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  1. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : DOUG2728

    The Great Trans - American Train Ride - Travel Video.
    DVD. A Doug Jones Travelog. 85 Minutes. A Spectacular Coast-to-Coast Journey Aboard three of America's Greatest Passenger Trains. The Broadway Limited - The California Zephyr - and the Desert Wind - Plus Cities and Scenery! All Aboard! Join Doug Jones, America's premier travelog producer, for a romantic coast-to-coast adventure aboard three of America's greatest trains. You'll depart New York City's Pennsylvania Station aboard the fabled Broadway Limited heading to Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and points beyond. At Chicago's Union Station, the legendary California Zephyr with its hi-level Superliner sleepers will depart west, rolling across the prairies, through Denver and into the heart of the breathtaking Rocky Mountain range. At Salt Lake City the Desert Wind departs out over Utah toward Las Vegas and the California deserts as you make your way to Los Angeles. You'll ride in the locomotive, meet the conductor, visit the galley, have dinner in the diner, and sleep in the rolling bedrooms of America's last great trains. You'll also tour New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Denver, the Rockies, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. You'll experience America from the great cities of the East to the heartland prairies; from the majesty of snow capped mountains to the haunting deserts of the West. THE GREAT TRANS-AMERICAN TRAIN RIDE will take you from "Sea to Shining Sea" on a romantic, nostalgic journey aboard the last great passenger trains of the U.S.A. as the sweeping panorama of America unfolds across 3,000 miles of silver rails. So pack you bags, grab your camera, and join Doug Jones as you step back to a bygone day when movie stars and Kings, G.I.'s and adventurers all traveled together on America's greatest trains.
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  2. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : 7DAY2716

    USA The West - Travel Video.
    DVD. 7 Days. 52 Minutes. The west of North America is full of amazing contrast and stretches from the pretentious world of the Hollywood glitterati to a landscape that is both natural and spectacular. This journey features some unique and impressive sights such as the historic rock settlements of the Native American Indians and fascinating salt deserts and volcanic areas. Los Angeles is synonymous with Hollywood and it was here that this amazing city attained worldwide fame. The Sidewalk Of Fame is covered with brass stars that bear the names of famous celebrities of both past and present. Universal Studios is the largest and most active film and television studio in the world as well as providing a popular day out for the family and is one of the most successful amusement parks in the U.S.A. Death Valley covers an area of around 10,000 square kilometers. Around a fifth of the region is located at or below sea-level. During the gold rush of the 19th century it was through here that thousands of pioneers took a short cut while journeying west. They eventually arrived in a valley that offered no further way forward. Weakness, hunger and lack of water combined to create the name of this treacherous valley. Las Vegas is like a mirage in the desert, awake day and night it is THE entertainment capital of the world. The Bellagio is a return to the exclusive nature of the casino hotels of the past in which luxury is at its zenith and an investment of nearly 2 billion dollars speaks for itself. 1,600 meters deep and 16 kilometers long, the Grand Canyon is the most colossal gorge in the world. The sight of this gigantic natural wonder is the climax of any trip to Arizona and each year around 5 million visitors come to see this, the `Eighth Wonder Of The World'. Natural wonders, amazing sights, boundless wealth and incredible neon: America's west still has the call of the wild!
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  3. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : CTIS2715

    Route 66 USA - Travel Video.
    DVD. Cities of the World. 60 Minutes. The famous Route 66 was one of the original federal routes between 1926 and 1985. It started in Chicago and wound through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, ending in Los Angeles. The length of this historical route is around 4000 km's. Let us visit the shops, the gas stations, motels, and restaurants along the Mother Road. Let us stop at a secluded spot and listen to the sound of a million wheels traveling on this road. Let us visit the cities of Chicago and St. Louis, the Museum of the West and the western movies, the Native American villages, and the great river, the Mississippi. Let us think of Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, Jack Keruac, John Steinbeck, and the 'Easy riders'. Let us see the wonderful colors of Santa Fe and the fantastic Grand Canyon. Let us walk in the footsteps of the stars on the streets of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, and take a swim in the ocean on the beach of Santa Monica or Malibu.
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  4. $24.95 Blu-ray Disc ~ High Definition

