited to a single website, vessel (Plane, Train, Bus, Ship), and facility (office, transportation facility, school, jail, etc) and may be shown over a closed circuit internal network within the facility or vessel.Rights do not include the editing or alteration other than the addition of narration, nor the resale of these episodes. Additional rights or fleet pricing is also available.Each film is delivered via download, dvd, or email in uncompressed H.264 .mov format for maximum quality that can easily be converted to Flash or any other desired format. For multiple episodes, they can also be delivered on a hard drive or tape.
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