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  1. $69.95 set of 3 VHS NTSC + $8.80 p&h or $18.50 foreign delivery

    Item Code : GHIL2960

    World's Most Exotic Islands - Travel Videos.
    3-Volume Boxed Set. Travel to the South Pacific, the Caribbean, and Europe to explore the most beautiful and exotic islands from around the world. Supermodel Hunter Reno leads the adventure of a lifetime, from the palm lined beaches of Fiji to the steamy jungles of Belize, to the glaciers of Iceland. In addition to spectacular sights and fascinating history, you will discover the beauty of the people and cultures on these islands. Exotic Islands is an unforgettable trip to many of the most amazing places on Earth. Join supermodel Hunter Reno for an incredible trip to many of the most exotic islands of Europe. In addition to spectacular sights and fascinating history, you will discover the beauty of the people and cultures on these islands. Their remote and often isolated locations have helped to preserve long-standing traditions as well as natural beauty. Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime at the Worlds Most Exotic Islands. This is a collector's item and is rare. EUROPE Canary Islands Located off the coast of Africa, these Spanish owned islands offer an exciting mix of beach and desert. Exploring the volcanic landscape atop a camel, or body surfing in the Atlantic can be followed by visiting a restaurant where food is barbecued over volcanic heat. On the nearby island of La Gomera you can witness the lost art of Silbo - or whistling - to round out an amazing adventure. Gotland Known as "Island of the Roses", this little known island off the coast of Sweden is a pastoral haven. A flourishing trade center during the Middle Ages, today it is a thriving vacation paradise. With beautiful sights, lively medieval festivals and historic towns, it is an exotic island of outstanding beauty and endless activities. Azores Portuguese owned and in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores have long been challenged by volcanoes, earthquakes and fierce winds. But the hardy people will gladly share their traditions and beliefs with visitors. From unique bullfighting events on Terciera to feasts cooked on the hot springs at Sao Miguel, this is a place of great fascination. Iceland A land of fire and ice, it is one of the most volcanically active places on the Earth, and features a wide variety of activities. Whitewater rafting on the Hvita River, horseback riding to the spectacular Gullfoss waterfall, swimming in the legendary Blue Lagoon and snowmobiling on Europe's largest glacier are just some of the attractions on this far north exotic island. THE CARIBBEAN British Virgin Islands Known as the water sports capital of the world, the fifty islands of the BVI offer dives to impressive wrecks such as the Rhone, underwater photography, natural bathing pools and spectacular sailing. You will also visit the mountainous interior and meet many fascinating people from this most beautiful archipelago. Belize Celebrated for its world-class scuba diving, the Belize Cayes are a haven for underwater adventurers, a place where diving with sharks is a normal experience. The mainland is equally fascinating with the Mayan ruins at Altun Ha and a wide variety of lively nightspots. St. Kitts Massive forts, traditional pottery and eerie shipwrecks are just some of the bits of history found here. The colorful capital city of Basettere and the Brimstone Hill Fort are just two of the many fascinating sights. A game of cricket, unique pottery making on the sister island of Nevis, and searching for the island's famous green monkey add to the experience. Aruba Arawak, Dutch and Spanish culture blend against a backdrop of coral cliffs, white sand beaches and all night casinos. Wind surfing, dune sliding, and exploring the rocky coast by scooter add a bit of action to this adventure on the Dutch Leeward island. Paso Finos horses and great bars and restaurants make this a very civilized exotic island. THE SOUTH PACIFIC Fiji Located in the legendary waters where Captain Bligh was set adrift, you will start in the town of Nadi and venture to the Navua for a ride up river to the Namosi Highlands. Witness a traditional Kava ceremony and attend a lovo feast, followed by deep water diving and a cruise through the beautiful and remote Yasawa Islands. Vanuatu Southern Islands Land of the "volcano gods" and over a hundred different languages, these islands are home to fascinating people and cultures. On Efate, missionary dresses are all the fashion, while on the island of Erakor a more traditional way of life includes grass skirts and painted faces. Search for the legendary sea creature the Dugong and visit the top of the island's active volcano - Mt. Yasur. Western Samoa These famous islands still embrace Polynesian life. In a village run by chiefs you will experience hot stone stove cooking and a Siva dance. At the Taga blowholes, village boys toss coconuts into the geysers while caution is exercised at the terrifying rock slides of Papasea's. There is also a fiafa, complete with fire dancing. Nusu Tenggara Witness the exotic weavings from a remote village on the island of Lombok and a traditional wedding ceremony on Sumbawa. Come face to face with a legendary dragon on the mysterious island of Komodo. The spices, colors, and spirit of these islands create a vivid splash of the senses not easily forgotten. 270 minutes ( = 4 hours, 30 minutes )
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  2. $49.95 set of 8 DVD + $8.80 p&h or $18.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : MODR2961