    Item Code : OVER2714

    Over America - Travel Video.
    Over Series. Blu-ray Disc. 1 Hour and 28 Minutes. From sea to shining sea in spectacular high definition! Soar Over America in this one-of-a-kind visual essay of the nation. The film, narrated by Emmy Award-winning actor Tom Skerritt, captures the country, from wave swept coasts to majestic mountains. Celebrate it all in this program, previously seen on public television. Product Features Part of an Emmy-award winning series More than a million copies sold Shot in crystal clear high definition Narrated by Emmy Award-winning actor Tom Skerrit Original music score and unique photographic styles
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  5. $49.95 DVD 4 Discs + $8.50 p&h or $18.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : READ2713

    America's Most Scenic Drives - Travel Video.
    Questar Video. DVD. 4 Discs. 5 Hours All roads lead to dazzling adventure in this unique collection! Scenic Drives 1: From Maine to Key West The open road calls, and this program answers with scenic drives down the Eastern Seaboard, venturing from the quaint and rocky coast of Maine's Acadia National Park to the remote and romantic Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, and from the picturesque pastures of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley to the lovely and languid island of Key Largo in Florida. Scenic Drives 2: From Texas to Yellowstone Cruising through ten states in the ever-changing Heartland, this journey extends from the romantic Bridges of Madison County in Iowa to the erupting, awe-inspiring geysers of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, and from Montana's sprawling Big Sky Country to nature's kaleidoscope on San Juan Parkway in Colorado. Scenic Drives 3: From Arizona to Alaska All roads lead West in this amazing program, which drives along smoking volcanoes in Hawaii, near massive glaciers in Alaska, up Big Sur Drive in California, through rain forests in Washington's Olympic National Park, and finally abandons the car to descend, by donkey, into Arizona's Grand Canyon. Special Added Features For DVD: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound ~ Interactive Menus Chapter Search Bonus ~ Documentaries Inspiring Music Videos ~ Photo Galleries Maps for All Drives America the Beautiful Musical Tribute: This journey literally sings! Nineteen songs (including "Oklahoma!," "New York, New York," "Shenandoah," "Rocky Mountain High," "Ol' Man River," "Chicago," and "Take Me Out to the Ball Game") provide an all-musical backdrop in this rousing tribute to America's diverse landscapes, landmarks, institutions, and people. Enjoy Breathtaking Beauty at Every Turn in this 4 Disc Scenic Drives Collection - Disc 1: From Maine to Key West Cruise down the most scenic routes of the Eastern Seaboard, driving along Maine's rocky coast, stopping to admire the views at Acadia National Park. Motor to charming Nantucket and then continue on to Cape Cod in its entire summer splendor. Admire the brilliant red and orange leaves common to autumn-kissed New America. Stop and appreciate the dramatic motion of the mighty Niagara Falls. Step into a simpler life in Pennsylvania's Amish Country, and then continue south through the Shenandoah Valley, admiring the lush landscapes and diverse wildlife. Embrace the local charm of Chincoteague Island, and the vast beauty of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. Heading further south, slow down for some time in Savannah, Georgia's quaint cityscapes. Finish your road trip at the sunny beaches and blue lapping waves in the Florida Keys, the perfect destination for any drive. Disc 2: From Texas to Yellowstone Journey through the ever-changing, beautiful American Heartland, crossing the romantic Bridges of Madison County in Iowa. Travel across a landscape of lush green Missouri hills through the Ozark Mountains. Glide through Montana's Big Sky Country, and stream past Texas' languid and storied Rio Grande. Then traverse Route 170E and loop through Big Bend National Park. Enjoy one of the greatest scenic drives of the American Southwest at Four Corners: navigating through Bryce Canyon, to Arches National park, to Monument Valley, finishing in Mesa Verde, taking in some of the most dramatic landscapes in the nation. Follow Route 160E towards Durango, Colorado for an Old west adventure. Then cruise through the natural and manmade wonders of the Badlands and historic Mount Rushmore. Conclude the western tour with stops at gorgeous Glacier National Park and the national treasure of Yellowstone National Park. Disc 3: From Arizona to Alaska Coast across the dazzlingly diverse American West. Begin your journey at one of the world's favorite vacation destinations - the breathtaking Hawaiian Islands and the idyllic beaches on Hawaii's Kauai Island. Then return to the mainland for one of the greatest wonders of the natural world, the humbling Grand Canyon. Next, cruise along the Pacific Coast at gorgeous Big Sur on Route 1 to the wondrous Yosemite National Park. Next, the road heads to the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Regale in the scenic splendor of Redwood National Park, inhabited by gigantic trees - the tallest on the planet. Next, head north and east toward Oregon's peaceful Crater Lake. Another turn leads to a new Pacific Northwest Adventure from Mt. Rainier to Olympic National Park. Then cruise even further north to Alaska's Seward Highway and Kenai Peninsula, motoring through a blizzard of glorious landscapes and wildlife, and views that will take your breath away. Disc 4: Bonus Disc - America the Beautiful Musical Tribute - Sing the praises of the world's most beautifully diverse land! Nineteen songs (including Oklahoma!, New York, New York, Shenandoah, Rocky Mountain High, My Old Kentucky Home, Ol' Man River, Chicago, Take Me Out to the Ballgame) provide an all musical backdrop in this rousing tribute to America's diverse landscapes, landmarks, institutions, and people.
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  6. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : TVLR2712

