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  1. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : PASS2347

    Spain's Basque Country and the Festival of San Fermin - Travel Video.
    DVD. Passport to Adventure This journey through the Basque Country begins in the French coastal resort of Biarritz. From here, hosts Julie Conover &Mark Jennings visit the charming fishing village of St. Jean de Luz and cycle through the foothills of the Pyrenees to reach Pamplona, where they'll participate in the world famous Festival of San Fermin. Crazy or not, each year thousands of locals and visitors hit the streets for the traditional "running of the bulls". The frenetic activity continues in the streets till dawn, with all ages participating in the dancing, partying and parades. The action culminates in the bull ring; is it an elegant spectacle or a cruel sport? We'll let you decide.
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  2. $19.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : VIEW2360

    Barcelona: Archive of Courtesy - Travel Video.
    VHS. Barcelona... From the soaring jewel-like spires of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia church and the winding streets of the Gothic Quarter, to the vibrant canvases of some of history's greatest artists -- Picasso, Miro, Dali -- to the futuristic Olympic City in Montjuic Park, Catalonia's visionary spirit is emblazoned in the culture of its capital city. Barcelona has defined the vanguard of Spanish art and culture for 2,000 years, while remaining inextricably bound to its glorious past and independent nature. 45 minutes.
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  3. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : VSTA2361

    Madrid Spain - Travel Video.
    DVD. Vista Point. 26 Minutes. Madrid is Europe's most elevated metropolis, a royal capital of history, outstanding buildings and cultural treasures. Most of Spain's royal palaces are in Madrid, the capital of Spain since the 17th century. Including the Palacio Real that even today serves as a royal castle. The colossal building of grey granite and limestone owes its impressive appearance to its length of five hundred metres and strategic elevated location. On the southern side of the castle is Madrid's most recent cathedral, La Almudena. It boasts a combination of styles between New Gothic and Classical and was two hundred years in construction. Madrid also has a boulevard that has transformed it into a major metropolis, the Gran Via, that compares in both flair and dimensions with the exquisite streets of Paris and New York, with splendid noble buildings along with the contemporary. What the Gran Via a hundred years ago the Paseo De La Castellana achieved comparable renown at the end of the last millennium: a replica of Manhattan, the Zona Azca. A modern city district with spectacular skyscrapers and spacious streets where chrome, glass and concrete dominate the futuristic skyline. The royal splendour of former times has managed to successfully combine with the contemporary, and today Madrid is no less flamboyant - a city of historic joie de vivre!
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  4. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL2362

    El Escorial (Real Monasterio De San Lorenzo De El Escorial) Spain - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. Around fifty kilometres northwest of Madrid, the austere yet opulent residence of El Escorial extends up the southern slope of the Sierra De Guadarrama. It was built during the rule of King Phillip II after his father Karl V ordered him to build a magnificent church in which he would eventually be buried. The Escorial was to be a pantheon for the Spanish aristocracy and also served as the country's new centre of authority. In rooms such as the Pudridero the significance of El Escorial as a burial place is evident. King Phillip II required that the exterior of the building should be plain and simple in contrast to the interior with its unusual works of art and priceless treasures. The impressive art museum contains an exclusive collection by important artist such as Titian, Tintoretto, Rubens, Van Dyck, Hieronymus Bosch, Vel?zquez and El Greco. In the royal pantheon, the Pante?n De Reyes, lie the coffins of eleven Spanish monarchs. The splendid marble coffins with their golden inscriptions add both dignity and elegance to this burial place. Philipp II was not only a larger-than-life tyrant, he was also an educated man who supported science and the arts. El Escorial was his most significant bequest to Spain.
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  5. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL2363

    Royal Palace of Madrid (Palacio Real De Madrid) Spain - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. The charming older part of Madrid is dominated by numerous monumental and magnificent buildings including, most notably, the wonderful Palacio Real. A harmonious and elegantly designed facade opens onto the Plaza De Oriente. This was formerly the location of numerous buildings: originally, the Moors built an Alcazar here;in the course of time, it was transformed into the main palace of the Hapsburg royal family that once reigned over the country.The magnificent halls of the palace are breathtaking. The hall in the Comedor De Gala contains the most beautiful, grandiose chandeliers and precious paintings by the Bohemian, Anton Raphael Mengs and ceiling frescos by Gianbattista Tiepolo decorate several of the rooms. Even though the royal family no longer resides in the palace, it is still a much-prized historic jewel in the Spanish crown.
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  6. $19.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : RICK2364