    Architectural Wonders - Travel Video DVD.
    Modern Marvels Architectural Wonders. 6 Hours and 40 Minutes. From ancient pyramids to the modern American skyscraper, MODERN MARVELS?: architectural WONDERS circles the globe to profile the world's most phenomenal architectural gems. Vivid location footage and striking digital reenactments bring these mind-boggling engineering feats to life, while historians and architectural experts illuminate the construction, form, and function of each. Visit dozens of celebrated masterpieces--including the Great Wall of China and Mount Rushmore--and discover the thrilling histories that lurk behind the majestic facades.
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  3. $24.95 set of 2 DVD + $5.80 p&h or $10.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : MODR2962

    The Empire State Building & The Eiffel Tower - Travel Video DVD.
    Modern Marvels Architectural Wonders. 1 Hour and 40 Minutes. The Empire State Building The Empire State building rose to become the world's tallest man-made structure at a time when dreams were in short supply. Planned during the 1920's, construction was almost grounded by the Depression until the "Cathedral of Dreams" came to symbolize the indomitable American spirit. "Two stories a day!' became the mission and in just two years this miracle of engineering was finished. Here is the colorful story of this beloved building, including the innovations it inspired, and the sentiment it still evokes today. Eiffel Tower When it was built over a century ago, the Eiffel Tower provoked widespread outrage among some of France's most prominent citizens of the day. In this fascinating portrait, Modern Marvels reveals the monumental tale of the technological challenges and architectural breakthroughs brought about by the construction of this preeminent hallmark of the City of Lights.
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  4. $24.95 set of 2 DVD + $5.80 p&h or $10.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : MODR2963

    Golden Gate Bridge & The St.
    Louis Arch - Travel Video DVD. Modern Marvels Architectural Wonders. 1 Hour and 40 Minutes. Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge is the most popular man-made tourist attraction in the United States, as well as a vital artery for the city of San Francisco. But at one time, critics said it could never be built. Explore the incredible story behind the world's most famous and spectacular bridge in this definitive program. From the start the project looked impossible the span of the bay was too wide;the shore was too unstable, and the tides too turbulent. See incredible footage of its construction, as storms battered workers and fog shrouded construction. And learn why engineer Joseph B. Strauss' plans proved to be a masterpiece of design and function. For in four years, the longest, highest, most spectacular suspension bridge on Earth opened to the public, and went on to become one of the greatest symbols of American ingenuity. St. Louis Arch It soars 630 feet above the Mississippi River, offering a symbolic entrance into America's heartland. On a busy summer day, 6,400 people will take the memorable ride to the top for sweeping views of St. Louis, the Mississippi and the surrounding area. The Gateway Arch is one of the most distinctive and familiar landmarks in America. But none of the millions of visitors have ever seen it the MODERN MARVELS? way! Extensive photos and film clips of its construction, interviews with the inventors, engineers and contractors who transformed the dream into a reality and a behind-the-scenes tour of its inner workings make this the ultimate video history of the arch. From the story of how a college dropout designed the unique tram system that takes visitors to the top to a look at the arch's ongoing maintenance and upkeep, THE ST. LOUIS ARCH examines every aspect of this stunning structure. Nothing like it had ever been built before--and nothing since has come close to duplicating it.
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  5. $24.95 set of 2 DVD + $5.80 p&h or $10.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : MODR2964

    Mount Rushmore & Hoover Dam - Travel Video DVD.
    Modern Marvels Architectural Wonders. 1 Hour and 40 Minutes. Mount Rushmore Towering over the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mount Rushmore is a beloved American masterpiece that was built over the course of 15 years, with 350 men pouring their sweat into the grand vision of talented young sculptor Gutzon Borglum. Using drills and explosives, they carefully chiseled Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt into the massive granite cliff. Modern Marvels explores the controversial history of this unorthodox monument, including the remarkable design specifications, the tragedies and setbacks that marred its construction, and the awe it inspires to this day. Hoover Dam The task seemed unsurmountable: build the world's largest dam in the middle of the desert, then tame the river that carved the Grand Canyon, and do it all in seven years! When the Hoover Dam was completed at last in 1935. It became the largest dam in the world. Hoover Dam reveals how this engineering wonder of the world was conceived and built.
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  6. $24.95 set of 2 DVD + $5.80 p&h or $10.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : MODR2965