    A Travelers Guide To The USA From A to Z & Hawaii - Travel Video.
    DVD. This 2 program DVD, gives you a glimpse of the majesty of what makes "America the Beautiful"! The highlights of the United States is the most beautiful national parks and natural wonders, the most exciting cities and sights, the funniest attractions and curiosities. This travel guide gives a fascinating insight into the American Way of Life and presents the country and the people. Hawaii, the 50th state of the United State of America, has attracted visitors from all over the world to it's small cluster of islands in the North Pacific year after year. Wonderful beaches, first-class entertainment and fantastic conditions for aquatics are combined with the traditionally cordial hospitality of Polynesia to make this a vacation paradise. You may want to plan a trip or just reminisce the past. 60 minutes.
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  7. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : READ2711

    The Story of America - Travel Video.
    DVD. 3 Hours. This unique video collection celebrates the history of our great nation from colonial times to the present. On this incredible journey spanning four centuries and more than 5,000 miles, you will visit the places, meet the people, and relive the events that took us from an emerging nation to leader of the free world. Revelations from personal letters and diaries, beautiful re-creations, insights from noted historians, and archival footage combine to make history come alive as never before! Part #1: Forging a Nation - You will see the Pilgrims land on the wild shores of Massachusetts, celebrate the first Thanksgiving in 1621, and experience what life was like at Plymouth Plantation. Then relive the dramatic years of the American Revolution, and journey along with Paul Revere on his frantic midnight ride. Suffer through the bitter winter at Valley Forge with George Washington and his weary troops, and witness Thomas Jefferson as he pens the Declaration of Independence. Part #2: Uniting a Nation - You will blaze the Wilderness Trail through the Cumberland Gap with Daniel Boone. Join Lewis and Clark on their thrilling exploration of the Pacific Northwest. Defend the Alamo with Sam Houston. Share the agony of slavery and the Civil War, from the bombardment of Fort Sumter to Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House. Then, be there when East meets West--when a Golden Spike driven into the Utah soil signals the completion of the transcontinental railroad. Part #3: Leading the World - You will step into Thomas Edison's workshop. Be there as Henry Ford perfects the assembly-line process. Join Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson as they lead America into the global arena. Relive the shocking events of Black Tuesday, the 1929 stock market crash. Experience the pivotal moments of World War II. See Martin Luther King leading the March on Washington. Then, journey with the first American astronauts as they walk on the moon.
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  8. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : CTIS2710

    Across the USA - Travel Video.
    DVD. Cities of the World. 60 Minutes. The United States offers uncountable sights to the visitor, from the White House and the Capitolium in Washington through the skyscrapers of New York and the buildings of Chicago to the clay buildings of Santa Fe. The west, well known from the movies, awaits the visitors with wooden forts, the endless prairie, Indian villages and pueblos. Nature offers the visitor the Niagara Falls, the amazing red rocks of the Monument Valley, while the city of gambling, Las Vegas and the capital of movie making, Los Angeles shows the visitor a different side of the United States. Come along!
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  9. $69.95 DVD Set of 6 + $8.50 p&h or $18.50 foreign delivery All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : READ2709