    Rick Steves' Travel the World: Spain, Madrid & Toledo ~ Travel Video.
    VHS. Rick discovers El Greco's home town, jousts with windmills in La Mancha, does the tapa tango in Madrid, marvels at the treasures of the Prado Museum. Unwinding in the Pueblos Blancos of Andalusia, he claps to flamenco in Seville and enjoys both the sherry and equestrian art of Jerez. Study the masters El Greco, Velasquez, and Goya at the Prado. Learn the ancient Moorish city Toledo's turbulent history. Travel to Andalusia's whitewashed villages and winding streets. 51 minutes
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  7. $19.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : SUPR2365

    Super Cities: Madrid - Travel Video.
    VHS. Madrid beckons one and all with her diverse attractions. For lovers of art there is the Madrid of El Greco, Goya and Velazquez, of Lope de Vega and Cervantes. For those who love excitement there is the Puerta del Sol, the hub of the city's social life. For lovers of shopping, uncover hidden treasures at the Ribera day Curtidores. 30 minutes.
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  8. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL2366

    Cathedral De Seville (The Cathedral of Seville Andalucia) - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. Seville Cathedral, also known as the Catedral De Santa Mari? De La Sede, is the most important church in the Andalusian metropolis. It is the largest Gothic cathedral and also the third largest Christian church in the world. It replaced the former Islamic Seville Mosque that was built by the Almohades in 1198. The cathedral's various chapels not only have great aesthetic appeal but are also of historical artistic value as they contain a number of sacred works of art that are truly remarkable. The construction of the cathedral was designed to create an unmistakable symbol of Christian glory and power, a building with much political significance. The cathedral also possesses a famous tomb, that of the legendary discoverer of America, Christopher Columbus. From the bell gallery that is around seventy metres high visitors can enjoy a splendid view of the cathedral below as well as the unique courtyard and the endless ocean of rooftops in the old part of Seville.
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  9. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : VSTA2367

    Seville Spain - Travel Video.
    DVD. Vista Point. 26 Minutes. Seville is a gem of a city and Andalusia's most fascinating metropolis. In the centre of the old town is the Real Alcazar that was originally home to numerous Moorish monarchs and later the domicile of Spanish kings. It's said to be the oldest and most fascinating palace complex in the whole of Europe. Christopher Columbus was welcomed in the palace when he returned from his second voyage to America after having established a trading route with the New World. Its unique mixture of numerous cultures and ?poques augments the atmosphere of exquisite luxury. With its labyrinth of white alleys, Santa Cruz is the city's old Jewish district and is located close to both the Real Alcazar and the Catedral. Grated windows, flowerpots on the walls and old wooden gates are typical of this area of the city that exemplifies the traditional Andalusian way of life. The Plaza De Toros and the seasonal hustle and bustle of its bullfights, dominates the El Arenal, the city's former harbour district. Designed in the 18th century by Vicente San Martin, the bullfight arena was fully restored in the middle of the 19th century. The Giralda and the Patio De Los Naranjos are the only remains of Sevilla?s Almohadian Mosque. The rest of the temple was destroyed by the Christians. Construction began in 1401 and it became the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. After the Petersdom in Rome and St. Paul's in London it is the third largest Christian building in the world. With its rich cultural inheritance bequeathed by both the Moors and the Christians, Seville is a truly incredible city with a flamboyant way of life and fiery Latin temperament!
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  10. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL2368

    Real Palaces of Seville - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. REAL ALC?ZAR DE SEVILLA Andalusia, Spain The royal palace of Real Alc?zar is located in Seville, the capital of the autonomous Spanish province of Andalusia. Dating back to the 8th century and formerly the oldest citadel built by the Moors, the palace was built on the ruins of a Roman fortress when the Almohaden transformed it into a palace. Following the conquest of the city, the Christian kings and most notably, Don Pedro, employed the best Moorish builders and artists, the Mudejaren. In the Hall of the Envoys the wall tiles contain many Moorish designs and it was here that the country's rulers received envoys from abroad. The furnishings and household goods of the royal private rooms were collected from around most of the known world. The Gala Dining Room is particularly outstanding. It contains precious wall carpets and crystal chandeliers from Murano and a huge table dominates almost the entire length of the room. Moorish arcades lead to the Andalusian Gardens that were planted in place of the original kitchen gardens and many of the courtyards feature a small water fountain that adds to the calm atmosphere. Real Alc?zar is the most beautiful example of Mudejar design, a fairy tale from the `One Thousand And One Nights'! Global Treasures - History's Most Protected Monuments - Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live today, and what we pass on to future generations. our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration. Places as unique and diverse as the wilds of East Africa's Serengeti, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Baroque cathedrals of Latin America make up our world's heritage. Join us as we explore one of these protected monuments.
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  11. $19.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : VIEW2369