    Egyptian Pyramids & The Great Wall of China - Travel Video DVD.
    Modern Marvels Architectural Wonders. 1 Hour and 40 Minutes. Egyptian Pyramids Constructed as tombs for the ancient pharaohs, over 100 pyramids remain in Egypt today, standing as cultural and engineering marvels of staggering proportions. But many facts about these monuments-including the exact methods used to construct them-remain tantalizingly obscure. Modern Marvels travels back in time to investigate their evolution, from the first primitive, flat-roofed tombs called "mastaba" to such magnificent works as the Step Pyramid, Bent Pyramid , and of course, the great masterpiece of Giza: the Necropolis! The Great Wall of China Winding roughly 6,700 kilometers through undulating mountains, grasslands, and desert, its vastness seems beyond the realm of human possibility. A wonder of the ancient world, the Great Wall of China is one of mankind's most massive building achievements. Yet contrary to popular belief, there is no single wall of China, but rather a series of walls built for different reasons at different times. Modern Marvels embarks on a journey of discovery, investigating the mysterious history surrounding this cultural marvel.
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  7. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : EXPL2966

    Backpacking - Travel Video.
    DVD. Explore. 25 Minutes. South Australia Known as the "Opal capital of the world", this mining town is located 850 kilometers north of the south Australian capital city and is regarded as a backpacker's paradise. Ireland Due to its relaxed culture, old and established historic traditions and, of course, its love of Guinness, Ireland is renowned for being a favorite with travelers. Egypt With camels, the Sphinx, the Nile and the pyramids Egypt is a country full of wonderful things to explore. Chernobyl While it seems like an unlikely backpacking destination, the natural charms of Ukraine are slowly shining once again, despite the tragedy of Chernobyl. NSW, Australia Australia is an incredibly cosmopolitan country whose sheer size offers backpackers years worth of travel. New Zealand New Zealand is an excellent backpacking or budget travel destination either as part of a larger Australia based tour or on its own. Thailand Over recent years Thailand has positioned itself as the backpacker's gem of south-east Asia offering everything from crowded markets and bazaars to ancient temples, to busy nightlife and some of the best scenery in the region.
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  8. $24.95 DVD

    Item Code : GLOB2967

    Best Treks - Travel Video DVD.
    Globe Trekker. Whether it be in the Moroccan Sahara desert or on top of the Himalayas, Best Treks gives you a taste of some of the most exceptional escapes. Ian Wright and his fellow travellers take you to incredible trekking destinations across some of the harshest and remotest places on earth - across every continent - from Asia to the Arctic, Australia to Africa. Along the way? $_$_START_LIST ? Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa ? Walk the Inca Trail in Peru ? Ride with husky dogs through the wilderness of Greenland ? Raft the Salmon river in Idaho, the largest non-dammed river in the USA ? Hike the world's most active volcano, Kilauea, in Hawaii $_$_END_LIST Enhanced with special additional footage, Pilot Guide to the Best Treks invites you to embark for two hours of breathtaking adventures. 120 minutes.
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  9. $59.95 set of 8 DVD + $8.80 p&h or $18.80 foreign delivery