    USA Great Road Trips & Scenic Drives - Travel Video.
    DVD. Deluxe Boxed Set. 6 Volumes. 9 Hours. Road trips have beginnings and ends, but it is what is in between that counts. This collection takes you down the USAn roads less traveled to discover the pulse of the Heartland, the scenic splendor of the country's most treasured national parks, the people and communities created far from major cities, and the distinctive charm that is uniquely USAn. Disc #1: USA Scenic Drives: From Maine to Key West - Cruise down the most scenic routes of the Eastern Seaboard, driving along Maine's rocky coast, stopping at mighty Niagara Falls, taking the back roads through Vermont, following the misty Blue Ridge Parkway into Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and bridging the blue-green waters around the Florida Keys. Disc #2: USA Scenic Drives: From Texas to Yellowstone - See the beautiful, ever-changing USAn Heartland, crossing the romantic Bridges of Madison County in Iowa. Marvel at the landscapes on Colorado's San Juan Skyway, and glide through Montana's Big Sky Country, past the Rio Grande, all the way to Castle Geyser in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park. Disc #3: USA Scenic Drives: From Arizona to Alaska - Coast through the dazzlingly diverse USAn West, winding around California's Big Sur on Route 1. Drive to the edge of the humbling Grand Canyon, steer through Olympic National Park, roll past the idyllic beaches on Hawaii's Kauai Island, and cruise through a blizzard of glorious landscapes and wildlife in Alaska. Disc #4: USA Great Road Trips: California, Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, Idaho & Wyoming, Washington - This exquisite journey through the picturesque countryside presents the marvels of local USAn landscapes. Experience the wine country of Napa Valley, the exploding volcanoes of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a cattle ranch in Montana and two national treasures in Wyoming: Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Venture over to the Olympic Peninsula to watch the shipbuilders work. Disc #5: USA Great Road Trips: Red Rock Rim, Northern New Mexico, Natchez Trace, Blue Ridge, Vermont, Michigan - Get a taste of the local flavor from the people and communities that live on the back roads of USA: see the western frontier in Phoenix, stop off to ski the slopes in Taos, and take an architectural tour of Santa Fe. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, and cross into West USA for a look at the Blue Ridge Mountains. Visit Vermont's Ben & Jerry's factory and charter a fishing boat on Lake Superior. Disc #6: Ghost Towns: Stories of the Great USA Gold Rush and Stories of USA's Historic Inns - Visit USA's historic inns to meet the people and see the places where much of the nation's history occurred. Stop in the ghost towns, which sprang up during the nation's gold rush, but were quickly vacated as opportunities arose elsewhere. For those with a sense of adventure and a passion for history, these inns offer a fascinating link to USA's past.
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  10. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : TRAV2717

    America: National Parks And From The Pacific To The Atlantic - Travel Video.
    DVD. USA - National Parks: Bubbling and spitting geysers, blustering waterfalls, grandiose canyons and fantastic monuments belonging to history of mankind. Accompany us visiting the great national parks of the USA and see the most famous natural wonders of the continent. Yellowstone Park, Bryce Canyon, Yosemite Park, Monument Valley and the Everglades are just a few highlights on our journey. Monuments and Nature - a video tour with a very special note. Color 30 minutes From The Pacific To The Atlantic: Starting in Hawaii we cross the United States up to the Bahamas. On our journey from coast to coast we see the most fascinating places of the North American continent. Pictures of verwhelming cities and fantastic sights are changing with shots of a unique landscape. Our travel guide on video gives vivid impressions about America of today and the past. 30 minutes.
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  11. $59.95 DVD + $8.80 p&h or $18.80 foreign delivery All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : QUES2718

    America's Scenic RV Adventures - Travel Video.
    DVD. Boxed Set. 6 Volumes. 8 Hours. From Alaska to Mexico to America's Eastern coastline, discover places best experienced in the luxurious comfort of an RV with award-winning filmmakers John Holod and Jodie Ginter. These entertaining and information-packed programs vividly capture the history, culture, and beauty of each destination. Holod shares invaluable tips that will save you time, money, and trouble as you plan your own unforgettable RV vacation. Disc 1: Alaska: RV Adventure of a Lifetime - Explore Alaska, the last frontier as Holod shares his favorite places and maps out the best routes. You will experience the Alaskan Highway, Liard Hot Springs, North Pole Santa House, Anchorage State Fair, Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge, and much more. Disc 2: Alaska's Inside Passage - Head north to historic Skagway, and experience killer whales, totem pole carvings, brown bear encounters, snorkeling, a helicopter/glacier trek, and more along the Alaska Marine Highway System. Disc 3: Natural Wonders of the Northeast Coast - Escape from the big cities and crowded beaches to explore natural wonders along a 1,500-mile adventure that begins in Virginia Beach and ends at the Maine/Canada border. Disc 4: Natural Wonders of the Southeast Coast - From Virginia Beach to Key West, witness the flight of 10,000 snow geese, and experience hang-gliding, kayaking, aerial tours, scuba diving, and other incredible outdoor adventures. Disc 5: Gulf Coast Adventures: Still Wild and Beautiful - This 1,700-mile adventure takes you from Sanibel Island, Florida, to Padre Island, Texas. You will observe an amazing array of plant and animal life, and meet the hospitable and hard-working residents rebuilding their beautiful coast in the wake of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Disc 6: Baja RV Adventure - Baja's desert paradise is vividly captured in this adventure-packed program that takes you from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas. Your itinerary includes San Felipe, a beach playground for RV'ers, Sierra National Park, Magdalena Bay, and scuba diving haven, La Paz.
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  12. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : LUXR2727