    Seville: Jewel of Andalusia - Travel Video.
    VHS. Seville's ancient streets bear the imprint of the multitude of peoples and cultures that have called this city Home: Romans, Visigoths, Muslims, Jews and Christians. Explore the Roman ruins of Italica, the lush Moorish palace of the Alcazar, the delicate beauty of Santa Cruz, and the city landmark, La Giralda. Seville is unending history, the breath of many cultures that lived, fought and flourished together. 45 minutes.
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  12. $19.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : SUPR2359

    Super Cities: Barcelona - Travel Video.
    VHS. Barcelona welcomes you with the same flair, efficiency and graciousness that marked the 1992 Olympic Games. One of the great modern cities of the world, Barcelona maintains a strong sense of its identity as the capital of Catalonia and is fiercely loyal to its cultural traditions. Above all, Barcelona is a city of contrasts, in which the ancient and contemporary are beautifully combine. 30 minutes.
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  13. $19.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : RICK2358

    Rick Steves' Travel the World: Spain - Barcelona, Segovia, Granada, Costa del Sol, and Tangiers - Travel Video.
    VHS. In this new release, Rick wanders Barcelona's streets and rides a train into the heart of Spain to the 15th-century splendor of El Escorial Palace; explores Granada's Alhambra, the Costa del Sol beaches, and Gibraltar. Finally, a day trip to the exotic streets and markets of Tangiers in Morocco. Study first-hand the works of two 20th-century geniuses: Gaudi and Picasso. Time trip to Roman Spain and old Castile in Segovia. Check out the last vestiges of the British Empire at Gibraltar. 55 Minutes.
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  14. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : TPCS2348

    Spain: Las Fiestas Primaverales (The Fantastic Festivals) - Travel Video.
    DVD. Topics Entertainment. 48 Minutes. Each spring, the wonderful region of Andalucia in Spain boasts three fantastic festivals that highlight the rich past of this part of the world. Seville, hosts April Fair, where locals celebrate with their version of Flamenco: the "Sevillanas" dance. Participants dressed in colorful costumes build luxurious tents for their families an invite guests to eat, drink, sing, and dance all night long far an entire week. Springtime in the "city of senses," Cordoba, brings the Patio Festival. During this celebration, a competition, seriously judged by a group of selected locals, is held for the prize of the best and most beautiful Patio in Cordoba. The Equestrian Festival of Jerez, the most important festival event in the city, is celebrated with every farm or Hacienda showing off their horses, circling with colorful carriages around the city and demonstrating this regions glorious equestrian heritage.
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  15. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : CTIS2349

    Tenerife Canary Islands, Spain - Travel Video.
    DVD. Cities of the World. 60 Minutes. Tenerife is the biggest among the Canary islands, which are surrounded by the sparkling blue sea and sun all year long. The 3800 meters high Teide looms over the beaches of the `Island of the Eternal Spring'. Let us take a look at the banana fields, the luxury hotels and beaches of Playa de las Americas, the famous temple of Candelaria, and the Loro Park, the most beautiful zoo of Spain. We can marvel at the bizarre luxury hotel of the Lago Martinez and at the rich botanical gardens. Let us take a look at the thousand year old Dracaena in Icod, at the wooden balconies of Santa Cruz and Puert de la Cruz, at the dolphins in the sea and the monumental rocks of the Los Gigantes.
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  16. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : PASS2350

    The Pyrenees Mountains Spain and France - Travel Video.
    DVD. Passport to Adventure These mountains are home to the Basque, a people whose exact origins are still being debated. Hosts Mark Jennings &Julie Conover explore enchanting villages and chat with locals to gain a little insight into this mysterious culture. The rivers of the region provide ample entertainment for adventure seekers. Julie &Mark go rafting, kayaking, and canyoning, as well as try a new sport called "hydrospeed", where the body becomes a projectile through the rapids! If that's not enough, they cycle the narrow mountain passes that make up the most demanding leg of the Tour de France, and, explore stalagmite filled caves and medieval villages.
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  17. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GLBL2351