    Item Code : TPCS2968

    Classic Ski Films - Travel Video - DVD.
    8-Volume Beautiful Boxed Set. Relive the Golden Age of Alpine Skiing-from 1940s Hollywood coming to Sun Valley, Idaho for lessons, to the birth of hotdogging in 1970s Aspen-with Classic Ski Films on DVD. Whether it was the first WWII training film for U.S. mountain troops, or the pageantry and power of the 1960 Winter Olympics, three extraordinary pioneering filmmakers captured it through the lens of history. John Jay Considered the grand-daddy of the modern ski-film road show, John Jay was a Rhodes Scholar whose prolific output and inveterate showmanship were the inspirations to an entire generation of newly minted skiers. His books and magazine articles aside, Jay's annual ski films-featuring his trademarked brand of wittily inspired commentary-have played to tens of thousands of alpine enthusiasts. John Jay died in 2000, four days before his 85th birthday. Otto Lang Entrepreneur, ski instructor to the stars, Academy Award-nominated documentarian: Otto long ranks among the greats of ski-film production. Opening America's first ski school in the mid-1930s, Lang was invited to head the Sun Valley (Idaho) Ski School, offering instruction to the likes of Gary cooper, Groucho Marx, and Twentieth Century Fox studio head, Darryl Zanuck. At Zanuck's invitation Land embarked on an illustrious Hollywood career as producer/director Otto Lang resides in Seattle. Dick Barrymore He took a short vacation from the Los Angeles Fire Department to make a documentary film about skiing. Thirty years and thousands of feet of film later, Dick Barrymore enjoys a global reputation as an itinerant artist whose motion pictures highlight every aspect of the sheer joy of skiing, from innovations in early equipment to the thrill of adventure and competition. Hanging up his camera in 1990, he decisively retired from ski-filmmaking while at the top of his game. Dick Barrymore resides in a thatched-roof bungalow at the southern tip of Mexico's Baja Peninsula. The Films of John Jay DVD1 Olympic Holiday A stunning chronicle of the 1960 Winter Olympic Games in Squaw Valley, California. Filmed events include: Opening &Closing Ceremonies Women's &Men's Downhill Women's And Men's Giant Slalom Women's Men's &Paies Figure Skating 90 Metre Ski jump Hockey: USA vs. USSR DVD2 Winter Magic Around the World Part global travelogue, part thrilling ski spectacle, with a narrative tone as light as a dusting of fresh powder. Locations include: Bugaboo Mountains, British Columbia Vail, Colorado Tasman Glacier, New Zealand Switzerland Japan Australia Russia DVD3 Ski Down the Years A light-hearted celebration of the golden Age of American skiing 1940-1970, an era pre-dating release bindings, fiberglass skis, aluminum poles, snowmaking, and efficient ski lifts. DVD4 The Best of John Jay A Vail-to-Zermatt greatest-hits compilation from this prolific ski-cinema patriarch, serving up a pioneering pan-global ski safari of yesteryear's most daring action. Locations include: Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico Atlas Mountains, Africa Aspen, Colorado Sun Valley, Idaho Klosters, Switzerland Japan New Zealand The Films of Otto Lang DVD 5 The Basic Principles of Skiing The quintessential B&W instructional film from 1941, instrumental in the training regimen of United states mountain troops. A unique cinematic record of ski techniques and equipment of the period, and featuring actor Alan Ladd as a 10th Mountain Division recruit! Documentary highlights include: Ski Design, Selection &Care Bindings &Toe Plates Climbing Skins Lacquer &Wax Schussing &Traversing The Herringbone &sidestep The side Slip &Lunge Stem &Jump Turns DVD6 Ski Flight The first theatrical ski film, produced for Warner Brothers and premiering at Radio City Music Hall in 1938. Skifully Yours An insightful retrospective on the Sun Valley, Idaho ski scene circa 1939. The Films of Dick Barrymore DVD7 The Performers The gonzo short film from 1970 that ushered in the freestyle revolution. Five members of the K2 demonstration team travel the United states, putting 10,000 clicks on a 26-foot motor home painted red, white, and blue. DVD8 The Last of the Ski Bums Made for a mere $12,000 and released as a feature film in New York and Chicago, Ski Bums follows the European exploits-nightclubbing in France, winning at roulette in Monte Carlo, hitting the slopes at Chamonix, reliving the days of skiing the Tasman glacier-of three footloose Americans in 1967.
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  10. $24.95 DVD All Regions Worldwide

    Item Code : GPRD22243

    Oceania French Polynesia, Palau, New Caledonia, Fiji & Sychelles - Slim Case - Travel Video.
    DVD. Green Paradise. 130 Minutes. Experience Exotic Islands Untouched by Time Explore the world’s most beautiful paradises! The natural beauty of these stunning locales has been preserved for centuries by local populations. Travel to these magical places and experience their splendors in stunning high definition. Learn about local wildlife and regional ecosystems. Meet the locals whose dedication has preserved these lands and who are now building their economies through sustainable eco-tourism. Filled with unforgettable imagery, Green Paradise tells the stories of the most gorgeous natural places on Earth! French Polynesia: In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Tuamotus is one of the larges archipelagos in French Polynesia. Displaying stunning beauty, the islands now face the challenge of preserving the ecosystem of their coral gardens. Palau: Explore the string of islands that form Palau, namely by taking kayaks to discover the famous Rock Island. With over 200 islands, Palau offers one of the best places for diving in the world. The underwater sites are exceptional: canyons, underwater tunnels, caves and lagoons. The fish variety is impressive and the sharks and manta rays will dazzle. New Caledonia: In contrast to its neighboring islands, which are volcanic, New Caledonia is a fragment of a former continent that broke away some 250 million years ago. Its flora and fauna are totally unique and evolved in a vacuum. Discover these marvels in a personal way, through encounters with the people who cherish this protected wilderness. Fiji: Fiji consists of more than 300 islands scattered in the South Pacific. In Fiji, all people can find an island that suits them as they retrace the steps of Robinson Crusoe, in this incredible paradise. Seychelles: The Seychelles Islands never cease to live up to their image as a Garden of Eden. These granite islands, the oldest on Earth, were only colonized in the 18th century and thus the natural beauty has largely been preserved.
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