    The American Orient Express - Travel Video.
    DVD. Luxury Trains of the World. 57 Minutes. Discover the world's most luxurious trains and relive a bygone era, when the journey itself was the most significant part of the experience; rather than simply getting there. A journey where the passenger becomes a real traveler and is able to experience the much more gracious way of travel - in a living recreation of the golden age of rail. The American Orient Express is a privately owned company and no relation to the British owned Orient Express. The train is a collection of cars that were purchased from museums and private collections throughout America. With nine exciting itineraries, the journeys trace jazz and blues to their origins in New Orleans, through the National Parks of the Pacific Coast, from hushed canyons to boiling mud pots, keeping the tradition of the golden age of rail with luxury and style.
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  13. $29.95 VHS NTSC + $6.80 p&h or $14.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : GHIL2726

    America's Mysterious Places - Travel Video.
    2 Volume Set. VHS. "The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science." -Albert Einstein, 1934 Here is the definitive documentary investigation of America's most extraordinary historical sites. World renowned experts trace the facts and the myths of America's most famous unexplained mysteries. From the strange apparitions of tombstone, to the haunting tale of Salem, Massachusetts, to the amazing sculpture of Coral Castle, you will explore the otherworldly mysteries that continue to captivate Americans. VOLUME 1 The Witches of Salem Why was Salem the site of the world's most infamous with trials? How were witches "proven guilty?" Why is the town's food supply of crucial importance to one new theory? The Ghosts of Tombstone A famous silver boomtown of the Old West, Tombstone is also the site of some of the world's most notorious haunted places - from the Bird Cage theatre's "ghostly manifestations", to the strange phantasm in Big Nose Kate's Saloon. Why does this town continue to attract "spirit photographers", psychics - and the plain curious? The Mystery of Coral Castle One of the world's most bizarre structures, this 1,000-ton 'castle' was sculpted out of coral rock. Incredibly, it was constructed by just one man! Who was he and how did he quarry, haul and carve on such a grand scale - alone and unobserved? VOLUME 2 Chaco Canyon: Secrets of the Anasazi A curious canyon in New Mexico holds secrets of North America's first "civilization". Who lived here almost a thousand years ago? Where did the people go? What was Pueblo Bonito - and who built it? America's Stonehenge? Known variously as "Mystery Hill" and "America's Stonehenge". Did the Celts build this strange site? Or was it ancient Native Americans? Was it an observatory, as some suggest? A shrine? Or was it used for another, darker purpose: human sacrifice? Stories in Stone: Petroglyphs of the Southwest In the Rio Grande Valley of the Southwest we find startling etchings carved into stone. Who were the ancient Americans that created them? Will we ever decipher the meaning of their stories in stone? 120 minutes ( 2 Hours )
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  14. $59.95 VHS NTSC + $8.80 p&h or $18.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : GHIL2725