    Toledo Spain - Travel Video.
    DVD. Global Treasures. 10 Minutes. Toledo is one of the oldest and proudest cities in Spain and during Roman times a large settlement was established there. Later, the Visi Goths recognized the strategic value of this city on the Rio Tajo and it became the capital of their empire. Elevated on a mighty rock foundation the Toledo's unique location served a useful purpose for its eventual defense as the city was the scene of many a bloody battle. In 712 A.D. the capital of the Visi Goths was violently integrated with the Muslim Empire of Al-Andalus. Throughout the centuries Toledo has been regarded as a cultural centre of medieval Spain and was known as a `City of Three Cultures' as it was here that Arabs, Jews and Christians lived together in peace until the time when the catholic church grew intolerant of other religions. In 1229, construction work on the monumental Toledo Cathedral began and in 1493 the Gothic masterpiece was completed. The proportions of this enormous cathedral make it one of the most spectacular in Spain. The mighty fortress of Alc?zar is a world apart from the cathedral and served as the model for the later building of El Escorial. Since its construction in the 16th century, the city's landmark was rebuilt and restored following numerous wars and hostilities. The massive Bisagra Gate embodies yet another symbol of the fusion between Arabic Moorish and Spanish Castilian architecture. Swathed in colourful and dramatic history Toledo enjoys a unique place among all of Spain's old and fascinating cities.
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  18. $29.95 DVD High Definition ~ All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : BENN2352

    Discoveries Spain: Barcelona - Travel Video.
    Discovering Spain ~ Travel DVD. The capitol of Catalonia is an exciting modern city which was a major player in the development of the Iberian peninsula since the Greeks first developed it as a fishing port. The remarkable modernist architecture of Antoni Gaudi can be seen throughout the city. Discover extraordinary art, history, chocolate and the enchanting ancient Catalonian dance of the Sardana. Hi-definition. 60 minutes.
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  19. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : ALTR2353

    Barcelona (2006) - Travel Video.
    DVD. Alternate Routes. 30 Minutes. From great beaches to horrific bullfights, two girls from New York City taste the spice of Barcelona while staying at the wild Kabul Hostel on the Plaza Real. Experience the rush of traveling the world for the first time with a crew of international back-packers, ages 16 - 22 on their quest for adventure, romance and the perfect moment.A variety of hosts from around the globe and the young people they hook up with on location are relentless in their pursuit of fun (and don't forget that culture, mate!)American girls explore Rome, Brits take on Thailand and things get wild when the Aussie's arrive in Copenhagen.Five continents, Unlimited Adventure.Take the alternate route, dude.
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  20. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : VSTA2354

    Barcelona - Travel Video.
    DVD. Vista Point. 26 Minutes. Barcelona is one of the most lively harbour cities on the Mediterranean and after Madrid, Spain's second largest city and the capital of Catalonia. Intimate squares, small palaces and tangled alleys provide a good insight into its history as Iberians, Greeks and Romans once had trading posts there. La Rambla is a wide and shady boulevard that travels through the old town to the harbour and is where life goes on both night and day. It's also where street artists perform, shoeblacks work diligently and portrait painters tout for trade among the passing tourists. The Museu Maritim Drassanes is situated in the royal dockyards that were built when the city was at its zenith. Its buildings are unique examples of Gothic architecture and the vast dimensions of the dockyard allowed thirty ships to be built simultaneously in the name of the Catalonian-Aragon crown. Few parks are as famous as the Park G?ell. With this, Antoni Gaudi created a new design concept in this fabulous garden city. At its entrance Gaudi placed a colourful lizard as a symbol of the water that is collected in subterranean cisterns and is used for the distribution of water in the park. The city itself also featured in Gaudi's magnificent fantasies. The Palau G?ell was treated to an ostentatious roof with a great array of air shafts and chimneys. But the sight that captures the imagination of most who see it is the amazing fa?ade of the Casa Mila, a unique apartment block without equal. Not a single wall is straight, glass and plaster were used for its fa?ade and colourful ornamental ceramics complete the work. Barcelona is a melting pot that ranges from Gothic to Modernism, a veritable explosion of joie de vivre and creativity.
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