    Romantic Inns Of America - Travel Video.
    VHS. 4 Volume Set. From the hit television series Romantic Inns of America comes the ultimate romantic tour of America's most charming inns and small hotels. Included are surprising behind the scenes visits to famous - and undiscovered - inns, revealing culinary tips from award-winning "inn chefs," fascinating interviews with innkeepers - plus: refreshing romantic adventures from wine-tasting to ballooning?from mountain riding to tide-pooling! Jam-packed with colorful graphics, destination maps, and breathtaking footage of California's most remarkable inns, Romantic Inns of America is your distinctive "inn guide" to the most delightful places to stay - and romantic things to do - in your favorite regions. Hosted by Judith Moen. Romantic Inns of America - California takes you to: CALIFORNIA Sonoma County - We visit Madrona Manor, an elegant Victorian mansion in the heart of the Sonoma wine country?Timberhill Ranch, a secluded getaway surrounded by forests and wildlife sanctuaries?and The Inn at Occidental, home to the world's fluffiest beds. San Mateo Coastside - We explore the San Mateo coastside and visit a few of the areas most stunning inns including The Seal Cove Inn, a picturesque "Oasis of Luxury"?The Pillar Point Inn famed for its panoramic views?and The Cypress Inn where exploring nature can be an elegant experience. Monterey Peninsula - Our Monterey Peninsula journey takes us to Stonepine, known for its old world elegance?The Seven Gables Inn with its grand views?and The Jabberwock where you can revel in the romance of "nonsense." Santa Barbara, California - We visit Santa Barbara home to Presidents and movie stars. Our first stop is The Ballard Inn nestled in the foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains?then its off to The Inn on Summer Hill, a quiet retreat just minutes from the sea?and finally we'll stop at the quaint, Cheshire Cat which offers a little bit of whimsy and a lot of sophisticated charm. Southern California Coast - Visit The Seal Beach Inn known for its old world beauty?The Venice Beach House, once a favorite haunt of Charlie Chaplin?and The Blue Lantern Inn offering some of the most spectacular views of the California coastline. NEW ENGLAND Best of New America - Experience the rustic beauty of New America as you visit: The Mayflower Inn, known for its Old English elegance?The Taggart House, where the spirit of the Gilded Age lives on?and The Village Country Inn with its tranquil French country style. Connecticut River Valley - Explore the Connecticut River Valley and visit The Griswold Inn, a haven of down home hospitality since 1776?The Saybrook Point Inn and Spa, with its spectacular vistas of Long Island Sound?and The Bee and Thistle, a return to the slower pace of yesteryear. Cape Cod - Explore the beauty of Cape Cod. Visit The Queen Anne Inn, a grand home?restored to its former glory?The Wequassett Inn, a waterfront retreat set in a pine home?and The Nauset House, where you really get back to nature. The Maine Coast - Set your sights for The Marine Coast where you'll visit The White Barn Inn, a 19th century farmhouse offering the best in country hospitality?The Captain Lord Mansion, a proud reminder of the region's maritime past?and The Kennebunkport Inn, a spacious and friendly in-town retreat. The Berkshires - Travel through the famous Berkshire Hills and visit Wheatleigh, an Italian-style palazzo with a romantic past?The Red Lion Inn, which has stood at the crossroads of the Berkshires for over 200 years?and The Old Inn on the Green, which celebrates the joys of country living. THE SOUTH Savannah, Georgia - We visit lovely Savannah where the majestic 5-story mansion Kehoe House offers beautiful views of Colombia Square. We'll visit Magnolia Place one of Savannah's oldest inns? and The Ballastone Inn, a restored 1835 Antebellum mansion that reflects the way Southerners once lived. Charleston, South Carolina - We visit Charleston, South Carolina and The John Rutledge House Inn, with its taste of Charleston history?The Two Meeting Street Inn which offers all the romance of the Old South?and Maison du Pre which brings to mind the beauty of the French countryside along Charleston's East Bay. Amelia Island, Florida - Explore the undiscovered beauty of Amelia Island, Florida as you visit The Fairbanks House, which offers up relaxed luxury in the Florida sun?The Florida House Inn, the states oldest surviving tourist hotel?and The Bailey House, a Victorian mansion true to its time. THE WEST Breckenridge, Colorado - Take in the beauty of Breckenridge, Colorado as you visit The Allaire Timbers Inn, a log cabin with a touch of class?The Hunt Placer Inn, a bit of Bavaria nestled among the Colorado pines?and The Williams House, guaranteed to take you back in time. Taos, New Mexico - We visit Taos, New Mexico and Hacienda del Sol,, an adobe estate with a stunning backdrop?El Rincon, which offers up a unique mix of art and history?and Salsa del Salto, an oasis of relaxed luxury. Leavenworth, Washington (Cascade Range) - Travel to Leavenworth, Washington and The Run of the River, a luxurious log home surrounded by nature?Haus Rohrbach Pension, a Bavarian hideaway nestled in the Cascade Mountains?and Mountain Home Lodge, an inn they say is "1,000 feet closer to heaven." 5 Hours and 40 Minutes
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  15. $49.95 VHS NTSC + $8.80 p&h or $18.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : QUES2723

    American Road Trips - Travel Video.
    VHS. 4 Video Set. Follow the open highway to excitement! 12 Unforgettable Road Trips! This four-video set, originally broadcast on the Travel Channel, presents the many sides of America from the tropical paradise of Hawaii to the fall splendor of Vermont by way of her back roads and highways. Each video introduces viewers to three colorful destinations. In "California, Hawaii, Alaska" you'll get lost amidst the giant redwoods, weave leis together from magnificent tropical blooms, and pan for gold in the rugged wilderness. When visiting "Montana, Idaho/ Wyoming, Washington", become a cowboy for the day, peer into Ernest Hemingway's old haunts, and set sail on a magnificent whale-watching cruise. "Blue Ridge, Vermont, Michigan" promises adventure of a different sort when you taste the delectable ice cream at the Ben & Jerry's factory, meet a pair of Benedictine monks who run a jam shop, and saddle up for an English-style fox hunt. Finally "Red Rock Rim, Northern New Mexico, Natchez Trace" whisks you high above the Grand Canyon by helicopter, introduces you around Elvis hometown, and unravels the history of Santa Fe through her architecture. Lush scenery, entertaining trivia, and handy travel tips make this video set a must for seasoned vacationers and armchair travelers alike.
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  16. $19.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : PASS2721

    Life on a Working Ranch in the American West - Travel Video.
    DVD. Passport to Adventure. 30 Minutes. The life of the American cowboy has been surrounded by legend and glorified by actors and Hollywood producers. Hosts Julie Conover &Mark Jennings visit real working ranches, where guests from around the world come to live out their Western fantasies and families work to preserve their way of life. They'll mount up and join the gang for a cattle drive, then explore the sacred land of the Crow Indians, who left pictographs on the sandstone cliffs. On a high mountain plateau, Mark &Julie experience the majesty of wild mustangs in their spectacular natural setting.
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  17. $19.95 DVD

    Item Code : MDCY2720

    Bike Blast U.S.A.
    Hollywood - Travel Video. DVD. Madacy Entertainment. 55 Minutes. Lock the doors and turn out the lights. Wild bikes and crazy bikini babes are ready to roar into your house! The biggest motorcycle events west of the Mississippi River in the U.S.A. are the annual Love Ride and Hollister Bike Festival. See the world record-setting 25,000 biker pack, two bikini contests, spectacular stunts and celebrities ranging from Peter Fonda to Jay Leno to supermodel Jennifer Flores. Babes, bikes, bands, bikers, bikinis, and world-record bike pack. Two bikini contests and the Seattle Cossacks stunt team. Check out the babes and ogle the bikes during this non-stop party!
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  18. $44.95 DVD

    Item Code : CAST2719

    American Castles - The Grand Tour - Travel Video.
    DVD. 280 Minutes. AMERICA'S CASTLES takes a grand tour of the nation's most extraordinary homes. Available on DVD for the first time are six episodes which stand as the crown jewels of America's most rich and famous. Lavish, sprawling, and sometimes whimsical, these one-of-a-kind landmarks astonish with their architectural inventiveness and exuberant decorative splendor. From the Rockefeller's spectacular country estate in the Hudson Valley to Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, AMERICA'S CASTLES opens the doors to dozens of exclusive addresses. Guided by curators and directors, cameras glide over stunning interiors brimming with artistic masterpieces and hand-made furnishings of rare woods and marbles, while a fascinating blend of cultural and biographical details tells the full story behind these grand estates.
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  19. $24.95 VHS NTSC

    Item Code : READ2748

    How Great Thou Art - Travel Video.
    VHS. Readers Digest. Accompanied by beloved hymns, celebrate the beauty and grace of God's country. Watch the sun rise over Haleakalaa volcano to the chorus of "How Great Thou Art." Listening to "Deep River," follow a river through white-water rapids. Marvel at winter's glory at Yosemite National Park as a harp glides through "Ave Maria." View waves crashing on the rocks of California's Big Sur carried to shore by "Ode to Joy," and more. 57 minutes.
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